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How to Use Last Epoch Rune of Research

rune of research

Last Epoch considers crafting as its heart and soul in the end-game content. Almost every player continuously farms Uniques with Legendary Potential and Exalteds with the perfect affixes. For those who are feeling extra lucky, you can try hunting Experimental items to get their stats. However, you need to use a Rune of Research to acquire these experimental affixes safely. This guide will show gamers how to utilize the Rune of Research glyphs to craft correctly. 

What are Runes of Research

These glyphs seal an experimental affix on the items, freeing up a slot to allow players to add one more affix. The sealed state will have its slot but can no longer be modified or upgraded. Players mainly use this item for the low chance of getting a Glyph of Insight. Experimental Items with higher tier affixes have higher percentages of dropping this rune when sealed, but the max is 45%. 

What Do Glyphs of Insight Do

You can use Glyphs of Insight on any item rarity except experimental items with a free slot, and it will add an experimental affix. However, Insight can only be used on Gloves, Belts, and Boots. You mainly want to use this on Exalted items that you want to equip or sacrifice to Uniques. 

Unlike other crafting methods, you can determine what type of Experimental affix your items will get. This will be based on a modulo factor. The math is dividing the item level/forging potential/total affix tiers of the item you use the Glyph on with four. Afterward, you multiply the remainder (the value after the decimal point) by four. The product will dictate what affix will be added:

Belt (Item Level condition)

  • 0 = Gain Ward on Potion Use
  • 1 = Gain mana on Potion Use
  • 2 = Reduce traversal CD when using potions
  • 3 = Spawn volatile zombies on potion use

Boots (Forging Potential condition)

  • 0 = Gain Haste after using a traversal skill
  • 1 = Gain Frenzy after using a traversal skill
  • 2 = Gain Ward after using a traversal skill
  • 3 = Increased minion damage, and minions teleport to you after using a traversal skill

Gloves (Total Affix Tiers condition)

  • 0 = Flat dodge, increased endurance threshold if you haven’t been hit recently
  • 1 = HP to Ward conversion
  • 2 = Armor applies to DoTs at a reduced rate
  • 3 = gain Ward on kill

You can also ensure that you get a T5 Experimental Affix by fulfilling several conditions. The moremore requirements you meet, the higher the tier goes. Here is everything you need to complete to ensure a higher-tier Experimental Affix:

  • Exalted Item
  • Item has a T7 prefix
  • Item has a T2+ Sealed Affix
  • Item has two affixes with the same tier

How Do You Get Experimental Items

Players can farm Experimental items by slaying Exiled Mages, which they can fight after freeing them from Rune Prisons. You can encounter these POIs during Monolith runs after reaching level 70. Exiled Mages can drop various runes and will always reward you with one Experimental item. However, the affixes are randomized. Here are all the potential Experimental stats that might appear:


Affix #1

  • +X to Ward Decay Threshold
  • X Ward gained on potion use per 10 Intelligence

Affix #2

  • X mana gained on potion use
  • X% increased mana regen for four seconds when you use a potion

Affix #3

  • X seconds of traversal skill CD recovered on potion use
  • X% increased chance of finding potions

Affix #4

  • X% increased minion damage
  • X volatile zombies summoned on potion use


Affix #1

  • X seconds of Haste after you use a traversal skill
  • X% increased effect of Haste

Affix #2

  • X seconds of Frenzy after you use a traversal skill
  • X% increased effect of Frenzy

Affix #3

  • X Ward gained after you use a traversal skill
  • X Ward gained per 10 missing mana when you use a traversal skill

Affix #4

  • X% increased minion damage
  • X minions teleport around you when you use a traversal skill


Affix #1

  • +X Dodge Rating
  • +X Endurance Threshold if you have not been hit recently

Affix #2

  • X% of current HP lost per second
  • X% of missing HP gained as Ward per second

Affix #3

  • X% of Armor mitigation also applies to damage over time
  • +X to Armor

Affix #4

  • X Ward gained on a kill
  • +X Ward Decay Threshold

There is a chance of spawning an experimental item as an Exalted. But first, you need to reach level 8 with the Observatory guild, which activates the perk that allows rare items to become Exalted tier.

What To Do After Crafting with Experimentals 

After you craft an Experimental affix into Exalted items, you can use them as part of your gear or sacrifice them to Uniques with Legendary Potential. However, you must bring the Unique and Exalted pieces to the Eternity Cache at the end of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. 

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