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OSRS Construction Guide 1-99

OSRS Construction Guide



Construction in OSRS introduced Player Owned Houses. It's a home base players can continually build and show off to their friends. The houses are full of quality-of-life features that significantly increase the Runescape experience. Those features include unlimited jewelry teleports, portals to all the major cities, pools that regenerate your states, and more. There are so many benefits when leveling up Construction. Milestone perks are always just around the corner at any given level, leaving you wondering how you lived without them.

This OSRS Construction Guide will give you some helpful tips and tricks to make the grind less tedious.


On the topic of milestones, here is a brief list of what you can look forward to:

  • Level 45 – Oak Altar
  • Level 47 – Mounted Amulet of Glory (Unlimited teleports to Edgeville)
  • Level 50 – Portal Chamber Room (Unlimited teleports to most cities)
  • Level 55 – Armor Stand (Repair barrows equipment)
  • Level 65 – Superior Garden
  • Level 67 – Teak Shelves 2 (Ability to +3 boost skills)
  • Level 70 – Revitalisation Pool (Replenish run energy)
  • Level 85 – Fairy ring
  • Level 91 – Ornate Jewelry Box (Almost every jewelry teleport in one spot)

OSRS Construction Guide & Getting Started

There are a few things you must remember before getting into the Construction skill:

  1. You must be a member
  2. You must purchase a house from an estate agent

Construction is a members-only skill in OSRS, which means you must purchase a membership. If you don't have a membership but do have gold, you can buy a bond and then use that to buy a membership in the game.

Once you have a membership, visit the estate agent in Falador to purchase a house for 1,000 gold coins. You'll see a small house icon on the mini-map to signify where the estate agent is.

You will also need a saw and hammer in your inventory to speed up crafting. If you have any clothes that can reduce weight, wear them. They'll help because you will be running back and forth a lot. Having your house near a bank will also be a huge help, as you'll need to refill supplies often.

An idea to get more planks every resupply run is to have Phials unnote noted planks (a house in Rimmington is best for this). At higher levels, it's best to use a servant to run for supplies. You'll need to be at level 40 and have two bedrooms furnished with a bed in your house to hire one.

When you get to level 50, upgrading to the Demon Butler will make everything more efficient. These servants are pretty expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. They will ask for payment every 8 tasks until you make a Servant's Moneybag at level 58. Putting it in one of the bedrooms will automatically pay the servant. However, you'll still have to fill it with gold periodically.

Lastly, a Carpenter's Outfit is a must for that 2.5% boost to XP gained when training. A whole set costs 2,000 reward points from Mahogany Homes contracts. Consider doing a few tasks, even if only to get the outfit.


As with most skills, questing allows players to quickly skip the lower levels and get straight to efficient training methods. Questing is always highly recommended as each quest will bring its own array of perks on top of the experience it grants.

  • Daddy's Home Miniquest (Will get players to level 8 construction)
  • Tower of Life
  • Getting Ahead (Requires level 26 Construction and 30 Crafting)
  • The Fremennik Isles (Need decent combat skills and prayer for the boss)


Training construction in OSRS is straightforward but repetitive. All players need is the fortitude to continue the grind and the bank account to support it. Beware that this skill can quickly eat away at your currency but rest assured it is well worth the investment.

Levels 1 to 33: Basic Furniture

In the beginning, the first 33 levels will consist of various pieces of furniture. In the Parlor room, players will craft the following as they unlock them:

  • Crude Wooden Chairs
  • Wooden Bookcases

It won't be long before reaching level 9, where a kitchen must be bought to construct Wooden Larders.

Players will create Repair Benches and Crafting Tables when moving onto the Workshop room at level 15. Make the best one available until reaching level 31.

At level 31, the most efficient method is Carved Oak Tables in the Dining room. It shouldn't take long before progressing to the following step.

