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OSRS Vorkath Guide


Vorkath is an undead dragon boss that you can only access after you have completed the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. You will face a weaker version of the boss during the quest, but the mechanics are the same. If you struggled to kill him during the quest, you should gain some more levels or upgrade your gear before attempting him again since the version you'll face after the quest is much stronger.

Why You Should Kill Vorkath OSRS

For Profit

Vorkath has always been a good money maker, and the expected profits per hour are still over 2 mil per hour, but this is not that much compared to other bosses or raids who can bring you double, triple, or even over six times more profit per hour than Vorkath. However, unlike other bosses, the average comes from consistent valuable drops, not a super expensive and extremely rare drop. This consistency and guarantee of making profits if you successfully kill him makes many players still choose him over other bosses. Even though his most valuable unique is worth only a bit over 6 million, the average drop is over 100k, and you’ll get this for most of the kills. The reliability makes Vorkath the preferred money maker for a wide variety of players, even after introducing a lot of new and exciting content.

Ava’s Assembler

Vorkath represents a must-kill boss because he is a stepping stone in your account progression. This is because you need one of his unique drops, the Vorkath head, to upgrade your Ava's accumulator to Ava's assembler, which is the best in slot cape for range. Besides giving you a +8 range bonus compared to +4 on the accumulator, the assembler will help you recover 8 percent more of your ammunition (a total of 80 percent), hence saving you a lot of GP, especially when using expensive ammo such as dragon darts or bolts.

The head, which is also helpful as a cosmetic upgrade for some other items like your slayer helm, has a chance of 1 in 50 to drop, and Jagex implemented a bad luck prevention that will give you a Vorkath head on your 50th kill. This means that even if you're unlucky, at worst, you will have to get 50 KC and only return to Vorkath if you want to use him as a money maker or if you have a task.

Straightforward Mechanics

Even though Vorkath has been considered a hard boss for a long time and is still feared amongst players who haven’t tried killing him long enough, this is because he can be very deadly if you make mistakes, similar to Jad. Both bosses are considered challenging because they are less forgiving of mistakes than other bosses and can be deadly, but their mechanics are straightforward for both.

Vorkath's mechanics are simple, and once you learn the fight, everything will become easy. This is another reason why so many players prefer Vorkath to more complicated bosses that might bring less profit.

Superior Dragon Bones

If you're an Ironman, you'll eventually need to make a super antifire potion and an extended super antifire potion, and they both require crushed superior dragon bones. The only monster in osrs who drops superior dragon Bones is Vorkath, and this alone will constantly keep him a consistent money maker.

The Best Way to Kill Vorkath OSRS

Suppose you don’t have access to Torva armour, Netiznot faceguard, or Avernic defender. In that case, the easiest way to kill Vorkath is while on a slayer task because of the 16.67 percent bonus to your attack and strength when using melee or the 15 percent bonus to your range from the imbued slayer helm. You can either receive a Vorkath task after you unlock the Like A Boss Slayer perk, or you can kill him while on a blue dragon task.

However, you can still kill him even if you're not on a slayer task, but assuming you're here for Ava's assembler and don’t own the best gear, you should absolutely hunt for a task and then kill him.

Best Gear for Killing Vorkath OSRS

You can kill Vorkath using either melee or range. Since he is a dragon, he is vulnerable to dragonbane weapons, and since Vorkath is an undead, he is vulnerable to the salve amulet. You can kill him using other weapons, but it will be much easier to kill him using dragonbane weapons: the Dragon Hunter Crossbow or the Dragon Hunter Lance.

Keep in mind that for melee, if you don’t have the lance, you can go for Osmumten’s, and a budget option is the Zamorakian Hasta. For range, if you can't get the DHC, you can bring the Armadyl Crossbow, or for a budget build, bring the Dragon Crossbow with enchanted ruby and diamond dragon bolts or enchanted ruby and diamond bolts. Also, remember that the bonus from the Salve amulet doesn’t stack with the bonus from the Slayer helm, so if you’re bringing one, don’t bring the other.


