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Start from humble beginnings as a struggling adventurer to becoming a hardcore spelunker. Minecraft has been one of the most popular and well-loved games. The survival game appeals to a wide array of audiences of various ages. While MC has various base editions, the fun comes with the thousands of mods players can integrate with their game. 

Thousands of gamers have populated many servers like Hypixel and 2B2T throughout their existence. About thousands of Minecraft accounts are laden with tons of goodies that can only be mined through hard work. Newbies who want to start with an advantage in the game should ensure they get their money's worth. Meanwhile, those looking to profit from their old accounts should know how to value their Minecraft assets.

Type of Edition

The main thing that every Minecraft player should consider is the Edition their accounts have. There are two main versions of the game: Bedrock, and Java. However, several other variations have spawned throughout the years, like Dungeons, Legacy, and Education. In addition, each gaming platform has its copy of each Edition. This factor is the starting reference for pricing any Minecraft account.


While a lot of content from Minecraft is free, several features need to be bought. MC's community is very active, and many players contribute to the community by uploading skins, mods, texture packs, and maps. Some of these DLCs require payment, which is where Minecoins come in. This game currency is the main token for trading between players; these coins need to be bought from the website. Unused Minecoins can significantly increase the value of any account.

Marketplace Items

Existing items on accounts can raise the price in retail. These things can range from highly coveted skins to popular maps and mods. There are several items that players need to watch out for, like the most popular wares in each category. The Backrooms, Dream Team, and RGB are some of the more highly prized skins. Meanwhile, the Backrooms and Ultimate Find Da Button top in the Mini Games section.

Currencies from Servers

Minecraft has special servers like Hypixel, 2B2T, and Skyblock. These special instances have their running economies, which players use when they trade or engage with other gamers. Hypixel and Skyblock use Skyblock coins, while 2B2T mainly relies on trading resources rather than having a centralized currency. In essence, players can top up the value of their accounts depending on how much they have in unique instances. 


Players should never forget the value of the items in their possession. From diamonds to Ender Dragon Eggs, these materials contribute to any account's price. Of course, gamers should focus on rare items rather than common minerals.


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