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OSRS Construction Guide 1-99

OSRS Construction Guide

Construction is a skill of extremes. It's effortless and straightforward to level up. But it's also costly to train and arguably the most costly skill in the game. Unless you save the Construction grind for last, you will need to take breaks through training Construction because you can't afford to continue. It's not worth training if it means bankrupting yourself and screwing over all your other skill grinds. To achieve peak efficiency, you will also need to know exactly where to click and develop a rhythm for the upper-tier training methods. This is Runescape; we don't waste EXP around here. Unless you save the Construction grind for last, you will need to take breaks through boosting Construction because you can't afford to continue. It's not worth training if it means bankrupting yourself and screwing over all your other skill grinds.

Is it worth the cost in the end? Absolutely. A fully-equipped player-owned house is the most helpful tool in all of OSRS. And a Construction cape is the most useful cape in the game until you get a Max cape. Let's get started with this OSRS Construction Guide from 1-99.

Levels 1-8: Daddy's Home

Daddy's Home is a miniquest Jagex introduced to the game alongside the Mahogany Homes minigame. Completing this miniquest will net you 944 Construction exp (400 from completing the miniquest and 544 from tasks during the quest). Daddy's Home rewards you with a POH if you don't already have one and Marlo's crate.

Marlo's crate contains a small assortment of Construction supplies, most notably five house teleport tablets. If you're an Iron Man, this is a great way to kickstart your Construction grind.

Some other quests give Construction exp, but they aren't worth doing for that alone. If you've done them, great, but if not, don't worry about it. Construction exp goes by fast. Much faster than how long it would take to complete these quests.

Levels 1-4: Crude Wooden Chair

Before you begin your Construction grind, get a POH from one of the Estate agents in Falador, Varrock, East Ardougne, Seers' Village, Hosidius, or Prifddinas. Grab a saw, hammer, some nails (At least steel), and some normal and oak planks. Make sure to turn on building mode. From 1-4 Construction, build five crude wooden chairs in your parlor using normal planks and steel nails.

Levels 4-9/8-9: Wooden Bookcase

If starting from level 4, make seven wooden bookcases in your parlor to reach level 9 Construction. If you completed Daddy's Home and are level 8, make four bookcases instead. These use normal planks and steel nails as well.

Levels 9-15: Wooden Larder

Head for the kitchen of your POH and build 7 wooden larders using normal planks and steel nails to reach level 15 Construction. After this, you can put away the nails. You won't need them anymore.

Level 15-16: Repair Bench

This is a quick one. Head for your workshop and make three repair benches using oak planks. Don't leave the workshop just yet, though.

Levels 16-22: Crafting Table 1

Still using oak planks, build crafting table 1s to reach level 22 Construction.

Levels 22-31: Oak Dining Table

Go into the dining room and build 39 oak dining tables to reach level 31 Construction.

Levels 31-33: Carved Oak Table

Build 10 carved oak tables to reach level 33 Construction.

After that, you've completed the first hurdle of the Construction grind. From now on, the level grinds will be much longer and require little to no switching of buildable objects to train on.

Levels 33-52/33-74: Oak Larders

At this point, you have a decision to make. Do you want the best Construction exp/hour at the cost of your bank or inferior exp, which significantly cuts down on cost (But will still cost a fortune)? If your priority is exp, build oak larders in the kitchen until you reach level 52 Construction. You will need to make 220 oak larders to get this done.

If you'd like to take a break from the Construction grind, now is a good time to do so. 52 Construction is respectable and exceeds every Construction level quest requirement except for one. And this will only set you back around 900K-1 mil GP.

If you've decided you want to save some GP, build oak larders until level 74 Construction. You'll need to build 10 times the amount of oak larders than if you stopped at level 52: 2,246, to be exact. When you reach level 40 Construction, pause the grind and go to East Ardougne. Recruit the human butler at the Servants' Guild. You'll need a second bedroom with a bed for a butler to serve you in your house.

You can call him to perform tasks for you. But you'll only be using him to bring you planks from your bank. Construct a bell pull in your dining room so you can call him straight to you.

You can also hire servants at lower Construction levels, but they aren't worth the time or the GP. Each servant takes a set amount of time to complete their task and return to you. The butler and the demon butler are the only ones worth hiring. Once you reach 50 Construction, fire your butler in favor of the demon butler. You'll call on his assistance for the rest of the grind. You'll need millions of GP more to use butlers, but that's fine.