Level 33 to 52: Oak Larders

The Oak Larder is an ubiquitous option players use to level up as they are accessible at just level 33 and provide over 400k per hour experience. At experience rates like that, it will not be long before we move on to the next training segment. Keep in mind to get the best experience rates, players will have to employ better butlers as they unlock them. The best one, the Demon Butler, will be available at level 50.

Level 52 to 77: Mahogany Tables

The next method doubles the experience we are receiving per hour. This is done by building Mahogany Tables, which generate 900k experience per hour at peak efficiency. Using the table hotspot in the dining room with 6 mahogany planks will grant 840 XP each time one is built. A Demon Butler is a must for this method as you can only make 3 tables per inventory. In the time it takes to produce 3 tables and remove the last one, the butler will have returned with more planks to continue building. Rinse and repeat this method all the way up to level 77.

Level 77 to 99: Mahogany Tables or Gnome Benches

For the remainder of the levels, players can opt to continue building Mahogany Tables or move onto Gnome Benches. Gnome Benches can yield more experience per hour if done correctly and costs the same amount per experience point as Mahogany Tables. Gnome benches are built in the seating space found in the Superior Garden of a Player Owned House. When using 6 Mahogany planks with a saw and hammer, each bench will yield 840 XP. This method is more click intensive if using both seating spaces and grants over 1 million XP per hour.

Alternative Methods of Training

Level 1-99: Mahogany Homes

Introduced in the game some time ago, Mahogany Homes is an in-game construction company that gives out contracts to players. These contracts will assign players to random NPCs across some of the major cities of Gielinor to build or repair items in the client's house. This is a slower and much cheaper method of getting construction levels. However, this is the only way to get the Carpenter's Outfit, a necessary set of equipment to train Construction.

Level 50-99: Mounted Mythical Capes

Upon completing the Grandmaster quest, Dragon Slayer II, players will have unlocked the Mythic Cape. This cape can be mounted in a Player Owned House with teak planks. Each time the mantle is reused, only 3 teak planks are needed to grant 370 experience points. This is an excellent alternative for Ironmen as the other planks are not as easy to obtain.

Level 66-74/99: Teak Garden Benches

Cheaper but slower than Mahogany furniture, Teak benches are an excellent alternative starting from level 66. Some might even prefer going with these all the way up to 99. However, it requires perfect click timing for the best results. Ideal timing can get up to 700K XP per hour, while the actual attainable average is around 500k-600k XP.

Level 74-99: Oak Dungeon Doors

As a cheaper alternative to obtaining level 99 in Construction, players can construct Oak Doors in their dungeon or treasure room. This method is generally 30-40% cheaper than mahogany tables, and players can consistently get 300k-500k experience per hour.

Is There A Cheaper Method?

Construction can be expensive to train. Just buying the materials alone can cost millions of gold. Typically, spending gold is the fastest way to get to 99 with this skill, but Ironmen can't go to the GE and buy materials in bulk. Here is a suggested method of training that keeps the costs down.

Stick to oak larders up to level 74, then at level 74, switch to oak dungeon doors all the way to level 99.

You will need 198,970 oak planks for this, and you'll earn just 450,000 experience an hour, with a human butler fetching planks for you. The cost will be 85 million but will take twice as long as the mahogany tables.

So, to summarize, we have the same method up to level 33. At that point, you can start creating oak larders. Keep crafting oak larders to level 74, then switch to oak dungeon doors.

If you go for the cheapest options listed, you'll spend about 90 million if you craft the planks yourself up to level 74. In contrast, the most efficient methods will cost you just over 200 million. The caveat to using the cheaper options is spending double or triple the time to reach 99.

If the most optimal route can be done in 30-40 hours, using cheaper methods can go up to five times as long. With high efficiency (aka perfectly-timed clicks), it can go as low as triple as long. Still, you'll have to choose between saving gold or saving time.


There are plenty of methods to mix and match as you grind to your desired level. Be sure to keep on top of your daily money makers and be realistic with what level you can afford. You will not be disappointed with the money you invest into your house and Construction skill in OSRS.

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