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How Much Is My Summoners War Account Worth?

Summoners War epitomizes the ultimate allure and sustained playability of a great turn-based strategy MMO game. Its widespread popularity among gamers is evident in the fact that it has achieved a lucrative top 10 status in 84 countries in the Apple App Store as well as over 54 on Android. The commerce in this game is also alive and well, which is why PlayerAuctions created the helpful Summoners War Account Value calculator.

To check out what your Summoners War account is worth, you just need to key in a few details. Here's a look at each factor that the clever Value Calculator takes into consideration when giving account appraisals.

Account Level

Just as it is with other games in our library, Account Level is the foremost factor that the Value Calculator scrutinizes. The higher the account level, the loftier the price an account will be.


Summoners War features two servers: EU and Global. EU, being the newer server has its perks. However, the choice of survive ultimately boils down to proximity. In addition, new players tend to flourish in the EU setting as the competition tends to not be as tight as the cutthroat global arena.

Arena Grade

Determined by both a player's arena points and rank, the arena grade serves as a metric by which the Calculator. Because Glory Points per win is directly affected by Arena Grades, you can expect those with high grades (Conquerors, Guardians, and Legends) to fetch better prices in the online marketplace.


Existing in-game currency has always been a significant factor that dictates an account's overall value. Crystals, however, is of much larger importance in Summoners War because they are the only currency by which players can purchase exclusive items that cannot be obtained through Mana Stones.

Mana Stones #

Have you ever been so broke on mana that you ended up cursing at your monitor? Being such a valuable game resource, a high number of mana stones can increase an account's value considerably and our Calculator will adjust its appraisal accordingly.

6 Star Monsters #

While gaining 6 stars isn't all that difficult, the task of getting there is rather tedious. As such, the price range of accounts with multiple 6 star monsters is sure to be much steeper compared to others.

Monster Storage #

Monster storage allows players to store their excess monsters outside of their main inventory. While this feature starts with a modest space of 10, it can be increased up to an impressive number of 600. The catch, however, is each expansion comes at the steep price of 200,000 mana stones or 50 crystals.

Nats 5 Star #

As quite a lot of Nat 5s in Summoners War serve dual purposes, it follows logic that the more of them an account has, the higher its value will be. The Account Value Calculator takes this last bit of info into consideration before crunching up the numbers for an accurate value appraisal.

Thanks to this handy innovation, you won't have to second-guess your pricing anymore. Whether you're buying or selling, you're sure to get the most accurate account appraisal at PlayerAuctions. We do what we can to help you get the most cluck for your hard-earned buck.

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