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MapleStory Global Mesos Price Tracker 2023

As of November 27, 2023, the average Maple Story Mesos price on PlayerAuctions is $34.06 per 4000M Mesos. In the past 7 days, the Maple Story Mesos price ranged from $28.28 to $36.87USD per 4000M Mesos..

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Maple Story is a 2d MMO that appears to be “cutesy” and downright relaxing at first glance. It looks more like a children’s game, but the game has a unique way of drawing you into it. While it may have been a part of our childhood, the game is still up and running, even having just launched a mobile version of it recently. People are buying Maple Story mesos more than ever because of this. Maple Story Mesos, the official currency of the game, has a long history of its economical impact towards the players. With lots of new additional items and accessories, old school and new players alike are looking where to buy Maple Story mesos.

Free Market: How Buying Maple Story Mesos Changed

In Maple Story, the heart of the Maple Story gold economy beats at the Free Market. It is where people go to check out other people’s stores, create their own stores and spam trade offers to potential buyers. All is well, until an incident happened in the Scania server in 2008 and how it affected the Maple mesos and ultimately, led the developers to finally end the Free Market.

A bunch of people found a way to duplicate the Maple Story meso, the in-game currency of Maple Story, and made billions of it. They bought pretty much everything at the Free Market after that. As a result, after a couple of hours, the prices skyrocketed, increasing by almost tenfold. The Maple Story economy was such a mess after that, as players found a way to hack their way into getting these Maple Story gold, Maple Story mesos were being sold because of how easy they can be duplicated. But in turn, the prices of items on the free market increased because in a way, the value of the mesos decreased dramatically.

The MS mesos took a turn for the worse, and soon after it reached all the servers. The prices of the items eventually went down, but they never came back to their original levels. The currency exploitation caused the economy to collapse, and soon after, Nexon decided to shut down the Free Market indefinitely. While doing so, the Auction House and direct player-to-player trade became the main methods of buying and selling items between players. Improvements were made to these systems like having a centralized trading location and a maximum stores Maple mesos cap expansion.

The Auction House: The Present Place to Buy Maple Story Mesos

Although not necessarily new to the EU and US servers, the Auction House is a new system that has recently released in MapleSEA. It is like the MTS (Maple Trading System), which was the Free Market. The difference between the Free Market and that of the Auction House is that the Auction House uses Maple Story mesos to buy or sell things. The best part is that it is free of charge, meaning you don’t need to be on the lookout for Maple Story mesos sales since on the Free Market you need the cash to set up a store to sell your items. You can simply open up the Auction House with the ‘Go to Maple Auction’ button.

The Ideal Tool for Maple Mesos Buyers & Sellers

Since the removal of the Free Market years ago, slowly but surely the meso is being brought back to life. Although the incident did damage that cannot be repaired, the meso market is slowly returning to its former glory. Maple Story just announced a sequel to the game and a mobile version of it as well. Finding the cheapest Maple Story mesos just got easier for buyers since there are a lot of sellers who are looking to offload some of their in-game currency. With our new market tracking tool, you can find out when is the ideal time to get cheap Maple Story mesos! We track down for you not only when to buy Maple Story mesos, but also show you how the rates have changed over the weeks of Maple Story meso to USD.

We serve as a Maple Story meso guide, by keeping track of the average price of Maple Story currency is being sold here in PlayerAuctions, you are more inclined to make an educated decision on when is the right time for you to buy/sell. For Maple Story meso sellers, with the help of our tool, you can know when are the best times to sell mesos, giving you an edge by selling them at a competitive price point. The charts and graphs that we provide for users help both the buyers and sellers to be informed about the high and lows of the meso. Together with our easy-to-use website, what’s stopping you from registering to know more about our market tracker?

PlayerAuctions Says: Go to Maple Story, Buy/Sell Mesos!

We provide you a safe community where you can trade with other fellow Maple Story players. By showing the top sellers of Maple Story meso that circulates monthly, buyers are informed on who to transact with. As for the sellers, they can track on how much USD per meso costs and align their price from there. Think you’re alone? We have more than a million users around the world in over 140 countries! Averaging at over 1,000 people online and ready to trade 24/7, our website is the perfect place for you to start buying and/or selling Maple Story mesos!

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