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Best Weapons & Guns in Fortnite

Fortnite Best Weapons

Fortnite's got bucketloads of weaponry, gear, gadgets, and more stuff is coming out every day. To some, it can be fantastic. There are so many novel additions that it never gets old. To others, however, all the options can be baffling and overwhelming. I fall into both categories. When playing Fortnite, getting the highest rarity weapons doesn't always mean it's the best we can get.

Given that we only have a few slots to take weapons and healing items, you must choose wisely. If you want to pick the best weapons in Fortnite at every match, you need to learn to think ahead. Don't just pick a gun because it's shiny! Sometimes you'll get more kills with a standard quality weapon that you're more familiar with. 

Best Sniper in Fortnite

One of the best weapons in Fortnite is a sniper. You need to be able to take out enemies from afar, and there's no easier way than with a long-range gun.

As far as particulars go, the Bolt Action Sniper is the best long-range weapon in the game, thanks to its lethality.

The second place is the Hunting Rifle, which is better than the Bolt Action in mid-range combat thanks to its fire rate and reload time. Plus, you also take less time when doing a scope. Nevertheless, it's not even close to the Bolt Action Sniper at long distances of 150 meters (490 feet).

Finally, the last place goes to the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. This is the inferior weapon as its damage is a measly 66 if the rifle is legendary, which means you have to shoot accurately and hit four times to kill an enemy. The first shot will reveal your position, making the target harder to hit. The headshots can only go as far as 160 damage which means you will never achieve "one shot, one kill" with this weapon.

Best Assault Rifles in Fortnite

Assault Rifles are a staple in a shooter game, so obviously, you will see many of them in Fortnite.

In the first place, we have the Assault Rifle SCAR (Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Rifle). Mr. Reliable. Aka, the Scar. Take it in Gold or purple. As one of the most potent, reliable, and ferocious guns available, it's a sure-fire tool for success. What's the level of success? Well, that's up to you. You either win the game or look excellent dying. Regardless of the outcome, you don't want your enemies getting their grubby little hands all over it, so if you find a Scar and don't want enemies to use it, make sure not to leave it out for someone to find. Here's a tip—leave it out somewhere near a trap, then wait.

The second best is the Burst Assault Rifle; this, if you manage to find it in blue rarity, can be deadly! I would say it's even more potent than the M16 in blue rarity. This is because, in mid-range, you generally have enough time to cover yourself and, when trying to take a peek, you can shoot three bullets in a second while the enemy can shoot only one bullet at the same time if they have an M16 rifle.

Finally, there's the Assault Rifle with Scope. It has low damage, and it's only potent if you can land headshots, rendering it completely useless when it comes to close-range combat, making this weapon one of the worst options.

Best Shotguns in Fortnite

Though their popularity varies by the update, shotguns are among the most critical weapons in the game because of the damage they put off if you hit your shots. If you don't, you probably shouldn't carry a shotgun. However, if you're one of those who occasionally gets a nice shot in, I'd recommend keeping one in your arsenal. They're one of the few weapons in the game that can finish a fight in a second flat. However, I should warn you—you need to watch out for spammers because they will be your natural enemy.

If you have impeccable aiming skills and are good at doing flick shots, you can shoot delicious headshots at short distances quickly with the help of a Pump Action Shotgun or a Hand Cannon. However, if you're the type of person who's terrible at flicking but has perfect tracking, then a Tactical Shotgun or the SMG could be better for you.

Weapons That Make Things Go Boom

How about a bit of explosion? Better yet, how about a big one? Whatever the case may be, keep them if you come across explosives. They're positively invaluable. They can hurt people, take down structures, and otherwise scare the bejeezus out of everyone who comes along.

The best explosive you can come across is the Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that you can use to destroy buildings at any distance or enemies at close range. You're shooting yourself in the foot big time if you come across a rocket launcher and don't keep it. However, some people don't like how it fires, and I admit that it can be troublesome if you don't correctly strategize.

Another great alternative is, of course, the Grenade Launcher. Although I prefer the rocket launcher most of the time, the grenade launcher is certainly not without its merits. The Grenade Launcher could be better than the Rocket Launcher if you learn to use it until perfection. You'll have to account for the distance and altitude you can explode your enemies' heads, even if they are on the floor or high in a fortress. Luckily, you can achieve this by practicing.

