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Few people realize that ArcheAge is actually a good MMO. As for those that do, they’re still on the fence about the game, as it’s notorious for being pay-to-win.Thankfully, Trion Worlds has decided to launch ArcheAge Unchained. It’s a squeaky-clean fresh start for the sandbox MMO, so if you’re interested in it, get an ArcheAge Unchained Account.


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What is ArcheAge Unchained?

ArcheAge Unchained is the version of the original ArcheAge that is not Pay-to-Win. Such a label on a game is derogatory, limited to the player base, and rarely used in an official capacity. However, it cannot be denied that ArcheAge, despite being free-to-play, requires its players to make purchases with real-life cash in order to have distinct advantages over other players.

At the same time, Trion Worlds understands where players are coming from when it comes to their complaints regarding the game’s microtransactions model. Thus, they promptly launched ArcheAge Unchained. Promising the same fun, deep, and expansive sandbox experience, it seeks to be the ArcheAge you’ve come to love, except this time it’s so much fairer!

What to Look For in an ArcheAge Unchained Account?

When looking for an Archeage Unchained Account, it’s important that you keep in mind the following qualities in an account that affect its price, namely:

  • Character Level – characters in an account must have reached the level cap
  • Character Class – the more meta a class is, the higher the price an account can be sold
  • Number of Characters
  • Amount of Gold
  • Amount of Apex Credits
  • Rare Items and Quality Gear

The higher or better they are, the more expensive an account is likely to be. However, in the end, it’s all about finding the right balance between price and competitiveness.

How to Buy Archeage Account?

Want to buy Archeage Unchained Account? It’s easy! Simply log in or register, then choose the offer you like. The seller will then send you the account details. To conclude the transaction, simply confirm the delivery with us. After that, congratulations! You now own an Archeage Unchained account. Enjoy this new approach to this tried-and-tested MMO romp.


PlayerAuctions makes it safe to buy from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

How does it work?

  • Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • Buyer confirm delivery
  • Seller receives disbursement

What game account information do I receive?

When you securely buy a game account at PlayerAuctions, you are provided with all the guidance and information required to successfully use and take ownership of your new game account. This includes the following:

  • Login Name / Username
  • Password
  • Last Name (if applicable to the game)
  • Security Question (if applicable to the game)
  • Security Question Answer (if applicable to the game)
  • Parental Password (if applicable to the game and game account)
  • First CD Key (if known by seller)

If desired, you may request other information from the seller. However, as any other information not mentioned above is unnecessary to complete a secure game account ownership transfer, it is only optional for the seller to provide.

Does the seller send the game account information to me directly?

No. After you purchase the game account, we will update the seller and instruct him/her to provide the game account information securely to PlayerAuctions. We will then quickly and discreetly inspect and document select properties of the game account before passing on the game account information to you.

Once you receive the game account information, you will be given time to complete the verification of the game account, finalize the game account ownership transfer, and confirm the delivery of the game account to PlayerAuctions.

How and When will I get my game account?

For Game Account transactions, the Seller will send the Game Account’s information to PlayerAuctions for verification purposes. If there are no issues, PlayerAuctions will then deliver the account login details to the buyer via email within 24 hours (but usually this happens much faster.

What if the delivered game account does not match the seller’s description in their For Sale Offer?

If a game account is ever not described properly by the seller, you may choose to keep it and negotiate with the seller for a lower price through our Dispute Resolution System, or you may return the undamaged game account for a hassle-free and guaranteed refund from PlayerAuctions.

How am I fully protected from the seller ever reclaiming my purchased game account?

All game accounts purchased by Verified members and above through PlayerAuctions are guaranteed after sale support. For those members wishing for extra security for their purchased accounts, PlayerAuctions offers insurance packages which are protect against the rare event of your purchased game account ever being irrecoverably reclaimed or suspended due to the previous owner. If this occurs and PlayerAuctions is unable to completely restore your access to the undamaged game account, PlayerAuctions will award you with PlayerAuctions Market Credit equal to the specific insurance package price, usable toward any purchases of any products offered for sale at PlayerAuctions.

Learn more about safe game account-trading at PlayerAuctions.
About Archeage Unchained Accounts

ArcheAge Unchained Multiple Accounts Limit

The maximum number of ArcheAge Unchained accounts that a player can have is three. You can have two character slots per account, and with Trion Worlds having no plans to release additional character slots later in the game, you will ultimately have six character slots in all.

How Many ArcheAge Unchained Classes Are There?

Classes aren’t just something that you can immediately pick right off the bat here in ArcheAge: Unchained. To set itself apart from its contemporaries, this MMORPG has 12 different class systems—or skillsets as they call it. As you progress through the game and get stronger, you’ll be able to combine three of these skillsets to form your very own class. Whatever skillsets you combine ultimately makes you unique compared to others. There are 220 classes that you can choose to excel in, each with its own specialties and move sets. Know that you’ll only get to choose one class system at the start of the game, but you can gain your second one upon reaching level five and your final one when you reach level ten.

These skillsets are the typical classes that you can see in every fantasy MMORPG. Examples of these are archers, mages, warriors, bards, and clerics. While the list goes on, each of these classes will be further varied into different types. Let’s say you want to be a healer. For that class, there are 36 different healer sub-classes to choose from, which means there are loads of playstyles you can stick to. If you’re tired of whatever class your character has, you can change your skillset anytime by simply visiting a specific NPC.

Is ArcheAge Unchained Pay-to-win?

ArcheAge Unchained prides itself on the fact that they stray away from the pay-to-win method of its older brother, ArcheAge Online. Instead, it uses the buy-to-win strategy, meaning that if you want to play the game, you’ll have to purchase it. Simply put, there are three tiers when it comes to purchasing ArcheAge Unchained: Silver ($25.99), Gold ($49.99), and Archeum ($79.99). Each of these tiers will have different rewards, some more than others. Upon purchasing, you will then have full access to the game. Being buy-to-win, you no longer have to spend a lot of money just to buy items that can speed up your progression. If you want to level up, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and grind it out!

What to Expect When Buying an ArcheAge Unchained Account

Besides the usual things like character level, progression, and the amount of quality items that it has, there are still other aspects you need to consider when buying an account. Compared to ArcheAge Online, the Unchained version will be featuring ArchePasses. These passes are essentially just like the battle passes that you’ve been seeing for other games. The ArchePass will only give out cosmetic rewards, and not experience points or other items that can power up your character. Each pass will last for three months, so there are four passes to participate in per year.

ArcheAge Unchained Name Reservation

If you’re the type of person that’s keen on getting the character name down to the tee, then the Character Name Reservation of ArchAge Unchained will surely please you. In ArcheAge Unchained, you’ll be able to reserve the character name that you want in the specific server that you plan on logging into. While there have been some delays for the European and North American regions, this is still a huge step in terms of customizability. However, deleting one of the characters that are in the account is a bit tricky. If the character was created through the founder’s reservation process, the name can be no longer used and will instead be locked and inaccessible to you and everyone else.

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