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Nothing makes a villager happier than a bag full of bells. And how can it not? Bells have the power to make players do almost everything in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From buying furniture to structuring the terrain of their island and houses of other villagers to their liking, all of that can be done by having sacks full of bells. When everybody wants bells, there are also those who decide they want to sell Animal Crossing: New Horizons bells.

Who Will Sell Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells?

Generally speaking, players who know the game inside and out, and know the fastest and most efficient ways to earn bells will be the ones to consider selling bells. Gamers like this are the ones who tend to make the most money, as their time is managed in order to maximise profits.

When a gamer decides that they want to try their hand at selling, they often go online in order to find a platform to sell on. While there are many options available to them to choose from, player to player trading marketplaces are among the most used as they usually have easy to follow transaction processes and large communities of buyers to sell to.

How are Bells Vital to the Experience of Animal Crossing Players

Bells are of importance if we’re talking about how it impacts the experience of Animal Crossing players around the world. We don’t just mean New Horizons, but for other past Animal Crossing games as well. This is because Bells have all kinds of uses in the game. For example, to acquire furniture, you have two options: catalog it through a friend or purchase the ones that are available in Nook’s Cranny. While it's possible to catalog every item in the game, bells are still needed to purchase them through the ATM machine inside the City Hall. As for Nook’s Cranny, the items that they have for sale depend on the upgrades that they receive in their store, so Bells are still needed at the end of the day to expand the store and get rarer items up for sale. It’s no wonder buyers are constantly looking for bells!

Animal Crossing Money Making Guide: Finding the Best Ways to Make Bells

Animal Crossings as a whole has always been about how to make bells fast. Here in New Horizons, these things stay the same. Since many players are starting from scratch in making their island the perfect getaway paradise for the city folk, having not only a lot of resources are important, but bells as well. Here in our Bell-making guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we’ll be showing you the best ways to make bells and give you tips on what to expect from New Horizons bells farming compared to the previous titles.

  • Unleash the Angler Inside You

A sure-fire way of making Bells is to constantly fish either on your island or someone else’s. To go fishing, you’ll need to craft or buy a fishing rod from the Resource Service or Nook’s Cranny if you’ve already unlocked their store. Fishing in Animal Crossing is one of the most popular activities to do in the game since it serves two purposes: to make money and to up the ante in your Museum. Granted that the list of fishes that you can catch is seasonal, therefore changes each month, this is where the importance of having friends comes in. There are two hemispheres which you can choose at the start of the game where you can your island to be: the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The types of fishes that you can catch vary in these hemispheres, so if you have a friend or two that you know is on the opposite hemisphere as you are, then you can simply visit them to catch fish on their island. There’s a lot of fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons—and we mvean A LOT. Currently, there are about 25 types of fishes that you can catch, with more to come soon. As long as you keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll have no trouble racking up Bells thanks to fishing.

  • Swat Every Bug You See

Taking advantage of the numerous bugs available for catching on your island is another way to easily make Bells. There are 80 different types of insects to collect and sell in Animal Crossings: New Horizons, so not only can you up the critters in your Museum by donating some of the newly discovered bugs that you catch, but you can make good money off it too. To catch bugs, you’ll first have to craft or purchase a net from the Resource Services or Nook’s Cranny should you have already unlocked the store. From pretty butterflies down to the tiniest mosquito, you have a lot of choices in terms of what insect you should catch. On that note, we recommend settings your sights on the Goliath Beetle, the Tarantula, and the Scorpion. All of these bugs fetch for a whopping 8,000 Bells each. Be careful dealing with the tarantulas and scorpions though, since compared to other bugs, they have the ability to sting or bite you and send you back home!

  • Plant Money Trees

Ever heard of the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees?!” Well, in this case, money does grow on trees—bags of it even! Planting money trees is a lucrative way to add more Bells to your wallet. To do so, look for a glowing spot in the ground around your island. These spots appear once a day. Once you’ve found one, use a shovel to dig into the ground where the glowing spot is. After digging a hole, you should be able to find a buried bag of bells that you can pocket in. From this point on, you can either bury the bag of bells that you’ve obtained to the glowing spot or separate a specific amount of bells (ranging from 1,000 Bells to 10,000 Bells) from your wallet to your pocket. When you’ve decided on the number of Bells, bury the bag once more where you originally found the glowing spot and wait for the sapling to grow. After a few days, the sapling should grow into a Money tree and you’ll be awarded three of the bags that you’ve previously placed. So for example, if you’ve buried 10,000 Bells then you’ll receive 30,000 Bells when the tree is fully formed.

  • Become A Tree Shaker

If you’re really strapped for Bells, one way to get money without first spending some is by shaking all of the trees that are in your island. This can be done when you visit other random islands as well by using a ticket at Dodo Airlines (shaking the trees in other people’s island is highly discouraged!). If you have any trees on your island that no longer bear fruit, maybe it’s time to give them a shake or two! Now there are a few outcomes upon shaking these trees. Depending on the season and tree, you might get something like a pine cone or acorn which you can use as crafting materials. You can also get a piece of furniture if you’re lucky! But best of all, money bags are also a part of the things you might get.

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