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Honkai Star Rail Tips & Tricks

  • Stellar Jades Honkai Star Rail

    How to Get Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail

    Stellar Jade is one of the many currencies in Honkai: Star Rail, but it’s debatably one of the most important since it’s used to purchase […]
  • HSR Hidden Quests

    Hidden Quests and Achievements

    Honkai Star Rail is filled with these subtle quests. Most are linked to a hidden achievement, but not always. Of course, they wouldn’t be notice […]
  • Forgotten Halls Tips

    Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall Tips

    Forgotten Hall is the Star Rail Equivalent to the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. It's a series of fights to finish the battle within specific limits. […]
  • What are Ruan Mei and Dr. Ratio's Kits

    What are Ruan Mei and Dr. Ratio's Kits

    Honkai Star Rail: What are Ruan Mei and Dr. Ratio's Kits Honkai Star Rail's next major patch will reveal two new five-star characters. Ruan Mei and D […]
  • Simulated World 3

    How to Complete Simulated Universe World 3

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt USD-1030523611 ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad […]
  • simulated universe worlds 1 and 2

    How to Complete Worlds 1 and 2 of the Simulated Universe

    The Simulated Universe is one of the first features the game introduces to the player. Herta wants data on the Aeons, and so built a device that can s […]
  • Simulated Universe World 4

    How to Complete Simulated Universe World 4

    Boss: Svarog (Complete) Elites: Stormbringer (Bug), Frigid Prowler, Automaton Grizzly, Decaying Shadow Immersion Rewards: Talia: Kingdom of Banditry […]
  • Simulated Universe 5

    How to Complete Simulated Universe World 5

    Boss: Kafka (Complete) Elites: Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter, Blaze Out of Space, Guardian Shadow, Voidranger: Trampler Rooms: 13 Imm […]
  • honkai simulated universe world 6

    How to Complete Simulated Universe World 6

    Boss: Cocolia (Complete) Elites: Auramaton Gatekeeper, Frigid Prowler, Ice Out of Space, Decaying Shadow Rooms: 13 Immersion Rewards: Belobog of th […]
  • Adventurous Moles Quest

    The Adventurous Moles Quest Guide

    I love side quests. Sure, they detract you from the main mission of saving the world and whatnot, but they provide a sense of grind and relaxation tha […]
  • Shadow of Destruction

    Shadow of Destruction Location Guide

    If you’re an avid Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact player, chances are some systems in both games would be familiar to you, such as how simi […]
  • Simulated Universe Tips

    Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Tips and Guide

    The Simulated Universe is Herta's pride and joy. It's a method for her to collect data about the Aeons, even though they would be simulations. As a […]

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