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Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Guide

Vykas Gate 2

Lost Ark has had a profoundly in-depth end-game progression loop since its NA launch. One of these is the new raid that was released in the June update: the Vykas Legion Raid. This raid comes after the Valtan Legion Raid and will complete your six-set bonus for relic-grade equipment, which allows you to hone your equipment until +25. In Vykas Legion Gate Gate 2, you will fight Vykas herself rather than her minion, the incubus your raid party encountered in the first gate. With this guide, you'll figure out how to clear this gate as quickly as possible. 


The required item level for the Vykas Legion Raid is at least iLVL 1430 (Normal) and 1460 (Hard). The difference between the two modes is the number of materials they yield and added boss mechanics. Please note that you will need at least four runs (1 month) to complete all your relic-grade equipment. 


You will want to focus on having the maximum attack power output if you're designated as DPSer of the party or focus on improving your shields and healing as support. You will need at least 4-5 level 3 engravings, level 7 gems, and level 3-4 tripods to maximize survivability and damage. 

Party Composition

  • DPS
  • DPS
  • Gunlancer/Destroyer
  • Support

As I've mentioned in Vykas Gate 1 Guide, one of the major factors to successfully beat Vykas is your party composition. In this phase, you need to balance high damage and decent stagger damage to help you have a huge window for DPS and land your sidereal skills. 


  • If possible, take support with Vital Point Hit engraving, which increases the stagger damage of all skills.
  • I also highly recommend you recruit people confident at landing their counter skills when the counter window is up so that you can have a brief window of uninterrupted DPS. It also helps fill your sidereal bar.

Recommended Combat Items

Combat items are essential and can be helpful for you to survive, especially in a tight situation. 

  • HP Potion: Every Legion/Abyssal Raid requires you to have at least blue or purple hp potions.
  • Time Stop Potion: Helps you avoid any damage when you can't dodge the incoming mechanics.
  • Swiftness Robe / Marching Flag: This is highly recommended for characters with low movement speed so that they can move swiftly on the battlefield to clear a certain central wipe mechanic.
  • Dark Bomb: This item is recommended if you have a low dps especially when you cleared the two major wipe mechanics. This allows you to deal +20% damage for 20 seconds.

Note: As for the card set, you can use Light of Salvation with a 12-piece awakening so that you gain 30% damage reduction from dark and change your damage type to Holy. Holy element is the weakness of most Legion Commanders in the game, giving you an additional 15% damage.

Sidereal Skills

Sidereal skills will help you get through a given boss pattern. As for this phase, you only need to land Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) as much as possible.


You need to take note of two positions for this raid. Make sure to assign their roles in both mechanics before entering the raid.

1st Position

Five people will need to make a cross formation and the caller should be in the middle to see which pattern they should follow. The rest of the party members will be on the lookout at 11, 3, and 7 o'clock for the wing patterns which I will explain later.

2nd Position

Two people will be in the middle and serve as a 'spare' and you will need to assign two party members to each position: 11, 3, and 7 o'clock. Each person in position must specify which sequence of orbs they will get. If you say, '7-1,' it means you are at the 7 o'clock position and will take the 1st orb. Meanwhile, if you say, '7-2,' you will take the 7 o'clock position and take the 2nd orb.

Major Wipe Mechanics

Clone Rotation Mechanic (x120 Health Bar)

Vykas will teleport to the center and split into three shadow clones. Each shadow clone dashes towards a fixed position at the edge of the map, which I explained in the 1st position. Each shadow clone has a different amount of winged raised. It can have one, two, or no wings raised. The variations are unique but are randomly assigned to one of the three clones.

At the same time, as soon as Vykas splits into three shadow clones, your party members on cross formation will consume each orb that spawns near them. In return, it marks players with purple and red symbols above their heads. All five orbs must be consumed as fast as possible by 5 different players to check if there are in total more red or purple symbols above these players' heads.


Three Purple means your group needs to run immediately to the cone with no wings raised and wait for the first shockwave. Afterward, move towards the clone with one wing raised, and wait for the second shockwave. Finally, run to the clone with both wings raised to survive the last shockwave. The shockwave kills players not standing close to the correct shadow clone.

Three Red means your group needs to run to the clone with two wings raised, then to the one wing raised, and finally to the clone with no wings raised.

For the call-outs, make sure to put your designated position first and the number of wings of the clone. For example, you will chat '7 2', which means 7 o'clock has the clone with two wings raised.


Most of the time, the clone with one wing raised will spawn at the 11 o'clock position.

