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Hidden Quests and Achievements

HSR Hidden Quests

Honkai Star Rail is filled with these subtle quests. Most are linked to a hidden achievement, but not always. Of course, they wouldn’t be noticeable, so they’re easy to miss. Fortunately, here’s a guide to help you figure out what you missed and how to get these hidden objectives.

Praise of High Morals

This item can be obtained by making morally correct choices in specific hidden events. They can be consumed when you do ethically dubious actions. Generally, you want to be a good person to get this item, but some choices could be more intuitive.

Events Where You Get the Item

Herta Space Station

  • Water the Strange Plant (Baze Zone, you’ll also get Green Thumb achievement)
  • ‘Fix’ the Central Curio in the Storage Zone (F1, northeastern room)
  • Tell the researcher you didn’t put back any of the Light Cones he mentioned (Storage Zone F2, where you first get a Light Cone, you’ll also get the Honest Abe achievement)


  • Push envelopes into the mailbox (Administrative District in Belobog)
  • Hide in the wardrobe and jumpscare Housekeeping in the Guest Room (Goethe Hotel)
  • Pick the Pleasant Trash option when a Trash Can asks you which one you want (Boulder Town)
  • Fill out the feedback form and give it to Gertie (Boulder Town, you’ll also get Natural Immunity achievement)
  • Fix a dumpster near Turner’s Food Stall (Boulder Town)
  • Say ‘I’m holding a Fistful of Crystals’ after obtaining Dazzling Rainbowite to Balaway (Boulder Town)
  • Give a Language Module to Fidora (Boulder Town, you also get the Knight in Shining Armor achievement)
  • Give Dan Heng’s picture to Cold Dragon Young’s fans in the Fight Club (Boulder Town)
  • Return the Dirty Ribbon Tied to a Bell and the Damaged Music Box to two sisters (Rivet Town, you’ll also get the Outworlder achievement)
  • Apologize to the guard who caught you destroying a container in the Silvermane Guard Restriction Zone (northeastern corridor, which also gives you the Moral High Ground achievement)

Xianzhou Luofu

  • Open a package near an advertisement board (Central Starskiff Haven)
  • Open a parcel near the bottommost food stall (Central Starskiff Haven)
  • Interact with a spear and pay for the full price (Central Starskiff Haven)

Spending one of these will give you the Karmic Wheel achievement and other ones tied to the choice, if any.

Hidden Achievements

These achievements won’t be listed in the Achievement Menu until you get them. That’s why they’re hidden. You can try stumbling upon their objectives, but here’s a guide so you don’t miss them. Some have already been mentioned above.

Moment of Joy Category

  • Hot-Blooded Trailblazer: Pick hot-blooded dialog options 5 times
  • Pessimistic Trailblazer: Same as above, but pessimistic
  • Apologetic Trailblazer: Same but with more sorrys
  • The Echoer: Choose to repeat what NPCs said 3 times
  • Silent Trailblazer: Stoically hold your tongue 5 times
  • The Meaning of Choice: Pick gender-specific options 3 times
  • One Big Happy Family: Win a battle with a team composed of Welt, Himeko, March 7th, and Dan Heng
  • Architects (And Former Architects): Win a fight with Bronya, Pela, Gepard, and Serval in the team
  • Lone Wolf: Have only one character in the party and win 10 battles