Levels 52-77/52-99: Mahogany Tables

While your player is in the kitchen training Construction, I hope you've grabbed some water and snacks from your kitchen. You're going to be here for a while.

From level 52, you'll need to build 15,370 mahogany tables to reach 99 Construction. How long this grind takes primarily depends on how efficient you are. Position your character on the northwest frontside of the table space. The middle of the table space should be positioned just to the left of the bottom of your toolbar. You should be able to right-click and immediately select build space without moving your mouse further.

Once the Furniture Creation Menu comes up, press 6 to build a mahogany table. If your mouse cursor is still in the same place, left-click, and you should already be on the remove mahogany table option. After that, press 1 to confirm removing the mahogany table. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the grind.

Use your demon butler to refill your inventory with 26 mahogany planks. As soon as you reach level 58 Construction, build a servant's moneybag in the corner space of your servant's bedroom. You can fill this up with a maximum of 3 mil GP, and your servant won't ask for GP to complete tasks anymore. Three mil is about 1.4 mil GP short to cover the grind to 99, so you will need to refill it once.

I recommend telling your demon butler to fetch some planks once your inventory is half-full. The demon butler takes 7 seconds to complete a trip.

When the demon butler returns, your inventory should be down to 25%. Speak with him to retrieve as many planks as you can from him. Once you're back down to 25% inventory, get the rest of your planks from him, then send him to the bank again. That's the process.

You can get around 900K Construction expo/hour if you're efficient. If you aren't perfect with the training loop, the exp rates will be around 700-750K/hour. Expect to spend around 177 million GP.

One training method provides even better Construction exp than mahogany tables. To start it, you need 77 Construction. From 52-77, you'll need to build 1,610 mahogany tables. This will set you back about 18.5 mil.

Levels 77-99: Gnome Benches

If you're as hardcore as they come and are all about the best exp/hour methods, then gnome benches are what you want. Construct a Superior Garden and stand between the two bench-building spaces. Cycle between these two spaces building gnome benches. If working efficiently, you can get 1.1 million Construction exp/hour.

Gnome bench grinding does have a big problem. It's very click-intensive. Much more so than mahogany tables. If you aren't efficient, the exp rates will likely be worse than mahogany tables. I prefer mahogany tables myself, but if you've got what it takes, by all means, use this method. It is the best, after all. From level 77-99 Construction, your bank will be about 158 million GP lighter.

Levels 74-99: Oak Dungeon Doors

Don't worry, cheap Construction grinders; I haven't forgotten about you. I fully understand wanting to save some GP. After reaching level 74 Construction, from oak larders, head for the dungeon.

Position yourself in front of and on the left side of the dungeon door space. Call your demon butler down here. Move your mouse cursor into the same spot you would if training via mahogany tables; to the left of the bottom of your toolbar. If you do this correctly, you won't ever need to move your mouse. Right-click, select build door, then hit one on your keyboard to build an oak dungeon door. After building this first door, command your butler to retrieve 20 planks from the bank. Remove the first door, then construct the second door.


Why? Your demon butler will only return if there's a dungeon door still constructed. If it's just the building space, he won't appear. Once your butler returns, retrieve your planks, remove the second door, and repeat the process. You need to build 19,897 oak dungeon doors to reach 99 Construction.

At peak efficiency, EXP rates with this method cap out at about 500K EXP/hour. Most players will see between 350-400K exp/hour. That's a significant dropoff from mahogany tables or gnome benches, but going down this route saves you around 85 million GP.

Grindey But Worthwhile: Construction in A Nutshell

That's all there is to Construction training, ladies and gentlemen. Once you have the money to throw at it, it's one of the fastest skills in OSRS to max out. But getting that much money, even for the oak dungeon door method, will still take most players a long time.

But I can assure you; you will not regret it. There are dozens of valuable items you can construct at high Construction levels. I'm talking about an in-house spirit tree or fairy ring. Occult altars to switch between every spellbook in the game. Rejuvenation pools that can cure poison/venom and fully restore all your stats. Anything and everything you can do in OSRS gets much easier with a decked-out POH.

So, stack up your GP and make Bob the Builder proud.

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