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Power Leveling Services and Potential Disputes

Power Leveling Services

Reserved only for PlayerAuctions’ veteran sellers, requiring a high number of successful orders and user feedback, sellers can offer buyers a Power Leveling service for their characters. Buyers can place an order for this by filling out a form for the Power Leveling service. PlayerAuctions will forward this information to the seller, and from there, the seller will work on achieving the character level, completing the quest chain, or overcoming the game challenge that is requested by the buyer. Once the service finishes, the buyer can click on “confirm” from the order page; then, the seller’s payment gets released.

Benefits of Conducting Power Leveling Services with PlayerAuctions

Power leveling services are no different than game account trades — they are even more unsafe considering it’s your money AND your account that is on the line. Would you be comfortable handing over your money and an account to someone you don’t know?
PlayerAuctions fully secures its Power Leveling services by having strict but fair leverages on the seller by proving their strength of character as trusted sellers, as well as placing a deposit system that will get forfeited if the seller goes against any rules and endangers a buyer’s money and game account. Since Power Levelers are promoted only among the best and most trusted of our sellers, buyers get guaranteed that their account is in the hands of only the elite few.

Scenario #1: Game Account Gets Reclaimed during a Power Leveling Service - The only known issue with Power Leveling services and rarely happens because of the demanding requirements set by Power Level users. The game account that was supposed to be power leveled got stolen by the seller offering the service, similar to how a game account gets reclaimed.
  • Protection as a Seller: Power Level Sellers get offered the same timely payments guaranteed by our PlayerGuardian system upon successful completion of service.
  • Protection as a Buyer: Power Level users make a deposit with us that will get forfeited if the Power Level service seller reclaims your account; also, it gets suspended while all pending payments get frozen. As a buyer, PlayerAuctions provides you plenty of leverage.

Scenario #2: Game Account gets Suspended due to Botting Activity by the Power Leveler - Botting is a strictly prohibited act in all games, and we scrutinize all Power Levelers rigorously for such behavior. We strongly suggest that buyers read the offer descriptions carefully and avoid sellers using botting techniques. There are rare instances where the game account of the buyer gets suspended because of a botting activity done by the power leveler/service seller. Unfortunately, in this case, we cannot provide any support. The most that our team can do is to suspend the service seller at PlayerAuctions.