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OSRS Herblore Guide 1-99

OSRS Herblore Guide 1-99

Herblore is one of the most expensive skills in Old School RuneScape. This is because the primary training method and the fastest route to 99 is expensive, requiring you to make potions from herbs, vials or water, and secondary ingredients. There are secondary training methods that can be profitable but are very slow in comparison, so they are mainly approached if you want to make a profit or if you’re an Ironman.


Besides being a members-only skill, to access the Herblore skill, you must first complete a quest, Druidic Ritual. The quest is relatively simple, and you will only need raw beef, raw chicken, raw rat meat, and raw bear meat, as well as a few pieces of food if you’re doing it at a low combat level since the creatures inside the Taverley dungeon will attack you.


The Herblore Skill has several significant milestones. There are essential levels for upgrading your training method and gaining more XP per hour within the herblore skill and levels that will let you access various tiers of your achievement diary or quests.

Training Method Milestones

  • Level 12 – Strength Potions
  • Level 26 – Energy Potions
  • Level 38 – Prayer Potions
  • Level 45 – Super Attack Potions
  • Level 48 – Superantipoison
  • Level 63 – Super Restores
  • Level 69 – Anti-fire Potion
  • Level 77 – Stamina Potions
  • Level 81 – Saradomin Brews
  • Level 90 – Super Combat Potions
  • Level 92 – Super Antifire Potions
  • Level 98 – Extended Super Antifire Potions

Quest Milestones

  • Level 5 – Luna Diplomacy
  • Level 8 – Zogre Flesh eaters
  • Level 10 – The Digsite
  • Level 14 - The Watchtower
  • Level 15 - Shades of Morton
  • Level 18 - One Small Favour
  • Level 25 - Heroes Quest
  • Level 31 - Edgar’s Ruse Quest
  • Level 40 - A Taste of Hope
  • Level 45 Legends Quest
  • Level 48 – Land of the Goblins
  • Level 50 – A Kingdom Divide
  • Level 52 – Grim Tales
  • Level 57 - Fairytale II - Cure A Queen
  • Level 62 - Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire
  • Level 70 - Song of the Elves

Achievement Diary Milestones

  • Level 12 – Easy Kourend and Kebos Diary
  • Level 22 – medium Morytania diary
  • Level 36 – Medium Desert Diary
  • Level 48 – Medium Kandarin diary
  • Level 66 - Hard Fremennik Diary
  • Level 81 – Elite Falador Diary
  • Level 86 - Elite Kandarin Diary
  • Level 87 - Elite Karamja Diary
  • Level 90 - Elite Varrock Diary

Levels 1-12: Attack Potions

You will need to make a total of 57 from level 3 to level 12, and you can make them using unfinished guam potions and eyes of newt.


If you’re an ironman, getting the ingredients for the attack potion is relatively easy compared to other Herblore recipes since you can simply buy the secondary ingredient in packs from the Port Sarim rune shop by Betty. You can get the Guam by degriming it and obtain the grimy version from low-level monsters such as cockatrice, man, goblins, cave bugs, goblins, chaos druids, or Al Kharid warriors. Alternatively, you can use your farming skills to plant Guam.

Levels 12-22: Strength Potions

You must make 144 Strength potions to level up from level 12 to level 22. To make them combine unfinished tarromin potions with limpwurt root.


Get grimy tarromin from herb runs or monster drops, degrime them, and make the unfinished pots. The limpwurt root is one of the easiest to obtain since you can simply plant it in the flower patches whenever you do herb runs.

Levels 26-38: Energy Potions

Combine unfinished Harralander pots with chocolate dust to make 322 energy pots to level 38.


You must buy or collect chocolate and grind it with a knife, pestle, and mortar to turn it into chocolate dust. You can buy chocolate bars from a few shops around Gielinor, but the Ardougne and Nardah shops are the best since they are the closest to a bank.

Levels 38-45: Prayer Pots

From levels 38 to 45, create Prayer pots by combining unfinished Ranarr pots with snape grass. You will need to make 356 potions, and because both the ingredients and the finished product are more expensive, you must invest more. However, they will sell fast since they are a very popular item.


