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The Adventurous Moles Quest Guide

Adventurous Moles Quest

I love side quests. Sure, they detract you from the main mission of saving the world and whatnot, but they provide a sense of grind and relaxation that I can’t seem to experience anywhere else. Most of Honkai: Star Rail’s side missions send you to scavenger hunts, one of them being Adventurous Moles.

When you first plop down to the Underworld of Jarilo-VI, your ragtag crew of characters will meet kids who call themselves The Moles. Led by their leader, Hook, the whippersnappers often come up with shenanigans, much to the chagrin of the adults. In the Adventurous Moles, Hook’s second-in-command, Julian, will task you with a quest. It’s a doozy to get through without a guide, so I’ve created step-by-step instructions for completing it.


If you want to trigger The Adventurous Moles quest, you’ll first have to complete the following pre-requisites:

  • Complete the Trailblazer Mission “The Return” and beat Cocolia.
  • Complete “Hook’s Treasure” quest by obtaining Julian’s Time Capsule.

You can unlock this quest after completing the “Old Foreman’s Treasure,” which is automatically added once you open Julian’s message and when your Trailblaze level is 18.

The Adventurous Moles is the third quest in Hook’s Companion Mission, so it won’t become available until you tick off these requirements. Once you’ve managed to do everything listed above, go to Natasha’s Clinic Space Anchor and head southeast to find Julian. Speak with him to trigger the quest.

What’s The Adventurous Moles All About?

In The Adventurous Moles, the Trailblazer is tasked with finding missing pages from a book. Julian tells you that their gang has a special edition of a series known as the Adventurous Moles, but there are no pages for some reason. There's only the preface and postface containing a list of clues on where you can find the rest of the pages. It’s your job to use these clues to locate the missing pages.

The First Page: Head to the Great Mine

The Great Mine is the first location you must visit to get one of the pages. Simply follow the quest navigation until you find a page on top of a barrel. The quickest way to get there is to teleport to the Overlook Space Anchor and proceed up the ramp. From there, the quest circle will move, and you’ll have to complete a puzzle.

Here’s what you need to do to solve the puzzle:

  • Pick up the Miner’s Lamp on top of the crate.
  • Put down the Miner’s Lamp on the fence that doesn’t have a lamp.

A treasure chest will be revealed if you’ve done it right. Open it to grab your loot and report to Julian to get your next set of missions.

The Backwater Pass Puzzle

Head to the cafe in the southeastern area of Backwater Pass, where you’ll see a paper on the bench. Once you’ve collected it, it’s time to do another puzzle. To finish the Backwater Pass puzzle, you must find an upside-down chair. Lift the seat, and lay it flat on the ground. By doing so, you’ll reveal the hidden treasure.

The Rivet Town Puzzle

For the quest puzzle in Rivet Town, go to the area's west side, where you’ll find a paper on top of a table. Since the area isn’t well-lit, you must check your surroundings before finding the page. Near there, you’ll find two shelves—that’s the puzzle. The puzzle requires you to move the crates so that the two shelves will have the same amount of crates.

To solve the Rivet Town puzzle, pick up the crate on the first shelf and place it in the middle of the second shelf. When you’re done, collect the hidden treasure chest and head to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Area.

The Silvermane Guard Restricted Area Puzzle

Go to the west side of the Space Anchor of the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone to pick up the last clue, which is on the wall on the right. Thankfully, you won’t have difficulty finding it since the page is pinned to the wall.

To reveal the final chest, you must put the gun in the rack; ensure there are only three guns in each rack. No more, no less. To do this, find a rack with two guns, pick up a gun, and put it on the gun rack. The first rack is southwest of the Space Anchor. The second gun rack is located northwest of the Waypoint. Finally, the third gun rack can be found west of the second rack.

Once you’ve tidied up the guns, collect your final treasure chest and return the pages to Julian. After that, you must head off to Belobog’s Administrative District and speak with bookseller Nika about how you helped restore the copy of Adventurous Moles.


The Adventurous Moles quest rewards you with the following:

  • 6,000 Credits
  • 30x Stellar Jade
  • 100 Trailblaze EXP
  • 6 Sparse Aether
  • 100 Shield

The quest itself is a bit of a hassle to get through, but at least you’ll be fittingly rewarded for your hard work. This is but one of the diverse missions you can expect in Honkai: Star Rail, so hopefully, I was able to ease up the whole process for you to complete it as quickly as possible.

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