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Shadow of Destruction Location Guide

Shadow of Destruction

If you’re an avid Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact player, chances are some systems in both games would be familiar to you, such as how similar the Eidolon mechanic is compared to the Constellation. You can activate your unit’s Eidolon Resonance by getting copies of the character. By doing you, you can enhance their strength and provide new buffs that’ll make them more useful in battle. Akin to Genshin Impact’s Traveler, you can’t get another main character in Honkai: Star Rail, which means the Trailblazer’s Eidolon can only be obtained through other means.

The Physical Trailblazer’s Eidolon is known as the Shadow of Destruction. Note that the main character in Honkai: Star Rail can become one of the best investments you can make (with the current meta). With straightforward skills that can blast enemies weak to Physical, the Shadow of Destructions adds extra permanent bonuses to your character.

What is Shadow of Destruction?

Shadow of Destruction is an item exclusive to the Physical Trailblazer you can use to increase their Eidolon level. These can be found in various ways and through different sources. If you want to unlock the full potential of Honkai: Star Rail’s character, you’ll need to get all six of them. Luckily for you, I know where you can find them.

Shadow of Destruction #1: The First of Many

You’ll get your first Shadow of Destruction in Herta Space Station. Once you complete the “Lingering Shadows” quest and kill the Doomsday Beast at the start of the game, it’ll automatically pop up in your inventory. You thankfully don’t need to do any extra stuff to acquire it. Getting the first of many Shadow of Destructions allows you to unlock A Falling Star Eidolon, which yields extra 10 Energy whenever you defeat an enemy with your Ultimate skill.

Shadow of Destruction #2: Complete “To Rot or to Burn”

You’ll receive your second Shadow of Destruction after finishing the “To Rot or to Burn” Trailblaze mission. This quest occurs in Boulder Town, where you must be at least Trailblazer level 18. Once you’re done with the quest, speak to Natasha to mark the end of the mission and get the Shadow of Destruction. Along with it, you’ll also unlock the Unwilling Host Eidolon and a four-star Pom Pom Light Cone, “The Seriousness of Breakfast.”

The Unwilling Host perk grants you a 5% lifesteal whenever you attack enemies with a Physical weakness.

Shadow of Destruction #3: Reach Trailblaze Level 19

You don’t have to do anything drastic to get your third Shadow of Destruction except reach trailblaze level 19. Besides a Shadow of Destruction, you can claim other rewards from Pom Pom, including A Leading Whisper. A Leading Whisper is an Eidolon that increases your Skill and Talent by 2 up to a max of level 15.

Shadow of Destruction #4: Spend Some Hertareum

For your fourth Shadow of Destruction, you’ll need to scrounge up some Hertareum. You must purchase it from Wen Shiqi, located in the Herta Space Station, for 500 Hertareum. You can obtain this currency by finishing missions, opening Chests, or discovering unique tasks like the Origami Crame quests.

If you’re on the fence about spending your hard-earned Hertareu, not to worry—you’ll receive A Survival Hope Eidolon as well, which increases your Ultimate and Talent level by  2 (up to level 15).

Shadow of Destruction #5: Time to Splurge Some Shields

The fifth Shadow of Destruction can be found from the Jarilo-VI planet—specifically, in Boulder Town. You must purchase the item through Lauder, the Grocery Store Worker, for 1,000 Shields. Shields are Belobog’s trademark currency, which you can earn by exploring the areas within Jarilo-VI, triggering hidden missions, or finishing Adventure Missions. Upon getting the fifth Shadow of Destruction, you’ll also get A Destruction Glance Eidolon, which gives your character a +25% Crit Rate when attacking an enemy with a Weakness Break.

Shadow of Destruction #6: Hit Trailblaze Level 30

The last and final Shadow of Destruction will only become available once you’ve hit Trailblaze level 30. Once you’ve progressed that far, go to Pom Pom to receive the Shadow of Destruction, completing the Physical Trailblazer’s Eidolon. You’ll also get the last Eidolon for Path of Destruction called A Trailblazing Will, which allows you to trigger a Talent whenever you defeat an enemy.

Thankfully, you don’t need to complete the Trial of Equilibrium just to get these rewards, so you can enter the challenge with a Trailblazer with all their Eidolons.

Check Out More Ways to Power Up Your Characters

That’s about it for where you can get all Shadow of Destructions in Honkai: Star Rail! Aside from using Eidolons, did you know there are other ways to increase your characters’ strengths as well? You can Superimpose your Light Cones to boost their passive skill effects. Be sure to inform yourself about the different methods you can use to power up your characters. That way, you’ll quickly complete missions even after you’re done with the game’s main story.

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