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Game Account Trades and Potential Disputes

Game Account Trades at PlayerAuctions

Once a buyer places an order for a game account, sellers are required to provide all of the necessary game account information, which is fully secured by the PlayerGuardian system.
Once everything is in order, the game account gets forwarded to the buyer, who will have 72 hours to inspect the account and secure it entirely, from the password to the recovery features. The buyer and seller can communicate during this period using the on-site messenger feature on PlayerAuctions. If there are no problems, the buyer can click “confirm,” and the seller will get paid.

Benefits of Conducting Game Account Trades with PlayerAuctions

Game account trades done outside of PlayerAuctions are the most dangerous; it presents the most risk when there is no trusted middleman to protect you against fraud. When you hand over money to the seller, the transaction instantly becomes one-sided since the seller has power over two of the most critical aspects of the trade: (1) the money, and (2) the game account. There won’t be any room for disputes because Internet secrecy gives the seller the smoke screen to run away with the money and game account.
PlayerAuctions fills this massive gap by serving as an unbiased mediator in not only securing the money and payment but also functioning as fair judges in mediating disputes, given our track record as trading veterans accustomed with the ever-changing gaming market.

Scenario #1: Game Account Reclamation - The purchased game account gets “reclaimed.” The buyer no longer has any access to the account, and the email address got changed, preventing the buyer from recovering the password.
  • Protection as a Seller: The buyer is required to provide evidence (screenshots). As long as you provided the account correctly and did not reclaim it, the buyer isn’t able to prove their case, and the evidence gets considered as insufficient. PlayerAuctions holds on to your money and releases it to your payment option once the case is closed in your favor.
  • Protection as a Buyer: Protecting buyers is our priority. We provide insurance packages for game accounts to make sure that buyers can get a refund in the case of reclamation by the original owner. With substantial evidence (usually an email or a message from the game publisher), the buyer will get a full refund. If the buyer decides not to purchase the insurance, then we will try our best to provide a refund by assessing the case and communicating with the seller, but we cannot guarantee it. In any case, if the seller is found to be at fault, they will receive a penalty fee and/or get suspended from trading on PlayerAuctions.

Scenario #2: Game Account Suspensions due to use of Prohibited 3rd Party Apps - The game account got suspended from the game publisher’s end because of prohibited 3rd party apps, such as macros, botting programs, or other apps that are destructive to the ecosystem of the game.
  • Protection as a Seller: The process will follow scenario #1; however, our team needs to consider the timing of the suspension, since it may take several days or a week before it is applied, and depends on the game offense. If the suspension happens long after the account has transferred over to the buyer (several weeks to a month), then PlayerAuctions will not blame the seller.
  • Protection as a Buyer: The process will follow scenario #1; keep in mind that our team provides the buyer support by analyzing the nature of the ban and if it's the seller's fault. If this is the case, then our team will consider the game account as inappropriate and ask the seller to provide a replacement.

Scenario #3: Game Account Suspensions Initiated by Game Companies - Sometimes, but rarely, game companies zone in on traded accounts and ban them as a result. There could be other reasons, or they can get triggered not only by the trade done on PlayerAuctions but also due to factors within the game.
  • Protection as a Seller: If the suspension happens after the trade (sale) occurs, then Team PlayerAuctions will not hold the seller responsible for it, and there is no need for the seller to get a refund.
  • Protection as a Buyer: If the suspension happens during the transfer or the inspection phase (72 hours), PlayerAuctions will have to ask the seller to provide the buyer a replacement account of equal value, or offer the seller to refund the buyer.