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Last Epoch Legendary Potential Explained

last epoch legendary potential

If your Unique item has a Legendary Potential, you better start praying to the RNG gods. It’s a crafting in Last Epoch that makes the process of upgrading your equipment from Unique to Legendary tier in a more transparent way. Simply put, it determines whether your Unique can be turned into a Legendary item. However, considering that the ARPG has some quirks, you’ll need to study to get to know it truly, but there are still some intricacies around optimizing it.

Legendary items are the peak of what you can equip in Last Epoch. If you’re looking for the most powerful gear in the game, this is it. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Legendary Potential and how you can use it to create a Legendary item of your own.

What Does Legendary Potential Mean?

Legendary Potential is a statistic that only appears on Unique gear. It signifies that the item has the potential to be transformed into a Legendary version of itself. The number shown next to the Legendary Potential indicates how many affixes will carry over to the Exalted item you sacrifice when trying to craft the Legendary. Say you have a Unique helmet with Legendary Potential: 3 on it. It would take three random affixes from the Exalted helmet used in its transformation.

Having higher Legendary Potential means having more affixes to pass along, and more affixes generally mean getting a more powerful result.

How to Upgrade Your Items With Legendary Potential

To upgrade your items with Legendary Potential, you’ll need a Unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted version of the same item type. But before you get cracking, it’s important to know that you must first clear the Temporal Sanctum dungeon above all else. That’s because inside the dungeon is where you’ll find the Eternity Cache, which is needed to seal Exalted and Unique items together to form Legendaries.

To begin the process, merge your Unique and Exalted items in the Eternity Cache. The Unique item will receive random affixes from the Exalted gear based on its Legendary power. It’s best to experiment with different Legendary Potential numbers and Exalted affixes to create your “perfect” gear.

What Are the Chances of Getting A Unique Gear With Legendary Potential?

Every Unique item in Last Epoch has a chance of dropping with the Legendary Potential property. Its value ranges from 0 to 4—4, the best possible roll you can get. The Legendary Potential determines how powerful a Legendary item can be created from a Unique and Exalted.

The higher the required level of a Unique, the lower the chance it will drop with a Legendary Potential. Low-level Uniques with a higher Legendary Potential are considerably easier to obtain. However, the ones with Legendary Potential: 4 can still be challenging to acquire. On the other hand, it’s the opposite for high-level Uniques. High-level Uniques with any Legendary Potential at all are known to be extremely valuable and rare. Think of dropping one with a Legendary Potential: 4 akin to winning the lottery; it’s possible but improbable.

Restrictions for Exalted Items

Only Exalted items of the same type as your chosen Unique item can be used in the Legendary item creation process. For example, only Exalted shields can be used to create Legendary shields. Plus, Exalted items with 4 Unsealed Affixes are applicable. The 4 Unsealed Affixes will be transferred to your Legendary during the merging, so not only do you need an Exalted with 4 Affixes, you need one that has 4 good Affixes.

Getting Through the Temporal Sanctum In Different Tiers

You must get through the end of the Temporal Sanctum since it has the Eternity Cache—the container that can combine your Uniques and Exalted gear into Legendaries. And yes, it can only be done here. You can’t use the Forge in towns to get Legendary items.

As we’ve said before, a Unique item's number of Legendary Potentials determines how many affixes it’ll get from the Exalted. A Unique item with only 1 Legendary Potential will only get 1 Affix, chosen randomly from the 4 Affixes on the Exalted item used. That is why we advise using a Unique gear with 4 Legendary Potentials or an Exalted gear with 4 high-quality Affixes.

Another thing to consider is the level of restrictions on the Uniques that can be used. The higher your tier in the Temporal Sanctum, the higher the level of Unique items that can be put into the Eternity Cache. For now, these restrictions don’t apply to Exalted items used.

Here are the tiers within Temporal Sanctum and what their merits are:

  • Tier IV – No restrictions.
  • Tier III – A level requirement of up to 75.
  • Tier II – A level requirement of up to 65.
  • Tier I – A level requirement of up to 50.

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