Memories We Share Category

  • Seventeen’s Map: Open the Triple Authentication Door in the Base Zone of Herta Space Station and find all the readables about Asta.
  • Diamond and Rust: Give Bernard the log in the mission ‘To: The Faint Star.’
  • Farewell, Comet Hunter: During the mission ‘Out of Reach,’ collect three letters from the Comet Hunter
  • Does She Walk Alone?: Finish Guide Paradox and talk to Sheila again after the quest
  • Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind: Obtain the power to communicate with Wubbabboos (complete ‘Requiem Mass’)
  • Disposable: Find and interact with all Herta puppets in the Space Station
  • When Breath Becomes Air: Visit a memorial
  • Bzzt! Clock Out!: Shut down 6 little robots in the Space Station.
  • Door to a New World: Enter the Ministry of Magic. Use the ‘Door to a New World’ Curio
  • Just a Number: Use the ‘Rating Pistol’ Curio (Storage Floor, southeastern room)
  • No King Rules Forever: Use the ‘Unbearable Weight’ Curio and solve the mystery of the voice you heard
  • Greed Psychology: Obtain the real treasure during the quest ‘Survival Wisdom.’
  • One Day More: Find and return all of Julian’s Treasures in the quest ‘Hook’s Treasure.’
  • For a Breath I Tarry or The Lifecycle of Software Objects: Mutually exclusive achievements obtained through a choice during ‘Rarely Affectionate (Part 2)’ (format or don’t format the Little Robot)
  • 50 Credits!?: Collect all 7 Astral Express Crew wanted posters in Belobog
  • Twinkly, Winkly: Collect 3 Ancient Coins (obtained through destructible objects in Jarilo-VI)
  • Sweet Pom-Pom O’Mine: Look to the northwest when using Belobog’s Armillary Sphere in Qlipoth Fort
  • Where It All Began: Return to the room where the Stellaron was stored and recall a blurry memory.
  • The Mandela Effect: Talk to a Nervous Man 4 times through the gate near the Golden Theater in Belobog
  • Lā Lá Lǎ Là Land: Obtain the Phonograph music by talking to Tamila
  • Winter City Trap: Listen to the vagrants’ best rapper and read through their performance
  • For Ages 12 and Up: Win the Dark Fist Tournament (invitation from inside the Fight Club)
  • The Kelly Gang: Excavate the treasure in Belobog’s Central Plaza Fountain (uses Praise of High Morals item)
  • Hurt Locker: Open a suspicious suitcase in the Cable Car Station in Belobog
  • The Banality of Evil: Solve all the box puzzles in Vessel of Mediocrity
  • The Fourth Little Mole: Find all the treasures in ‘The Adventurous Moles.’
  • A Simple Life: Receive Luhui’s message after completing ‘Fired.’
  • Carpe Diem, Festina Lente, and Tempus Fugit: Receive all the texts about Chengjie’s fading passion (complete ‘A Teacher and a Friend’ first)
  • Cyber Fraud, Tootsie, or A Secret Makes a Woman, Woman: Mutually exclusive achievements concerning the ending of ‘From Xianzhou with Love’ (turn them in, convince them to tell the truth, let them continue)
  • Lost and Found, Leave It There, or Have Your Cake and Eat it: Mutually exclusive achievements depending on how you dealt with a scammer (retrieve your credits, do not recover your credits, retrieve more than what you were scammed)
  • Fair and Square, All Is Fair in Love and War, or From Hero to Zero: Achievements related to the Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Championship (win by not cheating, win by cheating, faint and lose)
  • Far From the Madding Crowd or Let the Wind Blow Where It May: Achievements related to the Immortal in a Vase (accept or refuse its gift)
  • Hasta la Vista, Hexanexus!: Solve 15 Hexanexus puzzles from the Hex Club
  • Rubik’s Headache: Solve 15 new Hexanexus puzzles from the Hex Club
  • The Crimes That Bind or Flight Canceled: Achievements concerning a Strange Tourist trying to throw a coin into a starskiff engine (stop them or help them)
  • Seven Birds in the Hand Is Worth a Thousand in the Bush: Help Heron Express retrieve their lost cycranes (obtained after completing The Seven Errors of Cycranes achievements)
  • The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Find and collect lost cycranes
    • Sloth: Convince a depressed cycrane to go back to its job
    • Lust: Follow the gentleman cycrane and find the book withheld by customs
    • Gluttony: Win a bet against the dissatisfied cycrane
    • Greed: Find the ‘Evil Dragon’ cycrane
    • Envy: Do the challenge the resentful cycrane gives you
    • Wrath: Let the brave cycrane accompany you to a battle
    • Pride: Complete the challenge the ‘Four Great Villains of the Luofu (Self-Proclaimed)’ gives you

Hidden ‘Quests’

These random events are not tied to any achievement but sometimes take a day or two to complete. You don’t get Praise of High Morals in most of these, but you get planet-specific currency from these events. The latter is what you need to buy from planet-specific shops, so you should still do them. They can also be humorous, touching, or anything in between.

  • A computer in the Supply Zone needs credentials for logging in. Find origami cranes to get the password.
  • Book a meeting room in the Supply Zone to see a bizarre meeting the next day.
  • Investigate and sip the cup of coffee in the Storage Zone 5 times.
  • Pick up various letters from mailboxes in the Administrative District of Belobog and return them to Manya. (Note: if you push in the letters, you can get Praise of High Morals instead.)
  • Interacting with various trash cans in Belobog will eventually reward you with a new profile icon.
  • A trash can in Boulder Town will quiz you about how many cans there are in the Administrative District and the town (spoilers: 20 and 5).
  • Prank the Rightful Rights Society by getting in a phone booth and calling them.
  • Learn about Scott’s past by going into the phone booth in Backwater Pass and listening to the woman on the phone. From the dialogue, you can get the combination (0213) for the locked box in the Fight Club.
  • Help Huixing out in divination (Divination Commission). You can return the day after for more rewards.
  • Help Master Gongshu test the Luminflux Pyxis (Artisan Commission). You can return tomorrow for more prizes.
  • You can find a booth in an odd protrusion to the southeast of Central Starskiff Haven. There’s a letter in it you can reply to. Check back tomorrow (real-time) to see their reply.
  • Pom-Pom sometimes gives you really short quests when you ask him what’s wrong when he looks worried or sad.

Remember which ones you’re doing since these are unmarked quests, especially those that need the daily reset to continue. Pinning the map is also impossible, so you must remember where things are.

Not a Comprehensive List

Since these are hidden, the actual number of these unmarked tasks is unknown. That is unless Hoyoverse releases a definitive guide, but it isn’t very likely. Also, as the game updates, more of these will be found.

The point is, there could be more than what’s listed here. The best way to find them is to investigate everything. However, not everything will lead to these secret quests or achievements, which will sometimes be frustrating. Still, they’re fun to do and sometimes provide a moment of levity as a counterpoint to the seriousness of the main quest.

Have fun finding all these hidden gems in Honkai: Star Rail!

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