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Lost Ark Valtan Gate 2 Guide

Valtan Gate 2


Having cleared Valtan Gate 1, Gate 2 is significantly more challenging. This guide will help you understand and master the mechanics. The Valtan Gate 2 rewards players with relic-grade accessories, ability stones, engraving books, enormous amounts of gold, and materials to craft your next end-game gear, which are the relic sets.

Valtan Gate 2 Requirements

It is essential to be prepared for Valtan Gate 2. Players must be ready to retry many times since this Raid requires perfect coordination and takes a lot of practice to master some mechanics. You will have to spend 2-4 hours to clear this phase. The required item level for this Raid is the same as Gate 1, iLvl 1415 (Normal), and iLvl 1445 (Hard).

Party Composition

  • DPS
  • DPS (Back-up counter)
  • Gunlancer (main counter)
  • Support (Pally/Bard)

In this phase, you will need people to have counter skills since this is one of the main reasons people fail this Raid. Many mechanics involves successfully countering the boss to succeed in the Raid. The support can also be a backup counter if the main two players are incapable of using their skills at the given moment. Moreover, this composition makes beating Valtan easier since you will have space, sustains, and decent damage over time.

Recommended Combat Items

You can use numerous items in the Raid to help you deal defeat Valtan.

  • HP Potion - You will need purple or blue potions to heal yourself when the supports are still filling up their meters to heal.
  • Corrosive Bomb - This is mandatory to break Valtan's shield on Part 1 of the Raid. One player must bring this, and it is usually the Raid leader.
  • Destruction Bomb - Aside from the Raid leader, the remaining party member must bring this item to break his armour as quickly as possible.
  • Time Stop Potion - This is also one of the important things to bring to avoid specific mechanics and save you from bad positioning.
  • Dark Grenade - If you have low DPS, you should also bring this and throw it to Valtan in every DPS window.
  • Flame Grenade - This is entirely optional, and opting for dark grenades is much better. This helps your allies to be free from petrification status.

Sidereal Skills

The sidereals are explained in our Valtan Gate 1 Guide and are the same: Thirain, Wei, and Balthorr. In Gate 2, it's recommended to use Balthor twice and Thirain in the final phase.

Boss Mechanics

In the first part of the Raid, your Raid party are placed in a wall-off arena, and Valtan has two armor stacks. Your Raid party will need to break his armor stacks, avoid the AOE explosion attack, and protect themselves from the last wipe mechanic.

Armour Break Phase (x160 Health Bar)

To break his armor, you will need to lure Valtan's charge pattern to a specific pillar and then use Destruction Bombs and Weak Point skills. Four pillars are placed in the arena, and the first one you need to break is the one at 4 o'clock. If you've done this successfully, you will break his first stack, and Valtan will make 2-3 patterns before charging into the next one. In his charging animation, the Raid leader should throw his corrosive bomb, and then everyone uses destruction bombs and weak point skills when Valtan is incapacitated.

Your team will need to group up at 2 o'clock for the 2nd charge. When he's incapacitated, use this opportunity to deal with as much weak point damage as possible. He will make 2-3 patterns before jumping into the air as soon as he recovers.

To survive this pattern, you need to run in a small circle to dodge the eight projectiles and move immediately to the edge of the arena to survive the follow-up AoE. If you can't reach the arena's edge in time, you can use Time Stop Potion to survive.

At the end of this pattern, Valtan will land back in the centre of the arena to get ready for his 3rd charge. Everyone needs to group up at the 3rd tower, which could be 8 o'clock or 10 o'clock. If you successfully destroy his armor correctly, you need to deal damage to reach the x130 health bar to trigger the following main pattern.

1st Wipe Mechanic (Between x128-130 Health Bar)

When reaching this Health Bar, Valtan will attack the ground twice. The first attack is dodgeable, but the second isn't and is a wipe mechanic. Each player will need to pick up one blue orb during the armor breaking phase to survive. These orbs are located around the map on top of pillars that Valtan must first destroy. This method is not entirely reliable. That's why there's an alternative and easier way to deal with this mechanic.

You can use Balthor after the last AoE explosion when Valtan is around x130 health bar. Balthorr sidereal takes 5 seconds to charge and lasts for 30 seconds. This way, players won't have to dodge their attack and can focus on damaging Valtan. After surviving this wipe mechanic, a cutscene occurs at x120 Health Bar. Valtan will destroy the arena walls and do another major mechanics at x110 Health Bar.

Pillar Hug Mechanic

Valtan summons one pillar in each direction and leaps into the sky. After a short delay, a small cone-shaped zone will appear together with the yellow zone. The red zone locks on a random player and follows his movements for a few seconds. Take note that the damage from the yellow zone can be avoided by standing behind a pillar or using Time Stop Potion. On the other hand, the player who is followed by a red zone must avoid pointing it to a pillar. Place it right between 2 pillars and wiggle around until it stops tracing you. Dodge to a nearby pillar or use a time stop potion to avoid damage.