As an ironman, these potions are a must, so you will significantly benefit from them. Get the Ranarr either from monster drops or more reliably from herb runs. An excellent way to obtain Ranarr seeds is by pickpocketing master farmers. Either collect the Snape grass from the various spawns around Gielinor or plant it in the allotment patches if you have the necessary farming level.

45-52: Super Attack

Once you reach level 45 Herblore, make no less than 622 Super attack potions from unfinished irit potions and eyes of newt.


If you’re an ironman, you’ll need to plant or drop the irit herbs and then use them on vials of water. Alternatively, provided that you have completed the hard tier of the Desert diary, you can pay Zahur 200 coins to combine them, saving you a lot of time at a pretty pricey fee.

52-55 Super Energy

Make 366 super energy pots once you reach level 52 Herblore from unfinished Avantoe potions and mort myre fungus.


By now, you’re most likely used to doing herb runs for the herbs. However, obtaining the second ingredient for the helpful super energies will take your grind to the next level. Grab your blessed silver sickle, which you get during the Nature Spirit quest, and head to the Mort Myre swamp. Find some logs that are close together. For example, south of Ver Sinhaza, use the sickle’s bloom option to make the fungus appear so you can collect it. Bank it once you have a full inventory and repeat the process.

55-63 Super Strength

From level 55 to 63, you must make 1,616 Super Strength potions for the fastest route to 99 Herblore. You will need Kwuarm potion (unf) and Limpwurt root.

63-69 Super Restore

You must make 2102 Super restores from 63 to 69 Herblore using Snapdragon potion (unf) and Red spiders' eggs. This is another of the more expensive to make potions, so you will need to invest a good chunk of GP, and after selling the final products, you will be at a loss of around 2 mil.


As an ironman, you will need first to obtain the rare seeds from various monster drops, plant them during your herb runs, and degrime them to add them to a vial of water later. The red spider eggs can be collected, but you can also drop multiple from bosses such as Sarachnis.

69-72 Antifire

To reach level 72 from level 69, you must make 1,468 Antifire pots. You must combine Lantadyme potion (unf) and Dragon scale dust.


As an ironman, you must first collect blue dragon scales or scaly blue dragonhide from blue dragons and grind them with a pestle and mortar to obtain the dust.

72-76 Ranging

From 72 to 77 Herblore, the best you can make is Ranging pots; you will need to make a total of 2691. You can make them by combining Dwarf weed potion (unf) and Wine of Zamorak.


As an ironman, the tedious part is collecting the wine or making it with the recent tithe farm upgrade that will give you more blessings per point.

76-81 Magic potion

At 76 Herblore, you will need to switch to making Magic potions. You will need a total of 4,965 potions to reach 81. Depending on the current GE prices, it will cost you under 10 mil. You will need much more to buy all of the needed Lantadyme potions (unf) and Potato Cactus in one go, and selling the obtained magic potions will bring down your loss to around 10 mil. Remember to decant the potions at the NPC at the GE before selling them to minimize the costs.


As an ironman, start planting potato cacti inside the farming guild early to obtain the necessary amount effortlessly.

81-99 Saradomin Brew

From 81 to 99, the fastest method is making Saradomin Brews. This long journey will cost you 60,232 pots and over 110 million. You can make the brews by combining crushed bird nests with unfinished toadflax pots.


As an ironman, you must obtain the nests from birdhouse runs or by killing the Giant mole and exchanging the mole parts for nests. The most reliable way to obtain toadflax is by doing herb runs.

A Less Click-Intensive Option

Once you hit level 77, you can start making stamina potions if you want to go for a less click-intensive route. This is because stamina potions have a secondary ingredient, amylase crystals, which are stackable, so you can make 27 potions instead of 14 before having to bank again. You will also spend less since it will only cost you around 90 mil to make it to 99, but you will gain XP at a slower rate than if you were to take the fastest route.

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