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Miss Fortune Build & Rune Guide

miss fortune build

Miss Fortune is one of the starter Champions that you receive after completing the tutorial. Interestingly enough, she is the only starter Champion to also be used in professional play. With extremely simple mechanics, it is easy for newer players to pick her up as a beginner-friendly ADC but with her insane damage output, she is also an excellent choice for higher-ELO matches. Let’s see what makes her good enough to be played across the board.

How To Play Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune deals more damage with her auto attacks as compared to many ADCs due to her passive. If you want to unlock her true potential, try to proc her passive on enemy Champions consistently to bring them down.

Positioning is very important with Miss Fortune, not only because she lacks mobility but also for her devastating R. Her R is your trump card and should never be wasted before a team fight. Keep poking around enemies with your basic attacks before finally having your engage support go all in for the double kill.

What Do Miss Fortune’s Abilities Do?

Miss Fortune has very low utility, so it's just raw damage with her abilities, mostly. She thrives on getting basic attacking the enemy, using her W to proc passive faster. Q is also a great source of damage to enemies that are not familiar with it or just not positioned properly. Her main focus is around her ultimate, though, as it deals a very high amount of damage in quite a large AOE radius.

Love Tap (Passive)

Love Tap is the reason Miss Fortune should constantly be attacking new targets with her auto attacks. This passive allows Miss Fortune to deal an additional 50-100% bonus AD damage every time she attacks a new target.

Her basic attacks are empowered and mark enemies. If she attacks a new enemy, the mark is removed and can be replaced immediately after, proc-ing the passive again. It is worth noting that her Damage is halved against minions.

Double Up (Q)

This is a unique ability that can be extremely useful if used properly. Double Up shoots a bullet at the primary target, dealing damage and bouncing to an enemy behind it. If the primary target dies, the damage is amplified due to critical strike damage. This ability applies on-hit effects to both targets and is subject to critical strike modifiers.

If you position this ability properly, it can critical strike enemy Champions through the minion wave. As the minion (primary target) dies, the Champion (secondary target) will receive critical strike damage rather than only normal base damage.


Mana Cost


Physical Damage (+100% AD) (+35% AP)

Single Target




Strut (W)

Strut can be considered your only escape tool as it gives Miss Fortune a movement speed boost, both actively and passively. Passively, Miss Fortune gains 25 movement speed after 5 seconds of not taking damage. When activated, Miss Fortune will receive the movement speed buff regardless of when she takes damage and also gains increased attack speed.

This is a great ability to reposition yourself while engaging, as the additional movement speed can help dodge skill shots. The bonus attack speed also helps shred enemy Champions’ health bars.


Mana Cost


Increased Movement Speed

Bonus Attack Speed/%






Make It Rain (E)

This can be considered Miss Fortune’s only utility ability. Miss Fortune casts a storm of bullets at the targeted position, dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies caught in the radius. This ability also gives sight at the area of impact, so it is great for checking suspicious brushes or in the fog of war.

Catching out or engaging with enemy Champions is made easy with this ability. As soon as your support engages, you can cast this ability onto the enemy duo bot lane to slow them in place. Then, just basic attack them and watch their health bars fade away.


Mana Cost


Magic Damage Per Tick (+15% AP)





Bullet Time (R)

Bullet Time is one devastating ability and its cooldown is always monitored by both teams. This ability has a very high damage output to both Champions and neutral objectives, making it an ideal ability to decide team fights. Miss Fortune fires a barrage of bullets in the directed direction with a cone-shaped AOE radius. This is a channeling ability meaning she cannot move during the 3-second channel. The barrage is divided into 6 projectiles per wave, each wave dealing the same amount of damage.

Since this ability channels over 3 seconds, the chances of more people walking into the AOE are high, especially in team fights. It also makes it difficult for junglers to time their smites or shielding Champions to cast their shields, as you need to do it at just the right time. Positioning is very important with this ability, and even professional players fear its damage potential.


Mana Cost


Total No. of Waves

Physical Damage/AD (+25% AP)






Miss Fortune’s Build Path (Runes + Items)

Miss Fortune follows a very standard build for ADCs in terms of both runes and items. Since her kit has a bit of everything, she mixes up some damage amp with critical strike damage and sustains to take her to the next level. This is done intentionally so newer players do not need to focus on one attribute too much in order to take over games.


  • Primary: Press the Attack is your rune of choice for Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune likes short, burst trades which plays into her passive. Press the Attack helps with that as it deals a small amount of damage every 3 consecutive auto attacks and initiates a damage amplifier on the enemy Champion.
  • Follow this with Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Miss Fortune uses her abilities pretty often, so keeping track of mana can be difficult. Legend: Bloodline is to heal back up from any poke she received, while Coup de Grace allows her to finish off low-health enemies.
  • Secondary: Depending on your playstyle, you can either go Magical Footwear into Biscuit Delivery. This helps you sustain through the early game without repeatedly buying potions and gives you free boots as the game progresses. For a more aggressive playstyle, you can go Transcendence into Scorch. This allows for faster skill rotations and more chip damage per ability.


  • Starting Item: For your starting item, you can go with either Doran’s Blade or Longsword. This is a personal preference. You can try out both of them to see which one you are more comfortable with.
  • Core Build: Your core build will be Kraken Slayer into Infinity Edge. Kraken Slayer is the best mythic for Miss Fortune as it drastically increases her attack speed. Infinity Edge increases your Critical Strike damage which is an important stat for Miss Fortune.
  • Situational Items: You can always change these up based on the matchup, but most players go for Bloodthirster, Lord Dominik’s Regards, and Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel feels like an upgrade as you can play a bit more aggressively with it active.
  • Boots: Your boots are going to be Berserker's Greaves as they fit best with Miss Fortune's attack speed stacking. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to ADC, Miss Fortune is an ideal choice to start with. With a high damage output and less risky plays, she can definitely turn the tide in a fight without needing too much skill expression. She also lets you understand how to farm creeps properly and when to auto-attack so you don’t get bullied in the lane. Give her a try and see how it goes.

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