There are numerous pets in OSRS, and any of them will make a great companion. The red text in a chat stating "you have a funny feeling like you're being followed" will most likely put a smile on any OSRS player's face, and for quite a good reason. Except for the three pets obtained from NPCs, all the other pets are rare. You can get pets from various sources and check your pet collection in the collection log. Thankfully, collecting them is easy with this OSRS Pets Skilling Guide. 

All of them, except the Nexling, walk instead of run and can get stuck. On the bright side, they are all so loyal that if you leave them too far back, they will teleport close to you to catch up. You can be an even better pet owner by building a menagerie in your POH (player-owned house), where you can store 52 pets. Always ensure them with Probita in Ardougne because otherwise, you'll lose them for good if you die with them.

NPC Pets

NPC Pets are the only easy-to-get pets. Unlike their one-off counterparts, they do serve a specific purpose, who are merely lovely to look at. There are four NPC pets:

  • Kitten/Cat/ Hellcat

You'll need a feline companion for several quests, but to get your first kitten, you need to complete the Gertrude's Cat quest and buy it from Gertrude near Varrock. If you wear the ring of Charos, you can even choose the color of your kitten. You will need to raise the kitten into an adult cat by feeding it and playing with it, but once grown, you can sell it in West-Ardougne for death runes or keep it and turn it into an overgrown cat.

With the Rat Catchers quest, you can teach your overgrown cat to be a willy cat or a lazy cat, and after starting the Evil Dave part of Recipe for Disaster, you can catch hell-rats and obtain colored spices to make +5 boosts. Catching hell-rats will turn your cat into a Hellcat, but if you dislike its appearance, you can feed it milk and it will return to its usual self. You can communicate with your cats with a Catspeak Amulet equipped, but after you finally get done with the Dragon Slayer 2 quest, you'll be able to understand them without the amulet.

  • Pet Rock

You'll be able to get this pet during and after the Fremennik Trials quest from Askeladden in Rellekka. The Pet Rock is handy for those who want to adventure deep into the Waterbirth island dungeon to solo Dagannoth Rex because it will help you open the door towards the deeper end of the dungeon, which can otherwise only be opened by two players.

  • Pet Fish

You'll need to get a pet fish for your achievement diary, but it also serves no other purpose.

  • Toy Cat

It doesn't serve much of a purpose and cannot even help you catch rats, but it will follow you nonetheless.

Slayer Pets

The Slayer Pets are amazingly rare pets that you can get only from Slayer Bosses, which you can only kill while on task. They require high levels of Slayer, and they drop at a rate of 1 every 3,000 except for the Abyssal Orphan, which has a 1 in 2,560 chance:

  • Noon, from the Grotesque Guardians with 75 Slayer
  • The Abyssal Orphan, from the Abyssal Sire with 85 Slayer
  • Pet Kraken, from the Kraken with 87 Slayer
  • Hellpuppy, from Cerberus with 91 Slayer
  • Pet Smoke Devil, from the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil with 93 Slayer
  • Ikkle Hydra, from the Alchemical Hydra with 95 Slayer

There are two regular boss pets that you can get at improved rates if on a slayer task:

  • Jal-nib-rek/Tzrek-zuk typically drops 1 in 100 kc or gamble, but 1 in 75 kc if killed on a Slayer task
  • Tzrek-jad/Jalrek-jad typically drops 1 in 200 kc or gamble, but 1 in 100 kc if killed on a Slayer task

Wilderness Pets

The Wilderness Pets do not have level requirements, but you need high combat stats to farm them efficiently. Getting these pets means extra danger because they are in the Wilderness, and you might have to deal with PKers:

  • Chaos Elemental drops 1 in 300 kc from Chaos Elemental or 1 in 1,000 from Chaos Fanatic
  • Callisto Cub drops 1 in 2,000 from Callisto
  • Venenatis Spiderling drops 1 in 2,000 from Venenatis
  • Vet'ion jr. drops 1 in 2,000 from Vet'ion
  • Scorpia's Offspring drops 1 in 2,015.75 from Scorpia
  • Prince Black Dragon drops 1 in 3,000 from KBD

Boss Pets

These are pets that you can obtain safely from bosses. For some, you'll need higher combat stats than for others, and some of them can take multiple appearances, such as the Baby mole, Pet Snakeling, Sraracha, or Little Nightmare:

  • Skotos from Skotizo drop 1 in 65 kc, but farming the Dark Totems to be able to fight Skotizo will take a while
  • Little Nightmare from The Nightmare drops vary from 1 in 800 to 1 in 4000 depending on the team size
  • Nexling from Nex, 1 in 500
  • Sraracha from Sarachnis, 1 in 3,000
  • Vorki from Vorkath 1 in 3,000
  • Baby Mole from the Giant Mole, 1 in 3,000
  • Kalphite Princess from the Kalphite Queen, 1 in 3,000 – if you want to try and obtain the Princess, do it only after you unlock the Kalphite Lair Agility shortcut
  • Pet Snakeling from Zul'rah, 1 in 4,000
  • Pet Dagannoth Supreme, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet Dagannoth Prime, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet Dagannoth Rex, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet Kree'arra, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet Dark Core from the Corporeal Beast, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet General Graardor, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth, 1 in 5,000
  • Pet Zilyana 1 in 5,000