  • Dragon Hunter Lance/ Osmumten’s Fang/ Zamorakian Hasta
  • Avernic defender / Dragon defender/ Dragonfire Shield
  • Torva full helm/ Netiznot faceguard/ Slayer helm
  • Salve amulet (ei)/(e)/ Amulet of Torture/ Amulet of Fury
  • Infernal Cape/ Fire Cape
  • Torva platebody / Bandos chestplate / Fighter Torso
  • Torva Platelegs / Bandos tassets/ Obsidian legs
  • Rada’s Blessing 4/ any other blessing


  • Dragon Hunter Crossbow/ Zaryte Crossbow/ Armadyl Crossbow/ Dragon Crossbow
  • Dragonfire ward/ Anti-Dragon Shield/ twisted Buckler
  • Masori mask (f)/Slayer helm / Armadyl helm
  • Sale amulet/ Necklace of Anguish/ Amulet of fury
  • Ava’s assembler/Ava’s accumulator
  • Masori body (f)/ Armadyl Chestplate/ Karil’s leathertop
  • Masori chaps / Armadyl legs / Karil’s leatherskirt
  • Zaryte vambraces/ barrows gloves / blessed vambraces
  • Pegasian boots/ ranger boots/ blessed boots
  • Venator ring/ archers ring (i)/ ring of suffering
  • Zaryte crossbow/ Bandos Godsword/ Armadyl crossbow


You must bring a slayer staff and a rune to cast the crumble undead spell to mitigate Vorkath’s Zombie attack. Bring a rune pouch with dust, chaos, and law runes to use the crumble undead and teleport to house spells. Besides this, bring the following:

  • Your spec weapon
  • Divine super combat / divine bastion potion
  • An anti-venom+ potion
  • An extended super antifire potion
  • 2-4 super restores
  • High healing food
  • Combo food
  • For range: different ammo
  • A teleport to Rellekka

Starting the Fight

You must first get to Ungael and enter the instance to start the fight. The Ungael island is only accessible by ship from Rellekka, so you must teleport there. You can do so via the enchanted lyre or the Fremennik sea boots. You can also use the Waterbirth Island teleport to get to Rellekka quickly. Once you arrive at Ungael, you must enter the layer and cross the line to open a new instance.

If you’re using a two-handed spec weapon such as the Bandos Godsword, you should drop a piece of food on the ground and swap to your spec weapon. Before the fight, set up quick prayers to protect from magic and piety and protect from missile and rigour, depending on your combat style. Drink your anti-venom and boosting potions, then click on Vorkath to awaken him. Also, equip your slayer staff and select the crumble undead spell to auto-cast it when needed.

OSRS Vorkath Strategy

Vorkath has two special attacks and seven standard attacks. This might initially feel overwhelming, but once you learn what to do for each, it becomes straightforward, especially since they are color-coded:

  1. Ranged (green with a skull and spikes) – It might hit you when using melee; your protect from missile will keep you safe when using range, and you should keep attacking Vorkath.
  2. Magic (light blue) – Your protect from magic prayer will protect you when using melee. It might hit you when using range; keep attacking the boss.
  3. Melee: he swipes with his wings if you’re in range – it might hit you when using melee, keep attacking him;
  4. Dragonfire (orange) – Looks similar to the Dragonfire attack of any dragon. Your extended super-antifire and protect from magic or anti-dragon shield will keep you safe from this completely;
  5. Venom (green) – Looks like a green version of the Dragonfire attack. Keep attacking Vorkath; your anti-venom+ should keep you safe.
  6. Deactivate prayer attack (looks like a pink dragonfire attack) – You should immediately reactivate your prayer and then attack Vorkath again.
  7. Deadly fireball – It looks like a deadly fireball that will land with a delay. You must move at least two tiles away from when you were standing when he launched it; otherwise, it will kill you. Also, remember that he can do two or even three of these attacks in a raw, even though it is highly unlikely.

Final Considerations

Vorkath is a consistent and reliable boss who has pretty straightforward mechanics. He remains a must-kill because of his Vorkath head and superior dragon bone drops, and even though he is a deadly boss, all of his attacks are easy to avoid once you know how.

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