Best Exotic Weapons

Exotic weapons were introduced as a part of the new Gold system. For the first time, Fortnite got NPCs with quests tied to them. These NPCs could be found all over the island, each having its unique dialogue and missions. You can complete missions for Gold or rare weapons, and you could use your Gold to obtain Exotic weapons. Note that Exotic weapons are denoted by a sky-blue color and are not to be mistaken for Mythic weapons (yellow rarity). Below are the best Exotic weapons that money can buy:

Shadow Tracker Pistol

The Shadow Tracker Pistol is hands down the best and most helpful Exotic weapon. It is also the most overpowered pistol to ever exist in this game, and on top of that, it has high accuracy and the magazine size of a Legendary Pistol.

The Shadow Tracker Pistol has one of the most broken mechanics in the game: tracking enemies. While the pistol feels and operates just like the Silenced Pistol released in Chapter 1, Season 2, it is equipped with an incredible feature: tracking bullets. Remember the Flare Gun from Chapter 2? It's been vaulted now, but it helped track enemies. If you shot the gun high up in the air, it revealed enemies around you by marking them with red markers. This was a temporary effect and the Flare Gun was always short on ammo, so the feature was pretty balanced as the red tags disappeared quickly. However, the Shadow Tracker Pistol takes this mechanic to the next level. Every bullet in it can conjure red markings on your enemies if you tag them once with the Pistol. This is one of the best advantages a Battle Royale game can give its players and definitely shouldn't be a regular part of the loot pool. That doesn't mean players shouldn't take advantage of it while it is. 

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is another great Exotic from Season 5, although I will admit it's pretty low on the "fun" quotient. It also has lackluster damage numbers but features one of the most significant advantages in the game.

The advantage of using this sniper is that it reveals the location of the next Storm circle. If you played Season X back in Chapter 1, this sniper was available as a Legendary weapon. A separate item was also planned back in Season 3: a backpack that could track the Storm. It lets you rotate quickly, allows you to predict where enemy players would be rushing in from, and saves you a lot of time as you know exactly where to go before anyone else.

The Dub

The Dub is an upgraded version of the Double Barrel Shotgun from Chapter 1, fused with the Flintlock Pistol's knockback effect. You could obtain it from the NPC called "Dummy" for just 600 Gold. This one can easily be a part of the regular loot pool without issues. This one is a pretty fun Exotic to use. The Dub's knockback effect has some significant advantages with a decent range similar to the Tactical Shotgun. You could knock players off from a build battle, use it for faster rotations, and even get crazy trick shots.

Dragon's Breath Sniper/Boom Sniper

The Dragon's Breath is based on setting fire to wooden structures, while the Boom Sniper shoots the good old Clingers. It's hard to rank either of these snipers over the other since they are unique in their own way. Structures aren't always wooden, but the Dragon's Breath forgives lousy aim. On the other hand, the Boom Sniper shoots Clingers with a short detonation period, and if you want to damage a player, you need good aim.

Nevertheless, both weapons are good for long-range damage, where you can put pressure on a healing team while the rest of your squad rushes up to attack. These could even be a part of the regular loot pool, as both snipers are balanced and fun to use, especially in Team Rumble.

Best Mythic Weapons

Like Exotic weapons, Mythics are a notable rarity in Fortnite. They're often attributed to upgraded versions of regular weapons, Boss drops, or unique items. Mythic weapons have a hefty price tag, meaning you can't purchase them in every match – not unless you're Mr. Moneybags. Here are the best Mythics you can get:

Huntmaster Saber's Mythic Thermal Rifle

Huntmaster Saber's Mythic Thermal Rifle is the best possible Thermal Rifle you can get in the game. You can locate the said weapon in the Command Cavern airship, and you'll have to fight NPC Hunstmaster Saber if you want to get your hands on it. At the very least, this means that you don't need to spend any of your hard-earned Gold Bars.

Slone's Mythic Striker Burst Rifle

If you're looking for the best possible Striker Burst Rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale, then Slone can hook you up – if you defeat her, that is. You can find Slone easily in the Fortress if you want to go head-to-head with her for a chance to get her Mythic Striker Burst Rifle.

Good Luck Dominating Matches

There are certain best weapons in Fortnite that you'll need to succeed. Sure, you could get away with not having one or two. It's not like Fortnite has an algorithm that prevents someone from winning if they don't have a particular arsenal. You can have all the right weapons, but you can't reasonably expect victory if you do something to sabotage yourself. However, if you keep the above things in y our inventory, you will have a much better chance of coming away with the win!

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