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How much is My GW2 Account Worth?

Want to know what your Guild Wars 2 account is worth? Then this is the perfect time for you to use our Guild Wars 2 Account Value Calculator! Whether you’re just going to use it out of sheer fun to see how much your own account is or if you’re set on selling it, our tool is sure to help you out. Underselling GW2 accounts may look like it can be good for your business since you’ll have no problem finding buyers, but it can actually lead you straight to a deficit. The labor that you put into hand-crafting the accounts to perfection just isn’t worth it for a few measly dollars. While on the other side of the coin, overselling can end up making it difficult to sell. Who wants to buy an overpriced account when buyers can look for cheaper alternatives instead? Pricing your Guild Wars 2 accounts competitively not only gives everyone a fair shake, but your time and effort into grinding the accounts you’re selling will be well worth it!

What Makes an Account Cheap/Expensive?

So, just what makes an account expensive/cheaper than others? Well, you’re about to find out as we show you the factors that make them so! You’ve probably seen the offers on our Guild Wars 2 account pages. If you haven’t yet, here are the links for the US and EU servers. You’re most likely shocked to see some accounts priced at more than a hundred dollars, with some even having an asking price of $2000 or more. Now hold your horses! Before you go off about how these prices are just ridiculous—you’re probably right to a certain degree. There is just no way to avoid overpriced offers, but there are also some cases where it’s justifiable.

Here are some examples of what can either make an offer cheap or expensive:

  1. 1. Server Difference
  2. As you know, we have two Guild Wars 2 pages: US and EU. While it may not look like much, US servers have a lot of people compared to that of the EU servers. You can’t use the same account to log into another regional server as well. So, if you’re coming from the US server and are planning to transfer to the EU, you’re going to have to create a character from scratch. The prices of the accounts for both servers are more or less the same, with EU accounts being a bit more expensive.

  3. 2. Materials
  4. Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG. As a result, materials are the cream of the crop when it coming to crafting items that you’ll need when journeying. Materials (or Mats for short) are an important resource for any Guild Wars 2 player. If you don’t have enough materials, you wouldn’t survive a day. Mats are typically easy to get, but it can be tedious—especially if you’re thinking of farming hundreds of them at a time.

  5. 3. Gold and Gems
  6. Gold is the in-game currency of Guild Wars 2. You can use it to purchase almost anything in the game. Gems on, the other hand, are the currency which you can only get by buying them from the gem store with real money. Both of these currencies are vital, as you can buy powerful weapons and more with them. Having an abundance of both will prove to be beneficial for you, especially if your character has a high level. Accounts with a lot more gold and gems than what you’d typically expect go for a bit more money, but it can save you a lot of time from farming them in the future.

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