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OSRS Slayer Master Guide

OSRS Slayer Master

There are 10 Slayer masters in OSRS, but you can only access 9 of them since Steve replaces Nieve after completing the Monkey Madness 2 quest. Each Slayer master has their own list of tasks they can assign, and each task has a specific weight particular to that specific Slayer master. While some tasks overlap amongst Slayer masters, meaning that you can get that task from multiple Slayer masters, they generally have different likelihoods to assign that specific task because of the weight system.

All Slayer Masters

All Slayer masters will assign you tasks, and completing the tasks will give you Slayer points. However, most of the Slayer masters will require you to have a specific combat level and are locked behind specific quests.

  • Turael – No requirement
  • Spria – No combat requirements & locked behind the completion of A Porcine of Interest
  • Krystilia – No requirement
  • Mazchna – Combat level 20 & locked behind the completion of Priest in Peril
  • Vannaka – Combat level 40
  • Chaeldar – Combat level 70 & locked behind the completion of Lost City
  • Konar – Combat level 75
  • Nieve/Steve – Combat level 85
  • Duradel – Combat level 100 and Slayer level 50 & locked behind the completion of Shilo Village

Points Per Task

Whenever you complete a Slayer task, you will be awarded Slayer points, and you will also be able to earn extra Slayer points when you complete each 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th tasks. Completing tasks from some of the masters won’t reward any points. Two of the Slayer masters will give you more points after you complete the elite diaries from the location they’re in.

  • Turael / Spria – 0
  • Mazchna – 2/5/15/50/70/100
  • Vannaka – 4/20/60/100/140/200
  • Chaeldar – 10/50/150/250/350/500
  • Nieve / Steve – 12/60/180/300/420/600
  • Nieve / Steve with the elite western diary – 15/75/225/375/525/750
  • Duradel – 15/75/225/375/525/750
  • Konar quo Maten – 18/90/ 270/450/630/900
  • Konar with the Elite Kourend diary – 20/100/300/500/700 /1,000
  • Krystilia – 25/125/375/625/875/1,250

OSRS New Slayer Masters

As you progress your account and complete more quests, you will gain access to new Slayer masters, which have different task lists so you will be able to slay different monsters or different amounts of monsters and become more or less likely to receive a specific task, since Slayer masters have different task lists. There are two exceptions of Slayer masters that share the same task lists. They are Nieve, Steve before and after the Monkey Madness 2, and Turael and Spria. While after MM2, you will be able to find Steve in the same place where Nieve was, Turael and Spria have two separate locations, and you can choose to visit either one at any time.

Benefits to Different Slayer Masters


On top of this, different benefits are particular to specific Slayer masters. They include loot in the form of Brimstone and Larran’s keys, specific locations such as the Wilderness, or the ability to skip tasks without using Slayer points.

Larran’s keys

Larran’s keys are a huge benefit of taking tasks from Krystilia because you’ll be able to earn more loot by opening Larran’s big chest or Larran’s small chest with them. The average value for each chest is over 100k GP, so if you’re brave enough to do your tasks in the Wilderness, they are a good source of extra income.

Brimstone Keys

The average loot from opening a brimstone chest is around 80k GP, so they also represent a great way to earn more through Slayer in a safer way than from Krystilia. The brimstone keys are a great benefit from getting tasks from Konar.

Turael Skipping

There are two ways to go around Turael skipping. You can either cancel a task given by a different Slayer master and get an easier one at the cost of resetting your Slayer streak, or you can do 9 tasks from Turael and the 10th one from the highest-level Slayer master you have access to. You can then earn the extra points awarded for each 10th task completed.

OSRS: When to Switch Slayer Masters

There are two viable approaches you can use to start training Slayer. You can either level your combat separately until you get to level 75 and start directly with Konar, or you can train your combat and Slayer simultaneously for some more diversity. This method is more tedious and will take longer as well, and it will require you to switch to the next best Slayer master pretty often, so it can feel discouraging.

