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OSRS Greater Demon Slayer Guide

OSRS Greater Demon Guide

Greater Demons are Slayer monsters that don’t have any Slayer level requirements to kill. You will, however, need a medium combat level to kill them above 70, and you should have at least level 43 Prayer to be able to use the protect from melee prayer to mitigate all of the damage since they only use melee attacks. These are not hard requirements to kill them, but trying to kill them earlier might be very tedious.

OSRS Greater Demon Task Requirements


Greater daemons are quite popular monsters that can be assigned by many of the slayer masters. Deepening on the slayer master you are using, you will be able to receive a larger or smaller demon task, as follows:

  • Krystilia: 100-150
  • Chaeldar: 110-170
  • Konar: 120-170
  • Nieve: 120-185
  • Duradel: 130-200

However, if you extend the task by spending 100 Slayer points on the greater challenge Slayer unlock, all the Slayer masters will start assigning you to kill between 200 and 250 greater demons per task.

Keep in mind that you can also alter a task’s length by using a slayer bracelet. Use an expeditious bracelet so that you get a 25 percent for a kill to count as two and shorten your task or a bracelet of slaughter if you want to extend your task further and get a 25 percent chance that the kill doesn’t count towards the task but still awards the XP.

Combat Level

Even though there is no hard requirement to start receiving greater demon tasks, you’ll only be able to access the slayer masters that assign greater demons once you reach a certain combat level, except for Krystilia, who will only send you to the Wilderness, where you face the risk of PKers while on task. Unless you want to do Wilderness Slayer, you will need the following combat levels to access the Slayer masters who assign greater demon tasks:

  • Chaeldar: 70 combat level
  • Konar: 75 Combat level
  • Nieve: 85 combat level
  • Duradel: combat level 100 and level 50 Slayer


Slayer masters have different likelihoods to assign greater demon tasks, and how often you’ll see a greater demon task also depends on what tasks you have blocked and what tasks you have unlocked since there are Slayer monsters that will require you to have a certain Slayer level to kill like gargoyles or hydras, or monsters that you will only unlock after certain quests like the Skeletal Wyverns after the Elemental Workshop quest o all kinds of metal and chromatic dragons after Dragon Slayer 1. Not accounting for these particularities of your account specific to the progression you have, the slayer masters have the following likelihood to give you a greater demon task:

  • Krystilia: 7 in 196 (1 in 28)
  • Chaeldar: 9 in 428 (1 in 47.5)
  • Konar: 7 in 273 (1 in 39)
  • Nieve: 7 in 268 (1 in 38)
  • Duradel: 9 in 309 (1 in 34)

OSRS Greater Demon Locations

Greater Demon Locations

Greater demons are common creatures, and you can find them in many places, each bringing advantages and disadvantages. Unless you’re on a Konar task that directly instructs you where to kill the monsters, you must pick a location. With Krystilia, you’ll also have little choice since you are restricted to doing the task within the Wilderness.

Konar can send you to kill greater demons in the following five locations:

  • Catacombs of Kourend
  • Chasm of Fire
  • Isle of Souls Dungeon
  • Karluum Slayer Dungeon
  • Brimhaven Dungeon

Catacombs of Kourend

The Catacombs of Kourend is an excellent location to AFK your greater demon task. The best way to do this is by bringing your best melee weapon alongside the proselyte armour and using the protect from melee prayer to mitigate all the damage coming from all of the greater demons who are within agro range. Every 10 minutes, you will have to run a couple of screens away and then back to gain the attention of the greater demons again since most monsters will only be aggressive for the first 10 minutes, and then they will become uninterested in you.

An alternative strategy is safespotting the greater demons here by using magic or range and standing under the arch, which separates the two rooms containing greater demons.

A great perk of doing the task here is obtaining a dark totem piece (either a top, bottom, or middle). You can combine the dark totem pieces to obtain a dark totem, which will give you access to a sporadic boss called Skotizo, located under the catacombs of Kourend. Even if you’re at a low level now, stacking up on dark totem pieces will prove helpful later. The greater demons here also drop ancient shards, used to charge Arclight, the most effective weapon against all types of demons in Old School RuneScape.


  • Easy to teleport in with Xeric’s Talisman
  • AFK kills
  • Multi-zone
  • Safespot is possible
  • Bonus XP


  • No cannon

Chasm of Fire

You will only be able to kill Greater demons inside the Chasm of Fire if you are on an assigned greater demons task. There are 17 greater demon spawns here, but they are separated into two areas, one with 8 spawns and one with 9 spawns. You can safespot them here by using any of the pillars, and you can also use a dwarf multicannon, but the area is a single combat zone, so you will only be able to attack and get attacked by a single greater demon at a time. You can arrive here fast by using the Fairy ring code DJR.


