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In-Depth WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide

WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide

So, you’re interested in the WoW Classic best professions to make gold? Without a doubt, gold in WoW makes things go round and round. First of all, you’ll need some coins to pay for the multiple trainers you’ll find across your journey. You probably will learn less than the average joe if you're poor. Secondly, all the traveling tools you’ll have to use between maps require a fee, and you even need to buy your mount.

As a result, you need to have some gold in your pockets, or you’ll spend your whole journey on foot. Furthermore, you need to have gold to use the Auction House. There’s no direct trading between goods in that area, and you’ll need that currency to make the exchange.

Earning this significant in-game currency requires a lot of effort on your part. Indeed, there’s no WoW Classic Token (at least for now) that can gift you coins quickly. Hence, you’ll need to “farm” coins out the traditional way. The easiest way to earn a couple of Copper or Silver coins is to complete quests and sell useless loot. Still though, this is often not enough. Those interested in buying gold but cannot due to the lack of a Token system in Classic also sometimes look to online marketplaces to buy WoW Classic gold.

Earning Gold Through A Profession

Thankfully, you can earn a lot of currency through your profession. With the inclusion of Professions, you now can have a virtual job within the game, which can help you improve your hero in different ways, give you higher ranks on a guild, or increase the weight of your gold pouches.

Before you begin your adventure into the economics of Classic WoW, you need to learn some of the professions’ traditional knowledge. Before you pick any option in this endeavor, you need to reach level five with your character. Afterward, head into any major city and ask any guard for directions. When you find the trainer NPC (Non-Playable Character), it will ask for a couple of Copper coins for the initial training.

Later on, you’ll need to focus on increasing the experience of your professions. WoW currently has an easy way to tell you what to do to earn levels. If the task you want to complete is “Orange,” you’ll surely get another point. At the moment, you can reach level 300 in any profession. Let’s look at the different professions available in World of Warcraft Classic.

The Production Professions

  1. Leatherworking

    Leatherworking is one of the best professions for classes that uses Leather as their primary material for armor. Hence, you’ll get the chance to build or improve this type of armor with this option. Plus, with some “armor kits,” you have the opportunity to increase the stats of every armor.

  2. Engineering

    The Engineering profession lets you make different tools and gadgets that usually create chaos when you’re around. Additionally, you have the option to manufacture powerful bombs which have the potential of adding crowd control to your repertoire. Furthermore, you get the chance to tinker with some bullets or scopes for long-range attacks. Every option that this profession provides always brings fun elements to your gameplay.

  3. Alchemy

    Alchemy improves the performance of your characters with potions that give you additional stats and restore your health and mana. As a result, you’ll get excellent tools to provide more survival options when you’re against powerful monsters. Furthermore, the masters of alchemy have the chance to transmute materials each day.

  4. Tailoring

    Tailoring improves the agility of your hero’s hands as they manufacture different “cloths” and cloaks for themselves or their friends. Most noteworthy, due to the nature of this profession, it works best with casters or classes that main this type of armor. Last but not least, you also have the option to create amazing bags that can hold a lot more items.

  5. Blacksmithing

    In the Blacksmithing profession, you can build different powerful weapons and strong armor, which is only available in this profession. Plus, most armor belongs to the “plate” category, which means that Warriors and Paladins often pick this option.

  6. Enchanting

    Destroy rare items to gather material for this profession's different enchantments. Due to its limitations, you cannot make materials equipable by different players or accounts. Still, though, there are a lot of enchanting passives that have the chance to improve any armor.

The Gathering Professions

  1. Skinning

    Skinning lets you gather different raw materials from some monsters, which have the potential to turn into better items. Above all, you need to have a “skinning knife.” Wait for a beast to kiss the floor, loot the corpse, and finally, you’ll be able to use this profession on them.

  2. Herbalism

    Different plants or flowers around Azeroth aren’t there only to enrich the scenery. Hence, with Herbalism, you’ll be able to gather different essential parts of any plant that you come across. Additionally, every time you obtain some items with this profession, you’ll get a little experience for your levels at the same time.

  3. Mining

    Like Herbalism, when you see rocks of different colors near a minefield, it usually contains essential materials. To get into the Mining profession, you need a “mining pick” to gather various types of ores. You also have the chance to use the Anvil to smelt raw ores into bars for crafting purposes.

The Secondary Professions

  1. Fishing

    Enjoy the scenery or the different environmental sounds as you stand near a body of water to gather some fish with the Fishing profession. Remember to check the water for different “schools” that have a particular type of fish and pick as much as possible. Additionally, almost all of the elements you obtain can be eaten or used as ingredients for better options.

  2. Cooking

    Take all the meat from the different monsters that were unlucky to cross your path, add a little salt, and cook the materials for a great meal – that’s what the Cooking profession is all about. Every single plate that you prepare will improve the regeneration of your HP (Hit Points) or your Mana. Furthermore, better chefs have the potential of producing food that also improves different stats.

