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Lost Ark Scrapper Taijutsu Build

Lost Ark Scrapper Guide

What is A Scrapper?

The Scrapper is an advanced class available in the Martial Artists archetype that uses heavy gauntlets to throw punches which have one of the strongest staggers in Lost Ark. Unlike other classes, her abilities don't cost mana. Instead, they utilize two different resources: Stamina (yellow) and Shock (green). Using stamina abilities will generate shock energy, and using shock abilities will generate stamina energy, which is why sometimes you want to focus on maintaining the right balance between the two. But in this guide, we'll be covering the easiest, and beginner-friendly Scrapper builds for end-game content such as Valtan, Vykas, Kakul-Seydon, and Breshalza Legion Raid.

Lost Ark Scrapper Taijutsu vs. Shock

Currently, there are arguments which are the best build for Scrapper in the end-game content. There are two viable builds based on their class engravings: Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu and Shock Training. In this guide, we'll be focusing more on Taijutsu Scrapper Build rather than the latter. But first, let us discuss the general playstyle between the two.

Shock Training

Shock Training playstyle involves maintaining the right balance between your Shock and Stamina energy, which is similar to Yin & Yang. This playstyle is the hard-hitting version of the Scrapper that won't let you run in any stagger check issues. If you're opting for this build, you want to focus on the Specialization and Crit.

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

This playstyle is more straightforward as you'll have low cooldowns that allow you to spam your skills. The foundation of this playstyle is a lot of attack speed followed by high mobility, so you'll be able to deal with fast-paced and consistent damage. When you choose this class, you'll focus on Crit and Swiftness.

To keep it short, if you want to spam your skills while dealing decent damage with a low margin of error, you can opt for the Taijutsu scrapper build. And if you're going to have more balanced gameplay that rewards players for reading the boss pattern in a certain raid, you can go for shock training. Take note that if you choose Shock Training, you will deal a lot of damage and stagger but have a high margin for errors.

The Best Taijutsu Scrapper Build

Taijutsu Scappers focus on their Stamina skills with a versatile kit for quick and impactful gameplay. The increased Stamina generation from the engraving eases your Stamina Meter management and lets you pay more attention to the battle. Their skill set offers some of the game's best stagger, weak point, and counterattack capabilities. In addition to that, Scrapper's dodge can be used once or twice depending on the situation and is excellent for avoiding multiple threatening attacks. However, despite the advantages of opting for this build, there are also negatives, such as lacking ranged abilities. Most of your attacks are extremely close range and have narrow hitboxes and small areas of effect. Still, these skills feel very impactful to use, and once mastered; you will consistently gain the MVP title in any guardian or legion raid.

Skill Build

  • Charging Blow: Furious Strike - Destroyer - Death Band (Rage)
  • Dragon Advent: Moment of Truth - Conflagration Attack - Great Destruction (Bleed)
  • Instant Hit: Wide Hit - Counter Effect - Tracking Instinct (Quick Recharge)
  • Batter Fists: Capture Opportunity - Red Explosion - Berserk (Galewind)
  • Continuous Push: Vital Point Hit - Moment of Truth - Violent Advance (Galewind)
  • Iron Cannon Blow: Overflowing Power - Quick Prep - Advanced Enhancement (Galewind)
  • Judgment: Amplified Damage (Rage)
  • Death Rattle: Quick Prep - Single Hit - Shock Explosion (Galewind)
  • Awakening: Blast of Ruination

Taijutsu Scrapper Gameplay

  • Charging Blow is your low cooldown mobility skill commonly used to engage and disengage enemies.
  • Your Judgment applies a debuff that amplifies you and your party members an additional 5% damage to a boss.
  • Dragon Advent is your gap closer that deals decent damage and a lot of staggers.
  • Your Iron Cannon Blow and Batter Fists are high damage skills ideally performed from the back of the boss.
  • Instant Hit is your quick counterattack skill.
  • Continuous Push is a holding skill that lets you move and attack simultaneously. This also grants you an increased damage reduction with each hit over its duration.
  • Death Rattle is your high damage skill with exceptional stagger and weak points.
  • Your Awakening Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination is the prefered Awakening as it deals more damage when performed up close to the target compared to the other one.

Stat Priority

In this build, there are two viable options that you can focus your stats on:

  • Crit Build - 70% Crit / 30% Swiftness
  • Swiftness Build - 70% Swiftness / 30% Crit

Swiftness helps you with your cooldown while crit helps you to deal much more damage. If you're opting for crit build, use Keen Blunt Weapon engraving.


  • Ultimate Skill Taijutsu: This is your first engraving to prioritize since this increases the recovery speed and damage of your stamina skills while reducing the damage of shock skills by 30%.
  • Andrenaline: This provides an additional source of Crit Rate and Attack Power. This is reasonably easy to upkeep since you can spam your stamina skills whenever you like it.

Master of Ambush: Most of your skills have a back attack multiplier, which is a good engraving to prioritize. This engraving provides +25% damage for successful back attacks. 

Advanced Engravings

These engravings are the best in slot setup for DPS, but the penalties attached to these can be punishable for beginners. Only use these engravings if you are experienced and confident with the boss fight:

Grudge: This provides you with an additional 20% damage to the boss, but you will also receive an additional 20% damage from the boss.

Curse Doll: This provides an additional 16% attack power at the cost of a 25% healing penalty from potions. The healing penalty can be punishing for inexperienced players not familiar with boss mechanics.

Keen Blunt Weapon: This could be a good choice if you can manage to accumulate 65% or higher crit rate since this provides an additional 50% crit damage at the chance of dealing -20% normal damage.

Overall, I liked the fast and straightforward gameplay of Taijutsu Scrapper Build since it gives you so much opportunity to damage the boss without getting smacked by their attacks. However, most scrapper veteran users prefer Shock Training since they provide more damage if played perfectly. If you liked this guide, stay tuned for our Shock Training build of Scrapper.

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