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How Much Is My Apex Legends Account Worth?

Apex Legends is fast becoming one of the hottest Battle Royale shooter titles. Thanks to it being thrust into the limelight literally hours after release, the game has become an overnight sensation among account trading circles. So, what is your Apex Legends account worth? Well, there's a way to answer that: the PlayerAuctions Account Value Calculator. With it, you can determine the price of an Apex Legends account and be able to sell it at an honest rate.

The Apex Account Value Calculator

The Account Value Calculator is a tool that works by making a rough estimate of the price based on every aspect of your Apex Legends account. Meaning it factors in all aspects that have some sort of monetary value.


As the game's title suggests, the more universal term for hero has an in-universe name: Legends. While almost all legends are free and therefore part of the roster right from the start, legends Caustic and Mirage first need to be purchased before you can use them. The former fulfills a trapper role, while the latter acts as a decoy and distraction.

An Apex account is worth more if you have either–or better yet, both–of these heroes.


There's a wide variety of items in Apex Legends, and all of them have varying rarity and therefore price. With so many snazzy items you can obtain in-game, it's no surprise that an account with rare items, such as heirloom knife, can be quite popular.

The following are the items available in the game and their respective tiers of rarity:

  • Skins – both available for weapons and legends, they come in Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Legend Finishers – special cutscenes performed when an enemy is down. All Legend Finishers are legendary.
  • Banners – items that change your loadout. Comes in three types:
    • Frames – changes the design of a particular legend; can be Common, Rare, and Legendary.
    • Poses – changes a legend's pose; either rare or epic.
    • Stat Trackers – records the frequency of certain actions you make, i.e. kills, assists, and many others. Either common or rare.
  • Quips – voice lines. There are intro quips and kill quips. All kill quips are common, while intro quips are common or rare.
  • Crafting Metal – functions more like currency, it's used to unlock skins. Comes in Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

In-Game Currency

There are two in-game currencies for Apex Legends, namely:

  • Legend Tokens – the standard currency earned by playing matches
  • Apex Coins – in-game currency bought using real money

Both currencies are used to buy items and unlock Caustic and Mirage. While having more of both means a higher price for the account, Apex Coins increase the price more directly.

Battle Pass

If you've been playing Battle Royale shooters for quite some time now, you'd already know that Battle Passes give holders access to new legends, weapons, and loot. Once Season 1 kicks off, Battle Passes will be available. It should go without saying that Battle Pass holders' accounts are going to have a plus in their selling price.

For each and every guideline, simply enter what's being asked by the Apex Account Value Calculator, and the tool will give you a rough estimate of how much you can sell your Apex Legends account for. It's then up to you whether you want to round it up if you feel it's worth more, or round it down to attract even more potential customers. On the other hand, if you're buying an account, you can use the calculator to check if an Apex Legends account offer you're interested in is worth the price.

With the Apex Account value calculator, you'll make a good decision whether you're buying or selling Apex Legends accounts here at PlayerAuctions!

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