Note: You can't use time stop in the red zone, or else you'll die.

A similar pattern is repeated once Valtan is back on the ground, but there is no yellow zone this time. This is a huge opportunity for DPS to throw their skills and deal massive damage to Valtan. As for the targeted player, simply dodging out of the red zone once it stops chasing you is enough to survive this pattern. But be aware that a pillar hit by the red zone explodes within seconds and deals serious damage.

Stage Break + Pillar Hug (x80-85 Health Bar)

Valtan leaps into the sky and returns to the ground after a short delay to destroy either the arena's outer left or right ring. A red telegraph indicated the part which Valtan will destroy. So make sure to command your party to group up in the centre and move towards the opposite side as soon as you see the red telegraph.

From this point, the difficulty increases. You can fall off the ledge and die if you get pushed by Valtan's attack. So play safe and stay away from the broken part of the arena. Afterwards, he will once again target a player with a red zone. As the targeted player, you should try to point the red zone towards the broken part of the arena as much as possible.

2nd Wipe Mechanic (x65 Health Bar)

Similar to the main patterns, Valtan leaps into the air and lands in the centre of the arena. Afterwards, he will stomp on the ground and causes a delayed explosion below each player. To avoid getting damaged, group up a few steps away from the centre and press the space bar as soon as he stomps on the ground.

After the stomp, the mechanic will begin. He will turn towards the group and prepare a charge and grab attack. To interrupt it, start counting as soon as his turn animation stops and use your skills with a counter-attack on the 3rd second. Failing this will result in a Raid wipe.

Stage Break + Pillar Hug (x35-40 Health Bar)

Valtan once again leaps into the sky and returns to the ground after a short delay to destroy the remaining outer ring of the arena. There's no wall to protect you from getting pushed off the ledge from this point. Afterwards, he will once again target a player with a red zone. Like the last time, after the red zone disappears, avoid standing in the explosion radius of the pillars.

Ghost Phase (x15 Health Bar)

Valtan will charge into a portal and reappears back in the center with a slam attack towards the bottom side of the arena. The easiest way to survive this pattern is to group up on the left side of the arena, as soon Valtan initiate the pattern by disappearing into the portal. By doing so, you can force him to use the first of the four strikes towards the left. Dodge away from that side as soon as you see the telegraph and return to that place so your Raid leader can use Balthorr. With his buff, you can't get pushed down the ledge, but you should still try to avoid the attack patterns as much damage as possible.

Valtan starts the Ghost mode with four armour stacks (Normal Mode) and six armour stacks (Hard Mode). To deal normal damage to him, you need to remove all the stacks by successfully countering the ghost clone. After removing all armour stacks, use Thirain as soon as available to deal additional damage to the boss. After that, Valtan changes into his ghost form and heals back to x40 Health Bar for the showdown.

Note: Only focus on dodging attacks and countering the clones. Dealing a decent amount of damage is more than enough to kill Valtan with the help of Thirain. The winning condition is you need to have 4-6 people alive on ghost phase to end him before going on berserk.

Minor Mechanics

Four Orbs and Counter

Four orbs will spawn at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions, constantly emitting explosions. Four players should pick up one orb each in order to avoid the mechanic. Some teams send six players, with the extra two serving as the backup to avoid any mistakes regarding picking up orbs. The remaining 4 (or 2) players must be ready to counter Valtan to succeed in this mechanic.

Stagger Check

Valtan prepares a strong attack, and a yellow stagger bar appears below him. Your Raid party must damage the boss to break his shield and then use stagger skills to succeed in the stagger check and avoid the wipe mechanic.

Counter Attacks

Valtan smashes his axe to the ground three times consecutively. You need to counter him three times. However, whenever someone counters Valtan, they will be silenced and have an AoE debuff that will silence anyone around them. It's recommended that only one player goes near Valtan for the first two counters. Failing the third one will trigger a wipe, while missing the first or second ones will only deal massive AoE damage.


Valtan randomly petrifies four members of your party. You need to break the petrification of all the members, or else your party will get wiped.


Valtan stands still and prepares to swing his axe for about five seconds. In that timeframe, players must not use any stagger skills while also positioning themselves at the hilt of Valtan's axe. If players fail to do either of those, Valtan does a big swing and will knock out of the arena.

Overall, Valtan Gate 2 will take about 2-3 hours for the first clear. This Raid requires strong coordination and knowledge of his patterns. If you liked this guide and are still looking for some guides to help you rank up your game, you can go to our Guide Page.

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