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Last Epoch: How to get Omnis and Apathy’s Maw

last epoch apathys maw

In Last Epoch, there is a large variety of Uniques to choose from. Some of them drop out in the open world from mobs, Prophecies, and Echo rewards in Monoliths. Other Uniques can only be dropped by specific bosses that have their own separate Unique loot pool. In this guide, we’ll talk about the two rarest Uniques in the game, the Omnis amulet and Apathy’s Maw axe.

Omnis Amulet Stats

This amulet provides a lot of desirable stats that any build will benefit from. It has 5% to 35% increased critical strike rate as its implicit, +1 to all skills, and 1 to 45% resistances to ALL damage types. This item canbe a mainstay Unique for all builds, regardless of class and skills as it can easily leave you some room to add more offensive affixes to your gear.

Apathy’s Maw Stats

A powerful Void-based melee weapon, this weapon not only has the aforementioned base Void damage as an affix, but it can also inflict the Doom status effect and adds more health leech rate for the wielder. It is arguably the best Void Knight Unique in the game.

Where To Find Them

Both items can only be found in the Monoliths of Fate. Specifically, you must travel to the very edges of a Timeline and reach a node called the Echo of a World. Here, you can fight a boss known as the Shade of Orobyss. While the Shade of Orobyss drops a few Uniques like the Siphon of Anguish and the Stymied Fate, Omnis and Apathy’s Maw do not drop normally. Instead, you must beat the Shade of Orobyss by adding Corruption points to a timeline. Apathy’s Maw requires at least 50 Corruption in the Timeline to start spawning, while Omnis requires 200 Corruption.

To add Corruption, you must defeat the Shade of Orobyss to reset the timeline. Depending on the distance of the Echo of a World to the starting center of the web, you will gain more Corruption the further away the Echo of a World is. Corruption buffs all enemies in every node of the Timeline, adding health and base damage to their attacks. However, this also increases the rarity of your standard lotto drops, so it's always worth it to keep corrupting a Timeline. If it’s getting too hard for you, you can always reset the Corruption by completing a Sanctuary of Eterra node. It may take multiple fights with the Shade to get the requisite amount of Corruption.

Faster Corruption Gain Method

While the process of getting from 50 Corruption to 200 is slow, there is another way to accelerate this process. First, you will need to unlock the Empowered Timelines. To unlock this feature, you will need to complete all three level 90 Timelines, namely The Last Ruin, Spirits of Fire, and The Age of Winter timelines. Once you’re done, go to the center island that connects these three islands together. Touch the crystal at the very center, and you will be able to do the Empowered Timelines, which puts every Timeline at level 100 and starts each one with 100 Corruption by default. Every time you defeat the Shade, it will add a stacking mechanic called Gaze of Orobyss, which further increases the amount of Corruption gained on subsequent runs.

Note that if you die fighting the Shade while having Gaze stacks, it will reset the stack, and you will have to regain them. Be prepared for the true endgame challenge ahead, as enemies will be buffed beyond the base level 100 stat pools since Corruption is high. If you want a better chance to gain his rarer Uniques, you will have to push for higher Corruption to increase their drop chances.

When pushing Empowered Timelines, we recommend picking a Timeline that has a specific boss that you need to farm its loot pool for or one that has a boss fight that you know the mechanics of by heart.

Shade of Orobyss Guide

The Shade of Orobyss, especially in Empowered Timelines, will be the hardest boss you will ever face, as even builds with the highest health, resistance, and armor will fold to the myriad skills that this boss possesses. This boss not only wields a plethora of Void damage spells and skills, but he can also take 2 randomized elements as a part of his moveset per Echo of a World node, which can throw off even the most experienced players.

To summarize, he can take on Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, and Physical attacks. He has no Necrotic moves, which makes Necrotic resistance useless in the fight. He will select around 10 skills, the majority of which are Void-based, so make sure you face him while having capped Void resistance. He has moves that will guarantee an instant kill so do not rely on just face-tanking his skills and try to actively dodge out of the Shade’s mechanics whenever you can.

If the Shade of Orobyss has a moveset that is too problematic for your current build, you can always go to another Echo of a World node and try your luck there for slightly less difficult mechanics to face against. Do note that the Shade will also be affected by the current Timeline modifiers, so make sure to avoid these when squaring off against him.

  • Modifier: Enemies heal if they have not taken damage after a while
    • Since much of the fight is spent dodging attacks on your own, giving the Shade some leeway in damage will undo any progress you’ve made during the lull in boss mechanics. Avoid this modifier as much as you can.
  • Modifier: Enemies have an increased critical chance
    • The Shade’s moveset is lethal enough as it is, but if he gains more critical chance, this leaves you with very little room left since even his weakest attacks may potentially leave you at too low health.
  • Modifier: Enemies have Frenzy, Haste, and/or Enrage
    • These statuses on a boss that can already cast his skills quickly by default make the fight exponentially harder to clear. You are more likely to be hit by overlapping mechanics, which will easily melt your health bar even with all capped resistances and armor.
  • Modifier: Enemies have a chance to dodge hits
    • Regardless of the build you have chosen, rapidly DPSing the Shade of Orobyss is vital to making this fight easier and that means reliably hitting the boss. With this modifier, it will only drag out the fight more than it has to.
  • Modifier: Enemies have increased damage
    • Like the increased critical chance modifier, giving more damage to the hardest boss in the game will only make your runs harder to deal with.

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