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WoW Classic Dungeon Levels and Guide

WoW Classic Dungeons

Before raids, low-level WoW players can cut their teeth for the endgame feature with dungeons. Dungeons are instanced areas replicating a raid structure, though they have fewer bosses and are smaller in scale. They’re good practice for cooperating in a team, and some even offer excellent loot for farming currency or leveling up.

There isn’t any reason not to do these dungeons. They’re available even when you’re not at the highest levels, plus it gets you used to working as a team.

Here is a WoW Classic dungeon level guide, showing which dungeons are available from what levels.

WoW Classic Dungeon Levels

There are 20 dungeons in WoW Classic. Each one differs in difficulty and length; some are more worth it than others. Here they are arranged by the earliest level you can enter them.

Ragefire Chasm

  • Location: Orgrimmar, Kalimdor
  • Level: 13-18
  • Dungeon Quests: 6

Ragefire Chasm is a Horde-only dungeon. It’s like a practice run for Molten Core, with much of the same mechanics and atmosphere. Its location makes it an exclusive dungeon.

Wailing Caverns

  • Location: Barrens, Kalimdor
  • Level: 17-24
  • Dungeon Quests: 10

A labyrinthine dungeon that’s easy to get lost in. Navigating through it is the real challenge rather than the bosses and mobs.

The Deadmines

  • Location: Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 17-26
  • Dungeon Quests: 5

This is the lowest level dungeon available to Alliance characters. Despite its low level, it offers a challenge even to experienced players. Even the trash mobs can hit hard, and the main boss Edwin VanCleef will wallop whoever is unprepared when facing him.

Shadowfang Keep

  • Location: Silverpine Forest, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 22-30
  • Dungeon Quests: 3

A dungeon that players love for its simple layout and cool loot. It’s also the dungeon for Paladin and Warlock-specific quests, which is fantastic.

Blackfathom Deeps

  • Location: Ashenvale, Kalimdor
  • Level: 24-32
  • Dungeon Quests: 11

Like the Wailing Caverns, this is a maze-like dungeon. However, monsters inside it have some valuable loot, so it can be worth getting lost in. Melee classes might avoid this, though, because of the disarm skills of the mobs.

The Stockade

  • Location: Stormwind, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 24-32
  • Dungeon Quests: 6

A somewhat unpopular dungeon due to its boss rarely appearing. It’s the only one that drops blue equipment. Still, the instance is easy to complete, so it’s easy to run again and again for the drop. It’s also an Alliance-exclusive dungeon due to being located in their capital.


  • Location: Dun Morogh, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 29-38
  • Dungeon Quests: 7

Gnomeregan was the old capital of the Gnomes. Now, it’s overrun by Troggs and Leper Gnomes. Nothing is too special about it besides being an Alliance-exclusive dungeon that Horde players can technically enter.

Razorfen Kraul

  • Location: Barrens, Kalimdor
  • Level: 29-38
  • Dungeon Quests: 6

A thorny and quilboar-filled dungeon that can be time-consuming to complete. Other than the annoyances of the above, its design is also frustrating. However, it does drop decent loot, and Warriors have a class-specific quest here.

The Scarlet Monastery

  • Location: Trisfal Glades, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 33-44
  • Dungeon Quests: 7

One of the best mid-level dungeons. It has four wings with excellent drops and the chance for the entrance to become a PvP battleground. It may be in Horde territory, but that doesn’t stop Alliance players from coming to the dungeon. It’s that awesome.

Razorfen Downs

  • Location: Barrens, Kalimdor
  • Level: 37-46
  • Dungeon Quests: 7

Its overall atmosphere might be dark and dreary, but you can get excellent loot from this dungeon. It’s located directly opposite Razorfen Kraul, so it should be easy to spot. Quilboars are also a common point between the two dungeons.


  • Location: Badlands, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 41-51
  • Dungeon Quests: 10

Lore is the main selling point of this dungeon because it can be hard to find and get to. Also, its difficulty spiked from the others and is a big area to cover. Still, it can be worth it to run a few times.


  • Location: Tanaris, Kalimdor
  • Level: 42-46
  • Dungeon Quests: 7

The instance itself isn’t too remarkable, but it has unique boss fights due to its excellent mechanics. It may seem a bit common, but don’t knock it until you try it.


  • Location: Desolace, Kalimdor
  • Level: 46-55
  • Dungeon Quests: 8

Even though it’s one of the more extensive dungeons, people love it for its colorful and aesthetically pleasing design. The loot you can get from it is valuable too, but the boss may be a little… eh.

Temple of Atal’Hakkar (Sunken Temple)

  • Location: Swamp of Sorrows, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 50-56
  • Dungeon Quests: 8

Just like the area it’s located in, this temple is fascinating. As its subtitle implies, it is an underwater temple inhabited by trolls. It’s filled with excellent loot and challenging bosses, though Shade of Eranikus could be chaotic.

Blackrock Depths

  • Location: Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 52-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 41

The biggest of all dungeons in the game, Blackrock Depths sucks players in for more than one day. There are so many quests for it and excellent loot. You can run this dungeon to gear up your character for endgame raids!

Lower Blackrock Spire

  • Location: Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 55-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 11

It’s not as big as the above dungeon, but it still is pretty big. It’s tied to the Onyxia’s Lair Raid scenario and the Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon.

Upper Blackrock Spire

  • Location: Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Level: 55-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 12

It’s the only 10-man dungeon that actually needs all slots filled. The others can be doable with fewer players, but this one needs all of them. Even prepared parties can still wipe in this instance. At this rate, it’s almost a raid rather than a dungeon.

Dire Maul

  • Location: Feralas, Kalimdor
  • Level: 55-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 38

Dire Maul almost rivals Blackrock Spire in size due to its four distinctive wings. Each one is distinct from the other, making it a novel experience every time you move to another. All kinds of excellent loot come from this dungeon, so try it out!


  • Location: Eastern Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Levels: 58-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 16

This is the place where Arthas Menethil slaughtered his own people. It has two ‘wings’ though players treat them as separate instances. One deals with the living, and the other wing deals with the undead. Both offer top-tier loot as drops and lore to boot.


  • Location: Western Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Levels: 58-60
  • Dungeon Quests: 12

Similar to Stratholme’s undead ‘wing,’ Scholomance is filled with necrolytes. It is set in a school of them, after all. If you’re up to the challenge, a ton of excellent loot can be obtained in this dungeon.

The Top 5 Dungeons to Do

  1. Blackrock Depths
  2. Dire Maul
  3. Upper Blackrock Spire
  4. Scarlet Monastery
  5. Stratholme

These five dungeons are popular for various reasons. They can be challenging or reward loot for preparing for actual raids. In any case, these are the most famous instances players love running. You will, too (or not, it may be something you don’t like).

Enjoy WoW Classic!

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WoW Classic Dungeons

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