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Guild Wars 2 Gold Price Tracker 2024

As of February 21, 2024, the average Guild Wars 2 Gold price on PlayerAuctions is $19.61 per 500 Gold. In the past 7 days, the Guild Wars 2 Gold price ranged from $17.50 to $29.50USD per 500 Gold..

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The world of Tyria is filled with dangers big and small. Safe travel means supplies and gear. Supplies and gear cost money, which you may or may not have time to collect. You'll also need gold to buy that single GW2 Mystic Coin you so desperately need to finally craft that Legendary Weapon. The easiest and most convenient way to get that money is to buy gold.

Welcome to the GW2 Market Tracker page! Here, you'll find all you need to make an informed purchase of GW2 gold. From the current average price to the best sellers you'll find, there's no other page you'll need to see. Check out the current price and a chart of its peaks and valleys in a week! There's even a table that shows the current price for each server, as well as the top-rated sellers and the most expensive items sold on the site.

Put Our Market Tracker to Use!

The fluctuations of the economy dictate much of the behavior of the traders. They buy when gold is cheap, and sell when it's expensive. Our Market tracker can help you find out when it's most profitable to buy and sell.

Use the information on this page to track the rise and fall of the price. When you've found the pattern, you'll be able to time buying and selling Guild Wars 2 gold when it's most profitable for you! You'll also be able to tell which sellers are the best and most-trusted so you can buy without worry. Then the chart that shows the most expensive items sold helps you find what type of item is the most profitable.

You can even buy or sell from this page as well! Just click the button of the desired action on the right, and it'll take you to where you need to go. You don't have to keep so many tabs open to keep track of everything.

All About the Types of Currency, from GW2 Gems to Gold to Karma

Gems are the cash-paid currency of the game. Buy it by using real money, or you can make use of the currency exchange to exchange your coins for gems. You can use it to buy skins and boosters, or other functional upgrades or items. The Gem Shop can found in the Black Lion Trading Company panel, where the Trading Post can also be found.

'Coins' is actually the correct currency for what is commonly called gold. There are three denominations, gold, silver, and copper. It's the most common currency as well, received when doing quests, killing enemies, and selling junk. Most vendor NPCs use coins more often than not. Since it's also the only tradable currency, gold is how players buy and sell items to each other, by way of the Trading Post or mail system.

Karma is also a currency in Guild Wars 2. You get it by participating in events or do tasks for Renown Heart NPCs. Various Karma shops are scattered across Tyria, providing equipment, recipes, or crafting materials. Some chests, quests, and achievements can also reward containers of liquid karma. These containers provide a set amount of karma once consumed. Unfortunately, this currency is account-bound and can't be traded to another player. You also can’t exchange the other currencies for karma and vice versa, for example, it is not possible to turn your GW2 Karma to gold.

GW2 Making Gold Has Never Been Easier

Register now and reap the benefits. Gaining profit is easy because we don't have any subscription fees nor hidden ones. You'll be able to price what you sell quite cheap because you don't have to compensate for those fees in other sites. We also have the best security in our PlayerGuardian System. It keeps all your information and data safe from hackers so you don't have to worry.

This is just the start of the continuous improvement of our services. Who knows, maybe we'll get a 'GW2 gems to gold' market tracker as well in the future. Look forward to more features and improvements to our site.

Enjoy our Guild Wars 2 sale of items, gold and more. Happy shopping in the best player-to-player marketplace!

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