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Best Team Comps F2P and P2P

Honkai Star Rail Team Comps

Honkai: Star Rail is the newest title in the series. This time, we’re sent into the stars with a cast of characters. Part of the fun in this game is finding the perfect team that can tear the opposition to shreds. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll create the best team composition for Honkai: Star Rail from the get-go. That’s because you can only get new characters by pulling them via Warps—a system akin to Hoyoverse’s other gacha games, like Genshin Impact. This guide will go over the best Honkai Star Rail F2P Team, as well as the best Honkai Star Rail P2P Team. 

Luck is the game's name here if you want to pull the best characters, but that doesn’t mean you must spend your money just to get five-star pulls. This guide will teach you everything about making the perfect team compositions. Struggling with a Seele Team Comp? Click here for our Seele guide.


There are 27 characters in Honkai: Star Rail, nine of which are free to players. I’m talking about Dan Heng, March 7th, Asta, Herta, Serval, Natasha, Qingque, Sampo, and Sushang.

A basic team composition in the game includes two DPS units, one Abundance/Preservation unit, and one Nihility/Harmony unit. Thankfully, the free-to-play character roster includes at least one character for each role.

F2P Team #1: Asta, Natasha, Serval, Herta

This is the perfect team comp if you’re dealing with many squishy mobs. It can deal with most of what the game has to offer you. Asta will act as your ATK buffer here, while Herta and Serval will be the ones to deal with the mobs due to their AoE skills. Meanwhile, you can have Natasha on standby since she’s a great healer that can keep your team in tip-top shape.

The only caveat to this team is that you might run into some trouble in the single-damage department. If so, you can easily switch Serval for Sushang to have a more balanced team.

F2P Team #2: Dan Heng, March 7th, Natasha, Qingque

DPS-based characters outside of The Erudition are sadly slim for free-to-play players, but thankfully, we have Dan Heng to fill that gap, which he’s primarily included in F2P team comps. Since Dang Heng is from The Hunt, he pairs well with Erudition characters like Qingque, the Erudition/Quantum Diviner. Since Qingque can pull jade tiles during her allies’ turns, she can match four tiles to deal damage even when on standby.

But who will protect them, you ask? Well, that’s where March 7th comes in. The Preservation/Ice unit can shield an ally of her choice and automatically directs enemies to attack the shielded character if their HP is high enough. Whenever an enemy attacks them, March 7th can launch a counter-attack (Girl Power). Her damage can only go up to 110% of her original attack power, allowing her to stack multiple attacks.

That said, Match 7th’s shield can draw too much damage to a character, which is why we also have Natasha with us. Known as the doctor of the Underworld and an Abundance/Physical unit, she can heal characters immediately. Moreover, her Ultimate is pretty cheap; you only need 80 Energy to heal everyone in your party. Pair Natasha with March 7th, and you have a recipe that gives Qingque enough time to trigger her enhance basic attack continuously.

F2P Team #3: Asta, Dan Heng, Trailblazer (Fire), Serval

Out of all the free-to-play DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail, Serval, and Dan Heng are the ones who have the best damage output. Dan Heng can deal deadly strikes on individual targets and slow down enemies, while Serval can keep enemies Shocked in multiple turns.

Asta, the only free-to-play buff character in the game, is a sure slot in this team composition. Since she can increase your team’s SPD and ATK, Asta is a valuable member, which also makes sense as to why we have the Trailblazer on board. The Trailblazer’s Preservation/Fire form can be treated as the team’s second Support. Since the female Trailblazer can shield other party members while charging her own attacks, she’s in charge of drawing the enemy’s attention.

F2P Team #4: Dan Heng, March 7th, Serval, Asta

Since you’ll have access to Asta early in the game, you can utilize her at your party. In this team comp, Dan Heng will be your main DPS; his ability to reduce an enemy’s SPD upon critical hit makes his Ultimate lethal. You’ll also have Serval to back you up as the other DPS. With her Lightning, you can deal damage over time to whittle down the enemies. Finally, Asta’s task is to increase your ATK and SPD. This lets her increase your DPS’ damage output, while Match 7th uses her shields to protect your teammates.

If you couldn’t get Serval during the pre-registration, you could replace her with the Trailblazer (Fire), using Amber for the Light Cone and Knight of Purity Palace for the Relics.


If you’re one of those people who like to go big or go home, having five-star characters makes blazing through Honkai: Star Rail much easier.

P2P Team #1: Seele, Bailu, Bronya, Tingyun

The idea behind this team is that Seele will be your main DPS. I did say that you should generally have two DPS characters, but Seele is an exception since she’s the best one you can currently get in the game. Since Bronya and Tingyun are Supports and Bailu is a Healer, Seele will benefit from all the buffs.

Bronya can use her skill to enable Seele to make another attack, which means you can kill enemies quicker and increase the chance of triggering the Resurgence talent. The other buffs from Tingyun will increase Seele’s ATK as well. Then, as the group's healer, Bailu can keep your party members healthy; she can even revive fallen members in battle.

P2P Team #2: Seele, Bailu, Bronya, Asta

This second P2P team composition works similarly to the first P2P comp I suggested, where you have one DPS, two Supports, and a Healer. If you have the extra cash to create the best build for Seele—which consists of In the Night (Light Cone) and Genius of Brilliant Stars/Celestial Differentiator (Relic)—she can obliterate enemy mobs and bosses.

To complement that damage, Asta and Bronya can offer their support to maximize the output, while Bailu keeps the team at bay with her healing skills.

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