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OSRS Firemaking Guide 1-99

OSRS Firemaking


Firemaking is one of the original skills from Classic Runescape, and it is pretty fast to train. The main downside is that there's almost no reward from training it, aside from quest requirements or the skill cape at the end. That being said, with this OSRS Firemaking Guide, you will find out how to quickly obtain your Firemaking Cape.

What do I need to know about Firemaking?

Don't expect to get much out of Firemaking before reaching the requirements for Wintertodt or high-level Shades of Mort'ton. You want a wide-open area close to the bank, which the Grand Exchange fits perfectly. You will also find people burning logs near Willow or Maple trees, where it's accessible to power level both Woodcutting and Firemaking together.

Level 1-50: Firemaking

Firemaking is fast to train up, although you will be burning rather expensive logs at the start. If you are an Ironman or tight on money, you can just cut your logs and burn them as you go.

You will still get an impressive 50,000 experience per hour with regular logs. Once you get to Willow Logs, you will get over 133,000 experience per hour. Quests like The Giant Dwarf and Enlightened Journey are opportunities to get starter experience without spending money on logs.

Level 50-99: Winterodt

As Firemaking is probably the most useless skill in the game, Jagex decided to spice it up with the Wintertodt update. Although it only requires level 50 Firemaking, players will often do this minigame to Level 99. The unique central aspect of Wintertodt is that it is somewhat AFK and does not require burning money away to train.

It is essential to have cold-weather gear to avoid taking lots of damage that instantly kills you. While there is a long list of items you can bring, standard items include the Clue Hunter outfit, a Bear Head, Fremmenik Gloves, a Fire Cape, a Fire Staff, and a Tome of Fire. You may also include the lumberjack hat for a slight boost in Woodcutting experience during the cutting phase.

Even with your warm outfit, you will take constant damage, so food is needed. Lower levels take minor injury, so cheap food would suffice while maxed account takes Saradomin brews to mitigate against the damage. Much raw fish can be found in the crates, which serves as a potential food source for newer Ironmen.

Go to the official Wintertodt world to do it with a large group of people, almost guaranteeing a victory in every boss instance. For the most part, you may just cut the roots until you have a full inventory and immediately use them on the burner. This makes the activity very AFK, although you will need to watch your Hitpoints level frequently.

Especially for Ironmen, it is most efficient to do this minigame at ten hitpoints. The damage scales very low, so food will barely be needed, which is especially valuable for Hardcore Ironmen. It is common to do this skill to Level 99 as the loot crates drop many starting cash and skilling supplies that would otherwise be hard to obtain.

If you cannot reach the 500-point minimum by the end of each game, you will not be rewarded with a loot crate and bonus experience at the end. To avoid this, bring a knife to fletch some of the roots, netting you significantly more points during each round.

Starting with Wintertodt, you can get over 150,000 experience per hour. Once you get past Level 90, you get 300,000 experience per hour. This beats the experience potential of even burning Yew logs.

Level 60+: Yew Logs

Yew Logs are stuck in the middle of high-level training. It is much faster than Wintertodt at level 60 and cheaper than Magic Logs. Its use for fletching training primarily reflects the price, so it might be better to skip it. Expect to get up to 300,000 experience per hour with full concentration.

Level 90+: Redwood Logs

Redwood Trees were the latest tree added to the game and can be found within the Woodcutting guild. Since these logs have no meaningful use, they are cheap to buy and are currently the meta for high-level training. It is possible to gain over 500,000 experience per hour while spending 3x less than Magic logs.

Shades of Mort'ton

Shades of Mort'ton is one of the other interactive ways to gain Firemaking experience, although it includes combat experience. The idea is to burn shade corpses doused with Sacred Oil to receive keys. These keys may then be used on doors and chests to get rewards. Assuming you buy all the materials for quick training, you can make over 150,000 experience per hour with Fiyr Shade corpses.

As an ironman, you are forced to do the steps from scratch. This includes helping rebuild the temple to make your sacred oil, which is one of the most time-consuming parts. You will also need to kill all shades to get corpses, which may or may not be worth it for combat experience. It isn't very efficient if the goal is to get EXP for Firemaking.

How about Firemaking in F2P?

Firemaking is one of the most effortless skills to level up in F2P because of its simplicity. With a few logs in the inventory and a tinderbox, you're well on your way! While the cost is still substantial, it's still less than the other skills you'd have to buy resources to train.

You'll need to do the tutorial, which will provide everything you need to start leveling up Firemaking. Once you're finished with the tutorial, equip the best ax you currently have, grab a tinderbox, and fill your inventory up with logs. You'll be using regular logs first, then go with Oak, move on with Willow, and finally use Maple and Yew – the highest level trees that F2P players have access to. No other reagents or tools are standing between you and the level cap – just lots and lots of logs. Here's every wood type that F2P players can use to farm EXP for Firemaking:


Experience Gained Per Log


Number Needed


40 EXP

1 to 15



60 EXP

15 to 30



90 EXP

30 to 45



135 EXP

45 to 60



203 EXP

60 to 99


Have Fun Setting Things on Fire!

Firemaking isn't a dynamic skill. Still, it's at least a straightforward process to achieve Level 99; everything is a relatively mindless grind. If you'd rather have an attention-intensive time while playing OSRS, you should stick to Runcrafting or Prayer. You will likely be spending a good portion of it at Wintertodt, especially if you are an Ironman. Hopefully, this OSRS Firemaking Guide gave you the gist of this skill.

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