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OSRS Money Making Guide 2021

Gold is important in all MMORPGs, and OSRS is no exception. In Gielinor, it’s not enough to make just what you need; you should make sure you have lots just in case you’d need it. For that, here’s our OSRS money making guide.

Free to Play (F2P) OSRS Money Making Guide

Telegrabbing: Nature Runes and Wines of Zamorak

First off are nature runes, which are used for transmutation spells like Alchemy and Superheat Item. Other than that, spells such as Bind, Snare, and Entangle.

The popular F2P method of obtaining them is through telekinetic grabbing, or more commonly known as telegrabbing, from high-level spawns just south of greater demons in the wilderness. It’s a level 33 Magic skill that requires an Air Rune and a Law Rune; just the former if you have a Staff of Air equipped. You’ll be using this skill because this particular area is particularly dangerous.

There are other ways this can be obtained, especially much safer ones, but this is one of the fastest ways to do so as it earns around 300,000 gold per hour.

On the other hand, if telegrabbing nature runes is too dangerous for you, then you should go with Wines of Zamorak as an alternative. The reason it’s to be telegrabbed is similar to nature runes, as it is found at the end of the Deep Widlerness Dungeon. Do note, however, that telegrabbing causes monks to be aggressive to the caster, so be careful. The risk, however, is worth it, as it gets you 150-250,000 gold per hour.

It has a rather high price because it is used to create Ranging Potion, which boosts Ranged level, and Bastion Potion, which boosts both Defense and Ranged levels.

Tanning Leather

Perhaps you want to completely avoid telegrabbing items in dangerous areas. For that, you can always tan leather instead. Rather than doing this through an NPC and losing precious gold, you can use the Tan Leather spell as an alternative. It tans up to five hides in your inventory, and with the proper timing, you can tan up to 8000 hides in an hour. Other than earning OSRS gold, you can also use it to grind for magic levels.

To use it, you need to be at Magic Level 78, have five fire runes, two astral runes, and one nature rune per cast, and the necessary amount of gold for the hide you’re trying to tan. The higher the item quality, the pricier, with Black Dragon Leather able to fetch as much as 448,000 gold.

Making Anchovy Pizzas

Lastly, and perhaps the coolest option as a F2P player, would be making anchovy pizzas. Unlike other skills in the list, which use Magic, you’ll need Cooking for this one, specifically at level 55. It’s as easy as combining cooked anchovies and cooked pizza, and voila, you now have pizzas to sell! When done right, you can make 150-180,000 gold per hour.

There are lots of other ways to earn in F2P, but these are definitely the fastest. So, which of these are you going to try? Well, why not try them all!

Pay to Play (P2P) OSRS Money Making Guide


Barrows is a great way to earn some OSRS gp in pay to play worlds, provided you're not afraid of ghosts. Located in Morytania, you're gonna need your wits about you if you decide to take on the ghosts of the legendary Barrows brothers.

The Barrows minigame consists of defeating each of the six brothers in turn by entering their crypts and disturbing their rest. It's not so easy though, as one of the brothers uses magic, another uses ranged, and the others use melee. As a result, you'll have to prepare for combat against three different styles. Furthermore, one of the brothers will not be in their crypt, which will instead lead into a dangerous tunnel system.

After defeating five brothers in their crypts, head into the tunnels and fight the last one. If you survive the tunnel and find the chest in the middle, you may be rewarded with lucrative Barrows armour which can be sold on the Grand Exchange. As the rewards are luck-based, you may need to do a few runs before making good money, but its worth it in the long run.


Raids are a high-level group activity that is great for making lots of Old School RuneScape gold, and having fun along the way. There are currently two raids available to you; Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood. Raids involve battling through a series of scenarios before being faced by a final boss before being rewarded.

As raids are group-based, you may need some friends to go along with you. There are loads of forums online where you can find a group of people to go on raids with. The raids that you partake in will be scaled to the levels and abilities of the people in the group that you are playing in.

Flipping on the Grand Exchange

Flipping, or Merchanting, is the act of buying items on the Grand Exchange, to then sell them back at a higher price for profit. This is best done on P2P servers as there are more items available to you to flip, but can also be done in F2P. Note: as it requires buying large stocks of items in the beginning, flipping requires you to already have amassed a fairly reasonable amount of gold. A few million OSRS gp should be enough to get started, but the more you have, the more you can make.

In order to start flipping on the GE, you need to pay attention to the market prices of items. For example, if an item is at a historic low, or an update is coming that will put the item in demand, it's a good idea to invest in that item. However, if an item is at a high, or has been nerfed, it's a bad investment.

Keeping Things Steady

Knowing how to amass gold, however, is only half the battle. The other is making sure that you raise enough gold so that you can answer the demand of buyers.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the price of your gold if you do plan on selling it. By making sure that it’s neither too high that potential buyers would be turned off or too low that you’d no longer make a profit, you’ll be able to do business pretty well and have an advantage in other things, such as reliability and availability of your gold.

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