  3. First Aid

    The First Aid profession lets you manufacture different cloths that aid in healing different types of wounds. As a result, you’ll have other options to regain your health as you travel across different undiscovered places and dangerous environments.

The Professions to Pick for Different Types of Occasions

  • For Raids – Since you need a lot of stats enhancements and potions, the best profession for exploring the different dungeons is Alchemy.

  • For PvP – Due to the different trinkets and bombs that give you more abilities and crowd control, one of the best options for this feature is Engineering.

  • For Gold Farming – Even though you can exchange much gold for the rarest items from all the professions, you usually get more coins with “microtransactions” as you sell the raw materials. Furthermore, only a few players will be able to buy the expensive stuff, but almost all the population will surely buy as many fresh fishes or ores as possible. As a result, Herbalism, Mining, and Fishing are your best bet.

  • Armor – Depending on the selected Class from your Hero, you’ll need their specific type of equipment. Therefore, it can either be Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Tailoring.

Combinations of Professions That Work Best Together

  • Alchemy, Herbalism, and Fishing – Gather all the essential ingredients from plants and fishes to turn everything into a powerful potion.

  • Blacksmithing and Mining – Transform the robust characteristics of the rare types of stones into durable armors and weapons for your character.

  • Engineering and Mining – Due to the requirements of the different trinkets that you can build, you’re going to need various ores or bars from mining.

  • Leatherworking and Tailoring – Retrieve the pelts of your prey and exchange them for wearable items or armor improvements.

  • Tailoring and Enchanting – Manufacture rare clothing items that you can dismantle with Enchanting for more materials. Later on, you can create powerful wands or improve the stats of your armor.

Basic Recommendations to Make Gold Through Professions

  1. Go to High Population Servers

    Look for those servers that have a lot of active players inside. There, you can sell your items quickly through the Auction House. Furthermore, it is recommended that you search for options with more players from the same faction.

  2. Use Different Characters

    If you want to follow the “best choice” to earn Gold from these professions, you may want to have more than one Character. As a result, you could have many materials in your inventory and even spend them with your principal hero. Hence, you’ll increase those professions that enhance your champion.

Using Add-Ons to Buy and Sell Gold Efficiently

Addons have been an integral part of World of Warcraft since the game first came out in late 2004. They can significantly improve one’s gameplay and make your life in WoW easier. And since the Auction House is the focal point of the in-game economy, we’ve decided to give you a detailed look at each WoW Classic Auction House addon and more! We’re focusing only on addons compatible with the Classic client that the official servers are based on. Although they’re not as sophisticated as some of their retail counterparts, these addons will make it easier for you to keep track of your server’s AH.

The Classic AH add-ons make it easier for players to buy and sell items on the AH while also figuring out how to maximize their gold-earning potential. And while you’ll still have to visit the closest AH, these addons come with great additional features meant to smooth things out as you make those auctioning decisions. However, some of these Auction House addons are more advanced. Subsequently, they have additional features that let them know what mats they need to craft certain things for which they can create an auction.

The Best WoW Classic Auction House Add-Ons

For those of you looking for the best WoW Classic Auction House addon, we’ve prepared a list of the most popular and best ones out there:

  1. Auctioneer

    Auctioneer is a simple AH addon that was first released in 2006, and currently, this add-on also comes with Classic compatibility. It enables you to buy and post auctions while also helping you to figure out how to maximize your profit. Apart from that, this add-on will give you detailed info about every in-game item. This includes quest items, various recipes, and more! The Auctioneer Suite also shows in-depth information for all game items, such as those used in quests or recipes, enchanting, milling, and prospecting.

  2. TradeSkillMaster4

    TradeSkillMaster 4 is the most advanced and complex AH addon for Classic WoW. It offers the complete package for utilizing your AH endeavors through various features, such as in-depth info regarding your sales, expenses, and total profit.

    You get information about crafts with the associated rank, crafting reports, and the estimated profit. TSM 4 also provides a thoroughly detailed list of all needed materials with a crafting queue for extra convenience. All of this comes with a caveat though, as you’ll have to initially set aside a considerable amount of time to learn how to make the best of TSM 4 properly.

  3. Auctionator

    Auctionator offers simple functionality ideal for taking care of your everyday Auction House needs. It helps you sort different item stacks based on per-item prices and the current availability and lowest price of a given item.

    On top of that, you can also post several items simultaneously, and Auctionator also lets you split stacks for easier and faster sales. And if you want to, you can spam the “Buy” button to buy more than a single item of the same type. Last but not least, all of the buttons and features are nicely integrated into the basic AH window that initially pops when you speak to an auctioneer.

Final Thoughts

With the different WoW Classic professions and add-on options that are currently available, you have the chance to invest additional hours in improving your Hero on another level. Remember to have a clear view of what activities you do the most in Azeroth before choosing the best job and add-on for you.

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