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EA FC (FIFA) is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, football game franchises on many platforms. The series has spawned numerous titles since the 90s and will continue to create more. There are a lot of players who are still looking to get into the game, and many are willing to buy accounts for that. Some gamers who already had their fill with the franchise are looking to move on and sell their FC/FIFA accounts, so it is a good idea to know how much they cost. 

There are multiple items in EA FC that would drive up the prices of accounts. These things can range from the untradeable inform cards to the number of coins available. For players who are wondering how much their accounts cost, they should take a quick inventory of what they currently have. 

Untradeable Players

EA FC has a lot of players on its roster, and you collect them by obtaining their cards. However, certain athletes are tagged as untradeable, which means they cannot be traded for coins. These types of characters were made to ensure that units obtained from card packs or giveaways won't destabilize the player economy. While the majority of these cards are common, there are certain untradeable player cards that are highly rated, like Messi or Ronaldo. Having these items will increase the price of any account.

Number of Coins 

There are a number of things that players can buy or trade in FIFA 22. Primarily, gamers aim to acquire the best athletes on the market. Having thousands of coins in your accounts can bring tons of advantages and opportunities. Having tons of these can definitely raise the stakes if gamers choose to sell their accounts.

Untradeable Gold Cards

Players know that Gold Cards are some of the best cards available in-game. Some of the athletes with the highest stats, like Messi, can be found in this category. Anyone with enough coins can acquire the best gold cards in the game. However, there are certain gold variants that cannot be traded no matter what. Having such extraordinary untradeable gold pieces is something that every player should take into account. 

Number of Chemistry Styles

While athletes are indeed important in FIFA 22, chemistry styles can also be the difference between winning and losing matches. Chemistry styles are equipped on players to boost their performance and stats. These items can make units excel in certain things like Sniper or Deadeye fields. Having tons of these styles allows gamers to explore and strengthen their roster. Players that have collected an abundance of these items can surely spice up the prices of their accounts. 

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