Suppose you start training Slayer as soon as you hit level 75 combat through AFK methods such as killing sand crabs, ammonite crabs, or the nightmare zone. In that case, consider gaining some Slayer points fast by taking 9 consecutive tasks from Turael and switching to Konar for each 10th task.

Another good reason to switch Slayer masters is if you are looking for a specific task that can only be assigned by one or two Slayer masters. For example, if you aim to earn your first Firecape, it is much easier to do so on a Slayer task. If you’re doing Konar, you will have to switch to Nieve or Duradel, but Nieve is more likely to assign this task after you unlock the “hot stuff” Slayer for 100 points.

Best Slayer Masters to Use

the best to use

The best slayer master to use is always related to three factors: your combat level, your goals, and your preferences. Besides this, you can also account for the achievement diaries you have completed and how they can help you. If you want the highest risk and highest reward possible, you should do Krystilia. Otherwise, the best to pick from are Konar and Duradel.

Best Slayer Master for Slayer Points

The best slayer master for slayer points is Krystilia since you’ll get 25 points per completed task. However, because she will always send you in the Wilderness, you’ll always be at the risk of PvP, and depending on your own preferences and skills, this can be a huge pro or con. Some people enjoy getting some PvP action while training their slayer skill, and it can take away the boredom while other players enjoy a more relaxed game time. Since Krystilia is the only slayer master who will send you to the Wilderness and reward you with a generous amount of points at the end of each task, her streak stands separate from the regular slayer streak, so you can’t do 9 tasks with a different slayer master and the 10th from her.

If you don’t want to PvP while training Slayer, Konar is the next best pick for Slayer points. She will give you 18 points for each task, and after you complete the elite Kourend and Kebos diary, she will give you 20 points per task. Besides telling you what monsters to kill, Konar will also send you to a specific location, and killing the monster you are assigned in a different location won’t count for your Slayer task or give you any Slayer XP. For example, if she assigns you to kill abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Kourend, you must do it there; killing them in the Slayer Tower or the Abyss won’t count towards your task, nor give you Slayer XP.

Best Slayer Master for Boss Tasks

Since bossing is a massive part of end-game content, you might wonder what’s the best Slayer master for bosses. Out of all the Slayer masters, the most likely to assign you a boss task is Duradel after you have unlocked the “like a boss” Slayer unlock.

Late-game players generally like boss tasks for three reasons: many bosses are more accessible to kill while on a Slayer task, the generous drops bosses give, and the extra Slayer XP they’ll get from completing a boss task. On any given boss task, you can choose to kill a minimum of 3 times and a maximum that ranges based on the tiers of the combat achievements you have completed from 35 to 65. If you want to hunt down one of the 30 bosses you can be assigned, he is the one to go to:

  • Abyssal Sire
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Barrows (Brothers only, not chests)
  • Callisto
  • Cerberus
  • Chaos Elemental
  • Chaos Fanatic
  • Commander Zilyana
  • Crazy Archaeologist
  • Dagannoth Kings
  • Duke Sucellus
  • General Graardor
  • Giant Mole
  • Grotesque Guardians
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Kalphite Queen
  • King Black Dragon
  • Kraken
  • Kree'arra
  • The Leviathan
  • Phantom Muspah


  • Scorpia
  • Thermonuclear smoke devi
  • Vardorvis
  • Venenatis
  • Vet'ion
  • Vorkath
  • The Whisperer
  • Zulrah

Best Slayer Master for Income

Regarding income, the best Slayer masters for income are Konar and Krystilia. While the keys dropped from Krystilia’s tasks have a higher value, you will still need to go to the Wilderness to obtain them and open the chest. If you choose safety while on Konar tasks, you’ll get Brimstone keys.

Recommended Slayer Masters

When it comes to a recommended Slayer master, the community is split between Duradel and Konar. This is because Konar will give you more points and loot, while Duradel will give you different higher-level tasks, and he is the most likely to give you a boss task. However, Konar is the only one to assign the highest-level Slayer boss: the Alchemical Hydra. A popular strategy is doing 9 Duradel tasks and the 10th from Konar.

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