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The worth of a gamer’s Mobile Legends account is highly dependent on several factors. Let’s take a look at what players can utilize to get the highest possible value for their account:

1. The Number of Heroes

 Having the complete roster readily available is a huge plus—players can get them for free in the game by grinding. Still, having them all immediately on the account dramatically cuts down on time it takes to get the champions.

2. Rank Placement

Then there’s also the matter of the account’s rank. There are eight ranks in Mobile Legends. From lowest to highest, these are the ranks in the game: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Glorious Mythic. Each rank has its tiers from I to IV, except for Mythic, Glorious Mythic, and Warrior (which only have I to III tiers).

Of course, the higher the rank, the better rewards players will get at the end of the season—this is why players always aim to have the highest rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Besides bragging right, they get to snag a season-exclusive skin and tens of thousands of Battle Points (BP). However, it should be worth noting that once a season ends, a player’s rank resets, meaning they’ll have to start at the bottom again.

3. Account Age

The age of the account isn’t necessarily important, but it’s still worth looking into, especially since there are players that want accounts that have been active since the first season of Mobile Legends. This is because if the player of the account managed to get all the seasonal skins available in the game, they could get lots of cosmetics that gamers can no longer buy anywhere else.

From Season 1 to Season 23, here are the skins players that are ranked Master up to Glorious Mythic:

  • Nana – Graveyard Party
  • Alucard – Fiery Inferno
  • Fanny – Punk Princess
  • Minotaur – Orbiter
  • Hilda – Flower Of The Wastes
  • Alpha – Sea Gladiator
  • Moskov – Yasha
  • Estes – White Crane
  • Franco – Locomotive
  • Tigreal – Wyrmslayer
  • Bane – Warlord
  • Vexana – Imprisoner
  • Hylos – Jungle Watcher
  • Pharsa – Enchanting Witch
  • Clint – Witch Hunter
  • Eudora – Countess Scarlet
  • Cyclops – Zombie Bambino
  • Rafaela – Star Chaser
  • Akai – Street Enforcer
  • Kaja – Crow Magician
  • Gord – New Baron
  • Terizla – Rustwreck
  • Masha – Spirited Gauntlet

4. Battle Points

Battle Points (BP) are a virtual currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang—players can’t get enough of it. Since it’s used to purchase emblem chests, trial cards, and heroes, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to spend lots of time with the MOBA. Although players can’t convert Battle Points into Diamonds (the premium currency), nor can they be used to purchase skins and battle emotes, they’re an essential part of the game.

Players can typically obtain Battle Points by playing classic game mode, ranked game mode, or any arcade mode in Mobile Legends. They can also sell any of their unused items rotting away in their inventory, watch ads, or even open reward chests to get BP.

The main reason why it’s challenging to grind BP in Mobile Legends is because of its weekly limit. Depending on a player’s Credit Score, they can only gain a certain amount of Battle Points per week. They can increase their limit using a Double BP Card, but ML: BB will refresh all limits every Monday.

5. Number of MVPs

Being the MVP means getting the most recognition for winning—who wouldn’t want to be one all the time? Having a high number of MVPs is an excellent reputation; it means that a player can be trusted to make the right plays or at least refrain from griefing the team. While the number of MVPs doesn’t matter since they don’t generate extra rewards for having them, it’s nice to have a good standing that other people can see.

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