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POE Nameless Seer: How to Find the NPC in Necropolis League

PoE How to Find the NPC in Necropolis League

Path of Exile features a lot of interesting NPCs that offer various services to players. The Nameless Seer is one of the returning vendors that provides some crucial rewards to gamers who can find him in their travels. The old man guarantees a Unique Item drop for every encounter. However, these chance meetings don’t happen often, so you must tweak your maps to increase the chances of him spawning.

Who is the Nameless Seer?

The Nameless Seer is a hidden NPC that will offer players a random selection of Unique Items. You can only choose one thing from the selections during these encounters. The Nameless Seer has a high chance of spawning rare Uniques, the strongest and most expensive items in Path of Exile.

You can only meet the Nameless Seer in the Atlas of Worlds during your mapping runs. The chances of meeting him are low, but you can modify your map modifiers to ensure he appears in your runs.

How to Find PoE Nameless Seer

You can do three things to raise the chances of meeting the Nameless Seer or guarantee an encounter with him. At least two features in the League will ensure that the NPC will appear on your following map. Here is how you guarantee a Nameless Seer spawn during your map runs:

Reliquary Scarabs of Vision

Using this scrab before you summon a map ensures that the Nameless Seer will appear. You insert this item in the Atlas of Worlds to modify the maps, so no RNG is involved in spawning him. However, this Scarab is challenging to obtain, and you will need to invest heavily in your Atlas tree to increase the frequency of them dropping. If you can quickly improve your mapping runs, you can easily obtain many Scarabs to spawn the Seer.

Another way to get Reliquary Scarabs of Visions is to find a vendor in the area where the Nameless Seer spawns. These merchants will trade you a special one if you give them three ordinary Scarabs. However, doing this is unreliable since the condition is that the Seer should be present in the zone.

Rerolling your Lantern of Arimor in the Atlas

Another way to guarantee a Nameless Spawn is to keep rerolling the modifiers appearing in your Lantern of Arimor. When opening the Atlas and inserting a map, you’ll shown all the active mods for that zone. The trick here is that you keep using maps on the Atlas until a modifier that says “Final Pack Spawns the Nameless Seer on Death” appears. 

This strategy works because you don’t need to enter the portal, which leads to the area of a map that doesn’t contain the augment. You can check the Lantern and see if you have the modifier. If you don’t get the modifier, you can close the UI and insert another orb until you get it. 

The main problem here is that you will burn through many maps using this method. What’s more, you will get only one Nameless Seer to spawn for every 100 map orb. At the very least, you can still make a significant profit even with just one encounter because you have a high possibility of getting an expensive Unique, which you can sell to earn PoE Divine Orbs.

You can improve your chances of getting the modifier for every reroll by getting the Imperial Wraiths node from the Atlas Tree. This method is advisable when doing high-level maps since the Nameless Seer will only give you unique Item Levels appropriate to your current zone. The minimum map tiers should be eight if you want expensive drops like Headhunter. 

These are all the methods of guaranteeing a Nameless Seer encounter in PoE mapping runs. You can still randomly meet this vendor without using previous techniques, but the odds are very low. If you get to see the Seer, make sure you have some normal Scarabs to trade them for better ones.

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