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OSRS Money Making Guide

osrs money making



Money-making is a central part of OSRS. You need gold to purchase new gear and items to level up your skills. When it comes to gold farming, it’s crucial to find the most time-effective methods. The goal is to earn as much money as possible per hour. Efficiency is king in OSRS Remember that these methods are the most popular options for new players. That being said, because the price of items constantly fluctuates, the suggested average profit may change when you try these methods yourself.

The Eight Best Ways to Make Money in OSRS

How to Farm Gold in OSRS' F2P Version

We have picked out three different money-making guides that have zero requirements. These methods will not get you the most profit per hour in the game, but they’re an excellent starting point for those who don’t have high combat or skilling abilities. For these methods to be the most profitable, you will need an initial bank balance. The more money you begin with, the faster you’ll be able to purchase the required items and process them.

  1. Telegrabbing Nature Runes and Wines of Zamorak

    First off are nature runes used for transmutation spells like Alchemy and Superheat Item. Other than that, spells such as Bind, Snare, and Entangle.

    The popular F2P method of obtaining them is telekinetic grabbing, more commonly known as telegrabbing, from high-level spawns just south of greater demons in the wilderness. It’s a level 33 Magic skill that requires an Air Rune and a Law Rune; just the former if you have a Staff of Air equipped. You’ll be using this skill because this area is hazardous.

    There are other ways this can be obtained, significantly much safer ones, but this is one of the fastest ways to do so as it earns around 300,000 gold per hour.

    On the other hand, if telegrabbing nature runes are too dangerous for you, you should go with Wines of Zamorak as an alternative. The reason it’s to be telegrabbed is similar to nature runes, as it is found at the end of the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. Do note, however, that telegrabbing causes monks to be aggressive to the caster, so be careful. The risk, however, is worth it, as it gets you 150-250,000 gold per hour.

    It has a relatively high price because it is used to create Ranging Potion, which boosts Ranged level, and Bastion Potion, which increases both Defense and Ranged levels.

  2. Tanning Leather

    Perhaps you want to avoid telegrabbing items in dangerous areas altogether. For that, you can always tan leather instead. Rather than doing this through an NPC and losing precious gold, you can use the Tan Leather spell as an alternative. It tans up to five hides in your inventory, and with the proper timing, you can tan up to 8000 hides in an hour. Other than earning OSRS gold, you can also use it to grind for magic levels.

    To use it, you need to be at Magic Level 78, have five fire runes, two astral runes, and one nature rune per cast, and the necessary amount of gold for the hide you’re trying to tan. The higher the item quality, the pricier, with Black Dragon Leather able to fetch as much as 448,000 gold.

  3. Mining Runite Ore

    With this method, you’ll need 85 Mining. You’ll generate up to 450K per hour if you follow through with this. It’ll take an incredibly long time to get your mining level this high, so it may be worth spending your time farming Ankous to get enough gold to buy a bond. You could then get a membership and make far more money on a members’ world.

    If you’d like to go ahead with mining runite ore, you’ll need to visit the Wilderness Rune Maze. It’s in level 46 Wilderness North West of the Lava Maze. It’s a highly competitive spot, so you’ll need to world hop and be prepared for PKers.

  4. Crushing Bird Nests

    This final option makes the least amount of money per hour, but it’s popular because you can do it straight from within the Grand Exchange. The other two methods are more click-intensive and require you to move back and forth between locations.

    First, make sure you have one pestle and mortar in your inventory to get started. Next, spend the remainder of your available coins on bird nests. You can then quick-fill the rest of your inventory with bird nests and then begin to crush them. If you right-click and ‘use’ the pestle and mortar on the bird nests, it’ll crush them slowly, but an entire inventory is done automatically.

    Alternatively, you can click on each nest and crush them manually. This second option is faster, so you’ll make more profit per hour, but it requires more attention.

    How to Farm Gold in OSRS’ P2P Version

    As soon as you become a member, you’ll notice how easier it is to make money in Old School RuneScape. Since all of the restrictions you’ve initially experienced in the game’s F2P are gone, you’ll be able to capitalize on your profits more.

  5. Tanning Dragonhides

    To tan Dragonhide for profit, follow these steps:

    • Buy Dragonhide in the Grand Exchange
    • Go to Al Kharid to process it
    • Return to the Grand Exchange to sell it for profit

    This method relies on the fact that Dragonhide Leather is worth more than Raw Dragonhide most of the time. The profit you can get depends heavily on the price difference between the hide you choose.

