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Last Epoch: How to get Bastion of Honour

bastion of honor

Last Epoch emphasizes building your defenses even when you’re using builds that don’t directly put you on the frontline. Bastion of Honour provides one of the best protections in the game in the Shield category and is one of the best-in-slots for melee builds. Unfortunately, this item is rare, so you can spend hundreds of hours grinding for it and not get one. This guide will provide players with the best way to optimize their chances of farming Bastion of Honour.

What is Bastion of Honour?

Bastion of Honor is a Unique Old Kite Shield that offers one of the highest protections in the game. Most melee builds that use shields would want to use this item unless they are going for specific effects and perks. Here are the stats for Bastion of Honor


  • 14% Block Chance
  • 320 to 400 Block Effectiveness
  • 4 to 10 Strength


  • 1% Block Chance per Strength against enemies within four meters
  • 8 to 14 Health Gain on Block
  • 8 to 14 Melee Physical Damage
  • 40 to 60 Health
  • 40 to 60 Mana


  • Requires Level 50 for Use
  • Requires Level 90 for effective Legendary potential

We don’t have any details about its drop percentages, but we know that it is rare. Many people have shared that they would grind hundreds of hours in fully empowered Monoliths and still not get the drop. 

Where to Farm Bastion of Honor

While you can get Bastion of Honour anywhere that can drop level 50 Uniques, its rarity prevents it from appearing unless you target a specific location. In this case, it’s best to focus on The Black Sun monolith. This timeline focuses on generating echoes that can reward Unique, Set Helmets, or Shields, so you would have better chances of getting Bastion of Honour here. However, the percentage of obtaining it as a drop is still meager, even in The Black Sun, so you need to do other things to increase your chances of acquiring it. 

Last Epoch Bastion of Honor Farming

To optimize your chances of getting Bastion of Honor, you must grind in other Monoliths before you starting The Black Sun timeline. You need to pick up several Grand Blessings from other monoliths to increase your chances when you grind for the Shield. You want to get buffs that increase the drop rates of getting Unique and Shield items and perks that augment your efficiency in The Black Sun. Here are the best Blessings to get and which timelines to farm them:

  • Grand Winds of Fortune (Empowered Fall of the Outcasts) - 16-22% Unique Item Drop Rate
  • Grand Echo of Solarum (Empowered The Black Sun) - 15-25% Physical and Void Resistance
  • Grand Bastion of Divinity (Empowered Ending the Storm) - 15-20% Elemental Resistance
  • Grand Binds of Sanctuary (Empowered The Stolen Lance) - 35-60% Shield Drop Rate

Your highest priority should be the Grands Winds of Fortune and Grand Binds of Sanctuary. Even their regular versions would help farm the Shield. The combat-oriented blessings can be farmed later. To get these buffs, you must finish the last boss of each timeline, so you must farm Stability in each timeline to do the quests.

Aside from the Blessings, you want to increase your chances of getting higher-quality loot in The Black Sun. To do this, you need to increase the Corruption level in this timeline. The recommended minimum should be around 200, but I suggest you try aiming for higher ranks. However, be mindful of your current power levels, as it won’t be efficient if you go for greater Corruption levels but cannot clear them fast enough. Here is how you can quickly increase this meter:

  • Quickly clear connected Echoes until you find an Echo of a World.
  • Farm Stability until you can fight the Final Boss of the Timeline to get a Gaze of Orobyss
  • Repeat the second step as often as possible to increase your stack of the Gaze of Orobyss.
  • Once you have obtained at least three of them, fight the Shade of Orobyss to consume your stacks of the Gaze and increase the Corruption level of the timeline. Be cautious during this fight, as dying during the right will result in losing all your Gazes without further empowering the monolith.

Once you have reached the desired corruption level, you should focus on target farming Bastion of Honor. 

How to do Target Farm Bastion of Honor

It would help if you found a Vessel of Chaos and Vessel of Memory to target the Bastion of Honour effectively. You want to uncover as many Echoes as possible without clearing many of them so you can reroll them later using the Vessel of Chaos. However, you want to do every node that contains Unique or Set Helmet or Shield rewards. 

Depending on how many Echoes have the desired reward, you will use the Vessel of Chaos first or the Vessel of Memory. You use the former if there are very few nodes with the Unique or Set Helmet or Shield rewards. If many Echoes have this type of reward, then use the latter. Doing so will increase your chances of getting the Bastion of Honor.

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