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Item and Currency Trades and Potential Disputes

Item and Currency Trades at PlayerAuctions

A buyer places an order for either a game item or gold and provides their character details to PlayerAuctions. Once the order gets placed, the seller must deliver the goods within the guaranteed delivery period, and PlayerAuctions will provide the seller with the buyer’s info. Then, the buyer and seller will meet up inside the game to conduct the trade. During the trade, both parties can communicate using either PlayerAuctions’ on-site messenger or by using the chat feature inside their game. Once the buyer has received the goods without problems, he or she can click on the confirmation button on the order page, allowing the seller to get paid.

Benefits of Conducting Item and Currency Trades with PlayerAuctions

The highlight of PlayerAuctions’ PlayerGuardian system is our ability to hold on to your money securely and disburse it at the right moment when favorable conditions get met in a transaction. Other than being a middleman, we kick it up a notch by improving user experiences through our delivery guarantee system, ensuring that, as a buyer, you receive your item or currency in a timely fashion OR your money back.
Our processes create a sense of commitment for our sellers; as a buyer, you can expect consistency and quality in the orders that you place. Services of independent middlemen end in just holding on to your money. As an extra service, we are mediators — banking on our experiences as gamers and traders. We deliberate on cases to find out the issues in a transaction along with how to solve them best.

Scenario #1: Seller Did Not Deliver, or Did Not Deliver on Time - After the order gets placed, and payment completes, the seller did not deliver during the agreed time and in-game location. Buyer attempts to contact the seller in-game or using the on-site messenger, but the seller does not reply.
  • Protection as a Seller: Sellers are committed to making the delivery during their delivery guarantee period (if they set 24 hours, delivery should be within 24 hours). If they fail to deliver after missing the deadline, PlayerAuctions gives the seller two more chances of making the delivery, as long as the buyer has not refunded the transaction.
  • Protection as a Buyer: If the seller failed to deliver on time during his delivery guarantee period, the buyer has the right to cancel the order and get a full refund.

Scenario #2: Game Item or Currency was Sent Incorrectly to a Different User - After the order gets placed, the seller mistakenly hands over the item or currency to a user of a different name, or someone with a similar name but still different to the in-game name provided by the buyer.
  • Protection as a Seller: In rare cases, buyers attempt to scam their sellers by using a “dummy”/unprepared character bearing a similar name, bypassing conventional visual cues. It occurs interchanging the large letter I (i), number 1, and/or the small letter l (L), or by using different hyphenations (e.g., single -, double -- or perhaps triple —). If this is the case, our team can step in during the mediation to judge if this was the case during the exchange. If a deliberate attempt by the buyer to scam gets discovered during the mediation processes, then the case will close in favor of the seller.
  • Protection as a Buyer: By providing the in-game name as accurately as possible, as long as there isn’t any similarity with the name as explained above in the “protection as a seller” part, buyers can fully claim that there was a discrepancy in the exchange. Since PlayerAuctions holds on to the buyer’s money, it will get released back to him or her for a refund once there is proof that the seller failed to give the goods to the correct character.