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Lux Build & Rune Guide

lux build

Lux is a very popular Champion in League of Legends. Almost every player knows about her, be it because of low-ELO abusers or the multitude of skins she has. This article is not about her skin collection, so we will focus more on why players are so keen to play her. With the potential to half-health an entire team with one ability or single-handedly kill players as a support, Lux is definitely one of the most contested Champions in Summoner’s Rift.

How To Play Lux Perfectly?

Lux excels in multiple lanes. She can be played as a support, mid-laner, or even APC. She thrives in fights where she has at least one teammate she can either shield or provide an opening for with her root. Lux is also great at stealing neutral objectives like Baron Nashor or the Rift Herald because of her high damage output R. She can zone off the enemy team before you start an objective, so make sure not to waste your cooldowns.

What Do Lux’s Abilities Do?

Lux’s abilities do a mix of utility and damage. She has 2 active damage abilities and 2 active utility abilities. This is what adds to her versatility and role flex on the Rift. The impressive fact about Lux is that she can kill a full-health enemy with one skill rotation once she gets a few items. This is what makes her deadly in team fights.

Her lingering Q is also a nuisance, as walking over it can make you lose over 30% of your health. But to unlock her full potential, you should have good aim, as all 4 of her active abilities are skill shots.

Illumination (Passive)

Lux’s passive applies a mark to any target damaged by her abilities. This mark remains for 6 seconds and is refreshed on subsequent hits. Lux can then auto-attack the marked target to detonate the mark, dealing 20-90 (+20 AP) magic damage to them. Her R, Final Spark, can also consume the mark to achieve the same effect.

Light Binding (Q)

As a support Lux, this is your most important ability, and your aim should be accurate. Lux shoots a binding in the targeted direction, rooting the first 2 enemies hit. This ability deals a small amount of magic damage and roots enemies for 2 seconds.

Supports need to be good at landing this binding as it makes way for a follow-up engagement by the ADC. This binding can also help make landing Lux’s ultimate and E much easier. In team fights, it can put your enemies at a numbers disadvantage if you can catch someone out with this ability.


Mana Cost


Magic Damage (+60% AP)





Prismatic Barrier (W)

Prismatic Barrier is Lux’s second utility ability that applies a shield to all ally Champions it passes through. Lux throws her wand in the targeted direction. After going a certain distance, it returns to Lux, shielding targets in its path again. This means that all ally Champions can get the shield twice. Shield amount stacks, and the duration is refreshed.


Mana Cost


Shield Strength (+35% AP)





Lucent Singularity (E)

Lucent Singularity is Lux’s most spammable ability. The reason for this is that this ability can linger on the targeted position for 5 seconds before automatically detonating. Enemies that enter the radius while the spell is active are slowed. Lux can also recast this ability to detonate the ability early.

This ability also grants vision of an area, so it is great for face-checking. By tactically placing this ability on choke points, you can deter enemies from coming closer or stop them from escaping.


Mana Cost



Magic Damage (+80% AP)






Final Spark (R)

Lux’s highest damage output comes from her ultimate, Final Spark. Lux shoots a giant laser in the targeted direction, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Enemies hit are revealed for 1.5 seconds, and the ability grants vision of the surrounding area.

This ability can quickly turn the tide of a team fight if multiple targets are standing in the ability’s hitbox. It is also used to steal objectives as it has a


Mana Cost


Magic Damage (+120% AP)





Lux’s Build Path (Runes + Items)

Lux has a pretty standard AP burst mage build path. There aren’t many variations as her abilities aim to CC and burst the enemy before they have time to react. Lux does not utilize any defensive stat boosts in her runes or item builds.


  • Primary: You should start with Arcane Comet into Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. Arcane Comet does the occasional chip damage when you land your abilities. Manaflow Band and Transcendence are very staple rune choices for AP mages as they provide you with mana boosts and ability haste. Scorch also helps poke the enemy and keep them from engaging.
  • Secondary: For your secondary runes, you can go Cheap Shot into Ultimate Hunter. This is a burst damage build as Cheap Shot will proc every time you land your Q, while Ultimate Hunter will reduce the already-short cooldown of your R. You can also go Biscuit Delivery with Magical Footwear if you decide to play more aggressively.


  • Starting Item: Lux usually plays the support role, so you’ll want to go with Spellthief’s Edge. This provides you with mana regen, some AP, and the support passive to gain gold.
  • Core Build: You should rush Luden’s Tempest into Shadowflame. Luden’s Tempest is for all burst mages due to the high amount of magic penetration it provides. Shadowflame also increases AP damage significantly and gives you a health boost to keep you alive.
  • Situational Items: Zhonya’s Hourglass is an almost definite pickup in every game. The reason we didn’t mention it in the core build is that it needs to be switched out in some circumstances. But since Lux has no mobility, a well-timed Zhonya’s Hourglass can keep her alive longer. Rabadon’s Deathcap, Horizon Focus, and Void Staff are all viable pickups after this.
  • Boots: For boots, you should go with Sorcerer’s Shoes for more magic penetration. More magic penetration means more burst damage.

Final Thoughts

Lux is definitely one of the easiest Champions to play in the game and will help you climb the ranked ladder. All you need to do is learn how to land her skill shots and when to use abilities in order to make them effective. Make sure to rotate and exert your presence on other parts of the maps, as Lux usually bullies the bot lane with her constant ability poke. Other than that, ust hope she doesn’t get banned away in Champion select.

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