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There’s Money in Video Games

There are few things in life that are as rewarding as sitting on an EZ chair, leaning back, and just enjoying a great video game. But what if we told you that you can also rake in some serious cash just by playing the games you love? Well, it’s true! You can lend your gaming expertise and take over someone else’s game account. Just how much leveling you’ll need to provide will depend on the agreement of both parties.

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

There are plenty of ways to rake in serious cash just by playing video games. Some ways are more celebrated than others while some are more on the low-key side of things. It’s also apparent that certain ways are much more viable. Depending on your preference and personal tendencies, you may want to focus on a single way or dabble in a few.

Here’s a look at the different ways for you to make money playing video games!


The emergence of eSports has been a major catalyst in the video gaming world. It catapulted video games right smack into the limelight and showed mainstream culture just how viable a market it is. So much so, in fact, that plenty of major universities are now offering scholarship programs for eSport athletes. As there are a variety of games that fall under the eSports category, you have the opportunity to get paid to play games that you specialize in instead of being a jack-of-all-trades.

Pro Coaching

If you’re the type who would rather stay behind the scenes and let your proteges bask in gaming glory, then you can also coach other professionals as they earn money playing games. Certain players have a knack for imparting wisdom and we have no doubt that you’re among those who have accumulated a few tricks of the trade. Be it casual gamers or players who want to take gaming to the next level, there are those who can indeed benefit from the training you can impart. The best part about this is that you can do this in your downtime as you can still focus on your own gaming career!


It’s a known fact that video games go through an extensive process before being released to the gaming public. From alpha to beta phases, production companies are always in need of testers to ensure the quality of their product—otherwise, most titles would be a complete mess upon release. If you’ve got a knack for methodical nit-picking, then this job is for you!


Streamers are a dime a dozen these days. So you’ll need to come up with something special and unique if you are to satisfy a certain niche. Needless to say, the competition in this area is rather stiff. You’ll need to really focus your wits on boosting your subscription numbers, views, ad placements, and sponsorships. But if you’ve got the drive, skill, and the personality to boot, your followers will certainly build up and you’ll get serious sponsorship in due time. With various social media platforms at your disposal, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Many streamers have lucked out and flourished in this arena!

Game Reviews

Game reviews—and even walkthroughs—are a steady part of the gaming diet. It’s only natural for people to want to hear (or read) other people’s thoughts on certain games before they spend their hard-earned cash on them. This is where game reviewers fill a need. But as with streaming, you’ll need to build up a considerable following before you can see some serious money. But when it does, it will sure roll right in! You can even start your career by making an article about how to make money playing games!

Power Leveling

Some gamers actually decide to use their gaming skills to level up other people’s accounts to make money. Factors in this type of service vary greatly so it’s in the best interest of all to clearly lay the ground rules before proceeding.

Flipping Game Merchandise

While this can be seen as a sort of grey area, some gamers seriously consider it nonetheless. Many in the gaming community make a living just by buying and subsequently selling in-game items or currency. It’s a rather lucrative venture for some that doesn’t require too much capital.