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Steam Calculator - How Much does My Steam Account Value?

Few innovations in the history of gaming have had the same impact and cultural relevance that Steam has had. Since its inception and initial release way back in 2003, Steam has seen a steady surge in users. In fact, it counts a total number of 67 million active users on a monthly basis. This popularity can be attributed to its innovative feature of letting players build their own gaming library—oftentimes with games sold at unbelievably bargain bottom prices.

Simply put, Steam is the predominant “app store” for premium quality PC games. As such, accounts on Steam come at a premium in the free online market should owners decide to put them up for sale. As the leader in player-to-player transactions, PlayerAuctions offers the handy Steam Account Value Calculator so you can get an accurate summation of a steam account’s price. With this clever tool, guesswork can fall by the wayside so buyers—as well as sellers—can get fair compensation.

Below are the factors that the calculator takes into consideration to calculate your Steam account’s worth.

# of Games

A library filled to the brim with games is sure to give a significant raise to a steam account’s value. That being said, numbers isn’t the only determining factor here. It’s the volume of quality games that can turn an account a premium one. Our handy Account Value Calculator aptly takes this into consideration when adding up the numbers to give you a fair and accurate valuation.

Exclusive Game Accounts

Certain accounts that are up for grabs may contain MMO games. These MMO games have accounts that are tied up to Steam accounts and may contain non-tradable items as well as game currencies, advanced character levels, and other such in-game progress. The calculator considers these factors to determine how much your Steam account is worth.

Downloadable Content and Expansions

The games themselves per se are not the only factors taken into consideration by the Calculator when working up a just appraisal. Fittingly, it also considers the presence of downloadable content that users invested in. Players looking to buy games will be much more convinced of an account’s worth if it has more than just the bare bones of the games in its library.

Achievements, Badges, and Wallpapers

While these may have more to do with cosmetics and bragging rights, unlocked achievements, badges, and wallpapers add to a Steam account’s value in the overall scheme of things. They make profiles stand out and advertise to the world how much time a user has spent on a certain game as well as how well that game has been played. Players will have better gamer cred and that, in itself, is worth shelling out a few extra bucks if need be.

Game Ranks

Last but not the least, the game ranks in an account’s library comes into consideration. The more players spend grinding away to level their characters up, the more valuable a game will be. Consequently, it will add to a Steam account’s overall value and the calculator will accordingly take that into account.

PlayerAuctions aims to provide the best place on the web for players to buy or sell an account. By giving access to nifty tools such as the Steam Calculator, people get an instant and dependable Steam account price checker to find the best deals available—regardless of where they stand on the equation.

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