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Last Epoch Tips & Tricks

  • How to get the Frostibite Shackles

    How to get the Last Epoch Frostbite Shackles

    Getting the best gear in Last Epoch can be the difference between life and death. Thankfully, plenty of build-defining Unique items are available in t […]
  • Last Epoch Diamond Matron Location

    Last Epoch Diamond Matron Location

    Last Epoch has many enemies—some are weak, while others can pose a severe threat. The latter includes the Diamond Matrons, one of Nagasa’s […]
  • Last Epoch Classes Tier List

    Last Epoch Classes Tier List

    Last Epoch is an interesting ARPG with classes that branch out into Masteries as you play the game. Choosing your class is one of the first decisions […]
  • last epoch legendary potential

    Last Epoch Legendary Potential Explained

    If your Unique item has a Legendary Potential, you better start praying to the RNG gods. It’s a crafting in Last Epoch that makes the process of […]
  • rune of research

    How to Use Last Epoch Rune of Research

    Last Epoch considers crafting as its heart and soul in the end-game content. Almost every player continuously farms Uniques with Legendary Potential a […]
  • soulfire bastion

    Last Epoch: Soulfire Bastion guide

    Soulfire Bastion is one of Last Epoch’s many dungeons and has its own fair share of rewards to pick from. This dungeon has a unique reward at th […]
  • lost epoch skip campaign

    Complete Last Epoch Campaign Skip Guide

    Most RPGs require players to experience the whole story and lore of the game to give more context about its world. To get a better handle on the endga […]
  • last epoch warlock

    Last Epoch: Best Warlock Builds

    The Warlock is a powerful mid-ranged class in Last Epoch that focuses on dealing damage over time and using curses. Doing continuous Necrotic damage, […]
  • last epoch red ring

    Last Epoch: How to obtain the Red Ring of Atlaria

    This Unique Ring is considered one of the rarer items in the game, which can only be found on a specific Timeline in the Monoliths of Fate. The Red Ri […]
  • last epochy herald of the scurry

    Last Epoch: How to get the Herald of the Scurry Helmet

    As a Beastmaster, you have access to multiple companions that can aid you in battle. As you level up, you'll slowly gain furry friends, from the humbl […]
  • last epoch apathys maw

    Last Epoch: How to get Omnis and Apathy’s Maw

    In Last Epoch, there is a large variety of Uniques to choose from. Some of them drop out in the open world from mobs, Prophecies, and Echo rewards in […]
  • bastion of honor

    Last Epoch: How to get Bastion of Honour

    Last Epoch emphasizes building your defenses even when you’re using builds that don’t directly put you on the frontline. Bastion of Honour […]

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