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Elder Scrolls Online Gold Price Tracker 2024

As of July 20, 2024, the average Elder Scrolls Online Gold price on PlayerAuctions is $115.34 per 10M Gold. In the past 7 days, the Elder Scrolls Online Gold price ranged from $66.37 to $115.34USD per 10M Gold..

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Welcome one and all to PlayerAuctions’ Elder Scrolls Online Market Tracker page—your one-stop source of all relevant information about the prevailing trends in the ESO economy. Here, you have access to all the essential data to make informed decisions for both buying and selling purposes.

Your ESO Gold Guide for Buying and Selling

Since cross-platform gaming isn’t available in ESO (and it doesn’t seem like it ever will be), the price of ESO gold will naturally be different—depending on which platform it is on.

The current prices may vary from console to console. This is due to the fact that each platform has its specific set of variables. Such examples of this would be the number of active users who prefer the console. The more the players, the less the general price of resources will be because of the simple fact that there are more players producing gold. Another would factor would be the accessibility of the platform you happen to play on. The more accessible it is, the more likely it is for players with better offers to exist, thereby forcing you to relent in terms of pricing.


To buy or sell PS4 ESO Gold, simply go to the drop-down menu located at the top-right area of this page and select your specific server. We cater to both the European and North American PS4 servers. Click on GO and the page will adjust the stats to reflect the market trends for the specific server you want.

Additionally, the PS4 platform is also reliant upon the PlayStation Plus subscription, making parties for player-to-player transactions quite a bit scarce.

Xbox One

With ESO Gold Xbox One, we also offer data for both the European and North American markets. Clicking on the drop-down menu will show you both options. Simply select which server you’re on and you’re good to go. You will see the historical trends of ESO gold in an easy-to-use graph.


As far as PC ESO gold goes, it’s readily apparent to players that of all platforms, the PC is the most readily accessible. With the most active players on it, it’s much easier to find players with whom you can transact business with for lucrative trade deals with. As such, the prevailing market prices may often be more affordable in this platform.

ESO Currency - Elder Scrolls Gold

As it is with the majority of MMORPGs in the market, ESO has a self-sufficient economy on its own. It is a rich place for players to gain in-game resources and subsequently sell them (if they aren’t interested in using them for themselves, of course). With enough TESO gold, you can have access to crucial resources for your quests or you can even sell them for real-world currency. The choice is yours.

In the world of Tamriel, you need to have a firm understanding of the ins and outs of auction houses, player guilds, guild banks, guild stores, and other types of trading and selling opportunities. While these are the places where you can play the market, earning The Elder Scrolls Online gold is a much more varied process. And depending on the user’s style of play, the best way to rack up the gold can vary. However, the tried and tested ways include methods such as selling skooma, tempers, or BiS equipment. Alternatively, you can also do so through fishing and farming. While these may be lengthy processes, the rewards are quite high.

Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

There are many ESO gold stores in the online market offer buyers with options. They may even give sellers a good platform to sell their ESO resources. The key difference that sets PlayerAuctions apart from the rest is our offer of guaranteed ease and security of player-to-player transactions. With our PlayerGuardian system, you won’t have to worry about fraud or mishandling of in-game resources.

At PlayerAuctions, we go the extra mile to ensure easy and secure transactions.

Let us help you with your trades today!

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