  • Easy to teleport in with fairy ring DJR
  • Fast kills with the cannon-safespot method
  • Cannon
  • Safespot


  • 8 and 9 spawns
  • Spawns are in smaller groups of 3 or 4

Isle of Souls

A very similar location where you can use a cannon, even though the area is a single combat zone, is the Isle of Souls dungeon. This location features 7 spawns grouped within a single room. There is a safespot behind the rocks on the east wall to the south.


  • Easy to teleport in with fairy ring BJP
  • Fast kills with the cannon-safespot method
  • Cannon
  • Safespot


  • Only 7 spawns

Karluum Slayer Dungeon

This is the best location for killing greater demons fast on task, especially if you have completed the elite Kourend and Kebos elite diary. The location has 9 greater demon spawns in one large room where you can place a dwarf multicannon.

Even though the location is single combat, an excellent strategy is to place the cannon in the middle of the room, fire it, and then run back to the corridor you used to enter the room with greater demons in the first place. When your cannon runs out of cannonballs, put protect from melee on, reload the cannon, and return to the safespot. This way, the cannon will shoot at all of the greater demons in the room, and their spawn location makes them perfect for this and superior to the other two places where you can apply the same strategy: the Chasm of Fire and the Isle of Souls.

The disadvantage is that the run can be long unless you have Rada’s Blessing 3 or 4. Unless you have completed the elite Kourend and Kebos Diary, you will be restricted to using either the boots of stone or the boots of brimstone whenever inside the Karluum Slayer dungeon.



There are three locations within the wilderness where you can fight greater demons:

  • Wilderness Slayer Cave
  • Demonic Ruins
  • Lava Maze Dungeon

Wilderness Slayer Cave

Bring a royal seed pot or an amulet of glory to teleport out since they are close to level 30 Wilderness. Also, bring a looting bag to store any drops that can be of value to you and consider whether you want to anti-pk or not. This is an excellent spot for killing the greater demons, but it is also a hotspot for PvP action.

The entire dungeon is a multi-combat area, so you will be attacked by multiple monsters simultaneously. You should consider either mitigating the damage via the Protect from Melee prayer or by using the safespot located behind the stalagmites at the entrance of the room with greater demons. This also means that you can very efficiently use a dwarf multi-cannon in here and that any other player can attack you while you are fighting the monsters.

A downside is that you’ll have a relatively long run to the greater demon spot unless you use the rather expensive Wilderness crabs teleport. A massive upside to this spot is that you can earn valuable extra loot specific to this cave, such as blighted items, wilderness teleport tablets, or even two trouver parchments.

Demonic Ruins

The demonic ruins are deep in the Wilderness, with only 4 greater demon spawns. Even though it is not a wilderness hotspot, you will be a target for a greater variety of players since the difference in combat level that lets you attack another player here is much bigger than in lower-level Wilderness. There’s no way to safespot the greater demons here. You can arrive here by using the teleport on the Wilderness Sword or by using an Annakarl teleport.

Lava Maze Dungeon

The lava maze dungeon only has three greater demon spawns, but it is a single-way combat zone, so you will not get interrupted while killing your monsters. However, as soon as you are done with the monsters, you will become targetable to other players, and you cannot teleport out since it is deeper than level 30 Wilderness. You’ll have an easy way to teleport there with a burning amulet.

Locations to Avoid

Locations to Avoid

There are a few locations containing greater demon spawns that are not viable either because of the running distance or other factors. Therefore, you should avoid killing greater demons here.

Ogre Enclave

The location is far from teleports, and the demons are trapped behind a fence. There are 4 trapped behind a fence, which means they won’t be able to attack you, and you can put a dwarf multicannon down, which will shoot at all of them as long as you manage not to get aggroed by the dragons around. You won’t be able to hit them with melee, and you won’t get much accuracy on the cannon if using magic, so the only viable attack style to consider when facing them here is range. However, if you want to kill them with the cannon, there are much better places, like the Karluum Slayer dungeon, where the task will be much faster. These two make the ogre enclave a place you should rather avoid.

Entrana Dungeon

There are two greater demons spawns inside the Entrana dungeon. However, because you cannot travel to Entrana while carrying weapons or armour pieces, killing greater demons here is not viable.

Sisterhood Sanctuary

Besides completing many quests before accessing this location, the four spawns are not worth considering because of the huge running distance.

Brimhaven Dungeon

The location is pretty far from teleports, and even though you can use a cannon, the 8 greater demon spawns are spread around, so you won’t be able to take them down efficiently. There is also a safespot here near the stairs behind the fungus. Unless Konar sent you here and you don’t want to cancel the task, you should avoid killing them here.

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