    To find the best price for you, buy one each of the following:

    • Red Dragonhide
    • Blue Dragonhide
    • Black Dragonhide
    • Green Dragonhide

    Next, buy and sell one each of the following:

    • Red Dragon Leather
    • Blue Dragon Leather
    • Black Dragon Leather
    • Green Dragon Leather

    Please take note of the BUYING price of the dragonhide and compare it to the SELLING price of the corresponding Dragon Leather. Whichever color has the most difference should be the color you choose. Next, buy as many Dragonhide as possible, then visit Al Kharid. In Al Kharid, you can follow this route to tan your Dragonhide and turn it into leather:

    • Visit the Bank in the south of Al Kharid.
    • Use one spot of your inventory for coins.
    • Fill the rest with Dragonhide.
    • Go north to the furnace room and speak to Ellis.
    • He will tan your hide for 20 each.
    • Next, go back to the bank, store the Dragon Leather and repeat.
  6. Going to the Barrows

    Barrows is a great way to earn some OSRS GP in pay-to-play worlds, provided you're not afraid of ghosts. Located in Morytania, you'll need your wits about you if you decide to take on the ghosts of the legendary Barrows brothers.

    The Barrows minigame consists of defeating each of the six brothers by entering their crypts and disturbing their rest. It's not so easy, though, as one of the brothers uses magic, another uses ranged, and the others use melee. As a result, you'll have to prepare for combat against three different styles. Furthermore, one of the brothers will not be in their crypt, leading to a dangerous tunnel system.

    After defeating five brothers in their crypts, head into the tunnels and fight the last one. If you survive the tunnel and find the chest in the middle, you may be rewarded with lucrative Barrows armor, which you can sell on the Grand Exchange. As the rewards are luck-based, you may need to do a few runs before making good money, but it's worth it in the long run.

  7. Growing Magic Saplings

    Growing magic saplings is currently the most profitable money-making method in OSRS. To do this method, you will need 68 Magic and 75 Farming. You can get up to 8M per hour by doing this.

    First, get a Steam Battlestaff and a Gardening Trowel. You’ll also need 68 Astral Runes. You’ll need an equal number of magic seeds and Filled plant Pots with your remaining money. Finally, you’ll also need to have completed the Dream Mentor and Lunar Spellbook quest.

    Once you have all of the correct requirements, you can get started. Here are the steps you must follow:

    • Have your gardening trowel and Astral Runes in your inventory
    • Fill the remaining spaces with an equal number of Magic seeds and Filled Plant Pots
    • Click on a Magic seed and then click on the Filled Plant Pot. This creates a seedling.
    • Repeat this process for all Magic Seeds.
    • Use the Humidify spell on all Seedlings.
    • Put the seedlings in your bank. They’ll turn into Saplings in your bank.
    • Repeat the process above.
    • Sell the saplings on the Grand Exchange and start again with new Magic Seeds and Filled Plant Pots.
  8. Exchanging Mole Parts

    Exchanging Mole Parts is another profitable method for making money without any skill requirements in Old School RuneScape, except for being available to P2P players only.

    To do it, you must first visit the Grand Exchange. Once there, spend all of your money on Mole Claws and Mole Skin. For every 2 Mole Skin you purchase, buy one Mole claw. Next, visit Falador and add the mole claws and Mole Skin to your inventory in noted form.

    Go North East of the main Falador bank and visit Wyson, the Gardener. You can speak to him to exchange your mole items for nest boxes. You can then visit the bank to start opening the nest boxes and storing the items in your bank. This process takes a lot of clicking, but it’s incredibly profitable.

Why We Don't Recommend Flipping As Your Sole Money-Making Method

Flipping or Merchanting is buying items on the Grand Exchange to sell them back at a higher price for profit. This is best done on P2P servers as more items are available to flip, but you can also do it in F2P. Note that this requires buying large stocks of items. Flipping requires you to have already amassed a relatively reasonable amount of gold from the beginning; this is only for people who already have a sizeable amount of gold. A few million OSRS GP should be enough to get started, but the more you have, the more you can make.

To start flipping on the GE, you need to pay attention to the market prices of items. For example, if an item is at a historic low or an update is coming that will put it in demand, it's good to invest in that item. However, if an item is at a high or has been nerfed, it's a bad investment.

Keeping Things Stable

Knowing how to amass gold is only half the battle, knowing how to spend it wisely is another ballgame entirely. That sums it up for the best ways to make money in Old School RuneScape's free-to-play and pay-to-play versions. And if you want to find out the best osrs money making guide for ironman, click here.

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