Clone Absorption Mechanic (x65 Health Bar)

Vykas will teleport to the center and summon one shadow clone at three fixed locations. Each clone will perform a pulse in either its black circle or red square. Players in their respective position should memorize the pattern. The black orb means you must take it, while the boss must take the red square in the middle. It's also possible that a shadow clone will only pulsate two orbs, where the 'spares' are responsible for taking the third orb.

To succeed in this mechanic, you need to write down where is your position and the sequence of the orbs. For example, '3 = 135' means that the 3 o'clock position needs to get the first, the third, and the last black orb. This is mandatory so the spares know where to go and help get the 3rd orb.

The players need to block the correct orbs, which are the ones at the same position as the black shockwave. If a player blocks more than 1 black orb, he dies, but you can use Time Stop Potion to prevent this. So make sure to memorize the sequence correctly.

If you successfully survive this mechanic, it all comes down to draining the boss's health bar to zero. Do take note that getting hit three times will trigger a purple-colored cone that is cumbersome to deal with.

Counter Mechanics

There are two patterns that you can use for your counter skills. Since a successful counter gives you time to deal with uninterrupted damage, you should try to counter her as much as possible. This also helps fill your sidereal bar to cast Nineveh and deal enormous damage.

  • Counter 1: The boss targets a player and shoots multiple purple discs towards that player. You can counter her right after she shoots the last disc.
  • Counter 2: Vykas will back step and dash attack which can be countered if you react fast enough. If you missed the first counter, dash towards her and ready your counter because there's a high chance that Vykas will perform the same attack once more.
  • Note: If you recently countered her and see another counter pattern, there's a high chance that you cannot counter her again.

Boss Patterns


Vykas will summon a purple donut ring, chasing a player with a purple spotlight effect. Everyone else should run towards the opposite side of the marked player while he lures the donut towards the edge of the battle area. At the same time, players marked with the target symbol need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by a circle explosion that follows them.

The donut explodes after a few seconds or once it comes in contact with a player. The explosion deals massive damage to a considerable area. If you can't get out in time, you can use Time Stop Potion to dodge this specific pattern.

Carousel (Merry Go Round)

Vykas teleports to the center, dashes backward, and starts to float in the air. After a short delay, a laser aims at every player, spread out, run towards the edge of the battle area, and start to run clockwise with enough gap between you and the players running in front and behind you. Keep running until a beam is fired; if you have enough distance between other players, you shouldn't get hit by it.

Golden Discs

Vykas will summon multiple golden discs flying toward random players. Spread out and keep moving while dodging the disks. If you get hit, you will get stunned and then followed by a short explosion.

Multiple Shockwaves

When Vykas hits the x50 health bar, she will send out four shockwaves in a fixed pattern. This pattern gives you a window to summon Nineveh and hit her. But do take note that you need to go outside, inside twice, and then outside. Getting hit by this shockwave electrocutes players and will likely get hit by the incoming attacks.

Stun Shotgun

Purple-colored cones can appear in front of one or multiple random players. These players need to move immediately towards the edge of the battle area and point the lasters away from the center of the battle area. After a short delay, a shockwave will explode. Afterward, stationary purple bubbles are summoned on the spot, which shoots in frequent intervals stunning orbs towards the V-shaped direction. Please stay away from the bubbles since Vykas destroys nearby bubbles in regular intervals, which explode and significantly damage everyone close to it.

Note: When Vykas fall below at x50 Health Bar, getting hit thrice by any patterns will spawn the purple-colored cone.


The boss uses a smokescreen and teleports to the center. Shortly after, rotating blood walls appear with small gaps in between. Additionally, the ground explodes at certain intervals. The goal is to move from one spot to the other while avoiding the walls that will push you toward the explosion.


The boss summons multiple small worms at random areas indicated by a smoke screen. It deals damage and slows nearby players. After a short delay, three giant worms will appear on areas marked by a yellow shockwave. Dodge it as much as possible or you will be imprisoned. Imprisoned players can be liberated by killing the worm, and if the giant worms are not destroyed on time, they explode and deal enormous damage.

Big Shockwave

This is one of the major reasons why people die. Vykas flies up and gathers purple energy towards her, and you need to move immediately behind her. Otherwise, you'll get hit by multiple high-damage shockwaves that could kill you.

Note: When she screams, be ready to go behind her.


The boss shoots multiple shards in a cone-shaped area to the front, which return to Vykas after traveling a short distance.


Vykas wiill shoot 6 orbs in a cone-shaped area. After traveling a short distance, the orbs return to the boss while pulling every player on their path towards the boss. Being pulled increases the chance of getting hit by any follow-up attack.

That's it! These are all the patterns you need to familiarize yourself with for beating Vykas in Gate 2. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide, and stay tuned for the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 guide.

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