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Lost Ark Valtan Legion Gate 1 Raid Guide

Lost Ark Valtan


Valtan Legion Raid in Lost Ark is the first introductory Legion Raid after you clear the South Vern main quest. Valtan is, lore-wise, the commander of the Demon Beast Legion and takes the suitably obnoxious name "The Lord of Destruction." He was first defeated by you and King Thirain in Luterra and is resurrected ever since what happened in South Vern. Unlike Argos Abyssal Raid, which has four resurrections during the fight, the Valtan raid has no resurrections. This raid has two Gates and drops relic-grade accessories, ability stones, engraving books, and materials for relic-grade sets that you will need later on to further your DPS/support potentials. This Gate 1 Valtan Legion guide will help you easily clear the raid (the first phase at least).

Valtan Legion Raid Requirements

The required item level for Valtan Raid is at least iLvl 1415 (Normal) and 1445 (Hard). The difference between the two modes is the number of materials they yield per run. Please note that you will need at least 3-5 runs to make two relic-grade parts. The other materials can be found on Vykas Legion Raid, which will be possibly introduced in June's update.


You will want to focus on having the maximum attack power output if you're designated as DPSer of the party or focus on improving your shields and heal as support. To maximize survivability and damage, you will need to have at least 3-4 level 3 engravings, level 7 gems, and level 2-3 tripods.

Party Composition

  • DPS
  • DPS (Back-up counter)
  • Gunlancer (main counter)
  • Support (Pally/Bard)

As I mentioned in my previous raid guide, having good support and tank in your team will assist the DPS in spacing and allow them be confident with their attacks and skill rotations. On Gate 2, you will need someone good at counterchecks since this is one of the main things that make Valtan Raid so hard to beat. Moreover, this composition makes beating Valtan a lot easier since you would be able to focus on the boss patterns without the cost of losing health points.

Recommended Combat Items

Combat items are essential and can be helpful for you to survive, especially in a tight situation. Below are the recommended items that you can use for Valtan:

  • HP Potion: Every Legion/Abyssal Raid requires you to have at least blue or purple hp potions.
  • Panacea: You will need this item to cleanse the bleeding stacks by the Red Wolf at x45 health bar.
  • Whirlwind Bomb: This item helps you clear the boss's significant wipe mechanic since it mainly involves stagger checks.
  • Sacred Charm/Dark Grenade: As a support, I highly recommend using a Sacred Charm since it deletes one random debuff from a nearby party member. On the other hand, DPS should throw dark grenades whenever there is a DPS window since this item applies -20% defense debuff on the boss.

Sidereal Skills

One major mechanic that sets Legion Raids apart from other raids comes in the Sidereal skills that will help you get through a given boss pattern. These are pretty powerful skills crucial for clearing both Valtan Raid Gates. 

There are three Sidereal skills, which can be charged slowly each time you complete a boss mechanic or perform a successful counterattack. However, keep in mind that only the raid leader can activate any of these skills, so communication is key to using them effectively. Also, if the raid leader dies, he can pass the leadership to another member who will then be able to activate a skill.

These Sidereal skills have their own unique features, and these skills differ on the legion raid you will be finishing. As for Valtan Legion Raid, these are the skills that you can use.

  • Thirain: Deals a ginormous amount of damage and armour destruction.
  • Wei: Commonly used for stagger checks.
  • Balthorr: Grants your raid push immunity and protects your team from certain boss wipe mechanics and is crucial in Valtan Raid Gate 2.

Valtan Legion Boss Mechanics

You'll start the fight against the Purple Wolf at x50 Health Bar. This one has no significant mechanics and is easy to deal with. During this stage, the boss's attack patterns are pretty straightforward, so you and your team should be able to survive without any scratch. Most of his attacks will come on the front, so you can position yourself at the back spot or his side.

x45 Health Bar

Once it hits x 45 health bar, a boss mechanic will occur, and the boss will enter its second phase. The boss will spawn two orbs during this phase and then split into two. Ensure to get on the corner once it hits the x45 health bar to avoid damage. In this phase, your raid party will deal with the Red Wolf.

In this fight, you'll want to avoid tanking any damage since it will apply a bleeding stack that will hurt you and your raid party. At x3 stacks, this wolf will perform a line that deals massive damage to you and your teammates. This is where Panacea or Sacred Charm will come into play to avoid this mechanic since this might kill some of your teammates.

x37 and x25 Health Bar

Once the Red Wolf reaches the x40 health bar, the Blue Wolf will join the fight. Two of your teammates will be randomly marked with a blue and red target marker during this stage. The teammates who got marked by the red marker will be targeted by the red wolf and should move to the northern side of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the marked blue teammate should move to the southern side. This is because if the two wolves are close together, they will take reduced damage, which makes them harder to deal with. As for the remaining team members, three will receive a golden buff while the remaining three will receive none. Those with the golden buff should aim for the Red Wolf, while the other three members should aim for the Blue Wolf.

Between x35-30 Health Bar

If you have low DPS and couldn't skip this mechanic, the boss will apply a darkness debuff to a random player. Once it reaches five stacks, Lugaru will teleport to that player and grab him/her. This will be a DPS check, so you need to bring down the boss's health to 30 as quickly as possible.

Note: If you do not use Wei Cheese Method on the major mechanic, you can use Thirain to succeed in the DPS check instantly.

Major Wipe Pattern

At health bar x30 and x15, a wipe mechanic will occur. To avoid this, you want to position the party properly according to the hands of a clock. Players should be placed at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 o'clock, with the raid leader at number 1, followed by members with the highest staggers.

Your team needs to take the orbs in turn and alternate order. This means red, blue, red, blue, and until all eight orbs have been absorbed. Once the player has taken an orb, he should then do a stagger check. If a player takes two orbs or the team fails the stagger check, your whole team will be wiped out.

There's an easier way to deal with this wipeout mechanic, which I call Wei Cheese Method:

First, the raid leader should stand in the middle while the rest of the team will stand by at the bottom part of the map. Then, once the orb respawns, the raid leader will call in Wei (Ctrl+X) and lure the orbs away from your teammates. Finally, your team will throw whirlwind bombs to finish the stagger check once Wei's animation is finished.

Note: At the 2nd stagger phase, it's essential to hold your DPS at x20 until the sidereal bar is replenished to do this method again on the last major wipe out mechanic.

Final Phase

After the x15 bar, the boss will enter its final phase. This phase will combine all the attacks the boss and its clone performed in the previous phases. The boss will also transform back into the Purple Wolf. Another wipe mechanic is the boss will smash the ground and inflict Fear on the farthest member of the team. Within a few seconds, the boss will then teleport to that player and grab him/her, triggering a stagger check. Failing this stagger check will lead to a raid wiped out. The best thing to counter this mechanic is to not stray too far from the boss and spam the ping button to the player who got feared. Once you successfully did this mechanic, it will only take some time to beat this boss.

Overall, Gate 1 is quite easy and can be done with Wei Cheese Method in one shot. Make sure to communicate with your teammates and have a short meeting before the fight.

Check out our Valtan Legion Gate 2 guide if we helped you clear it!

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