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How Much Is My Epic Games Account Worth?

The Epic Games Store launched in December of 2018 and has taken the digital storefront marketplace by storm with (almost) weekly offerings of free games and other giveaways. It's natural for users to wonder how much their accounts are with if they've kept up on every single giveaway. This Epic Games Account Value Calculator can determine that and more, using a variety of factors beyond just the number of games.

Here are some of the values our Epic Games Account Value Calculator takes into account:

Number of Games

The number of games on an Epic Games account is one of the most important parts of the valuation, this is especially true with since Epic Games offered so many giveaways. A user who has kept up-to-date with all of them could have upwards of 100 free games on their accounts permanently at this point.

Account Age

Since an Epic Games account age gives credibility and prestige - a 15-year-old account is more valuable than a 1-year-old account - figuring out the correct value means taking the Epic Games Account's age into careful consideration. An OG, day Epic Games Account will be valued more highly than one created at a later date.

Number of Achievements

While achievements were a recent addition to Epic Games Accounts, having a solid collection of them is still critical to boosting account price.

Sell an Epic Games Account with Confidence

Price accuracy is the key to getting the best online deals. No matter which side of the coin you happen to be on, the price always has to be right. At PlayerAuctions, all's fair in buying and selling and our Account Value Calculator will see to that!

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