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Looking to buy an ArcheAge Unchained account but aren’t sure of the prices? Maybe you want to sell your account but aren’t sure how much you should sell it for. Thankfully, there’s help in the form of the Archeage Unchained Account Value Calculator—a useful tool whether you want a new account or more real, cold-hard cash.

How to Use the Archeage Unchained Account Value Calculator?

Using the Archeage Unchained Account Value Calculator is easy! Just fill in the details on the required fields and click Calculate The Account Value Now.

How Much is an Archeage Account?

To determine how much you can sell (or should be willing to shell out to buy) an account, the ArcheAge Unchained Account Value Calculator uses the following traits:

  • Level
  • Ancestral Level
  • Gear Score
  • Land Ownership

How Much is My Archeage Unchained Account Worth?

Here’s the breakdown of how these traits affect your account’s worth.

Ancestral Level, unlocked after hitting the level cap, is raised so that you can infuse elements to basic skills. Aside from elemental damage, this will also grant the skill extra effects. The ancestral level cap is at level 7, and will require you a total of 74 Ancestral Warrior Medals from Ancestral Level 1 in order to reach it.

Gear Score is the game’s estimated value of how strong your gear setup is. The higher this is, the better, save a few exceptions. Do note, however, that this is a rough estimate. Not all gear setups with a slightly lower Gear Score compared to another are inferior. Nevertheless, it’s a safe baseline to go with.

Lastly, there is Land Ownership. Because of the Land Rush, wherein the first ArcheAge Unchained players took all the lands, accounts with land have become more valuable. It should also go without saying that accounts whose lands have a farm, and in some cases, a home, are even pricier.

However, the Account Value Calculator only asks whether you have farmland, not how big it is, and if it has a house and how big it is. So, keep in mind such things when setting a price on your account.

Not included in the computation are the following:

  • Amount of gold
  • Rare items and gear

Despite the Account Value Calculator failing to factor in these things, they very much affect pricing. It’s then up to you to make an estimate on how much they’ll affect pricing.

Using the Account Value Calculator: Additional Considerations

Once the price has been computed, you can already click on Sell Your Account Now to start selling your account. You can also choose to check how much other players sell their accounts by choosing Browse Similar Offers. This will help you tell if you need to adjust the price or keep it as it is.

PlayerAuctions’ account value calculators use previous sales in order to make a rough estimate. This means that if the calculator’s results vary greatly from what you were expecting, your expectations no longer match that of the current pricing.

The Account Value Calculator page also features a graph of the Average Account Value for the past month. This is useful if you plan on predicting pricing trends and will help you make your mind on whether to put it up for sale now or wait so it can be sold at a higher price later.

Lastly, regardless of the Account Value Calculator’s resulting price suggestion, you are not required to follow it. At the end of the day, it’s simply a guide. Here in PlayerAuctions, it’s up to the sellers to decide what the price is. Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended that they stick to the pricing the community finds acceptable so that they wouldn’t find your offers off-putting.

Finding the right price for your ArcheAge Account can be quite tricky. Thankfully, there’s the Archeage Unchained Account Value Calculator. You can count on it to make the task of pricing your account so much simpler!

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