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The LTMs Fortnite Has Had So Far

Fortnite LTMs

Do me a favor. I want you to imagine something. Fortnite Battle Royale is real, and you’re a participant. You’re stuck in the Battle Bus and nervous because you’re about to fall to the island and fight for your survival. Okay, you here with me? Do you imagine it? Let’s say you drop, pop your parachute, and land somewhere. You hear people around you, and you’re sprinting, looking for a weapon to protect yourself. You find a Bolt Action Sniper. Then you find a Semi-Auto Sniper and a Hunting Rifle.

Don’t panic! You’re merely competing in one of Fortnite’s zany Limited Time Modes. You’re playing Sniper Shootout. I’d still worry if I were you because you’re still fighting to the death, but at least you can enjoy a good laugh before, right? Today, I’m going to take you through some funky Fortnite LTMs!

Fortnite LTM Meaning

Fortnite LTMs stand for Limited-Time Modes - which are time-restricted game modes that often include some type of unique gameplay mechanic or other quirks. LTMs can often occur more than once and their exact balance and mechanics are refined due to user feedback and player experience. Some LTMs also appear briefly during holiday events or special collaborations. We'll go over our favorite Fortnite LTMs so far.

Sniper Shootout

Let’s assume you haven’t the faintest idea what I’m talking about when I say “Sniper Shootout.” Here’s your explanation: it’s a game mode where you can only use snipers. The funny thing about this mode is that the whole point is to get into elaborate shootouts from afar. I mean, come on. You have a sniper rifle. Why would you do anything other than peeking from the cover and trying to snipe?

The first time I played it when it first came out, that’s what happened. People played intelligently, like you should with snipers. Then, somewhere along the line,e someone figured out that most people can’t snipe worth a dern, and it deteriorated into an insane close-quarters mode. You rarely see a kill distance of more than five meters. My advice? Get a Bolt or Heavy Sniper to luck-shot someone, then get yourself a Hunting Rifle or Semi-Auto to plug away. Quick-scoping is generally more successful, but I know several buddies that don’t use a scope, and it works for them. Keep some bandages; you’ll need them.

It comes out in solos and duos but be forewarned that you can’t get revived. Yes, you die immediately, even in duos. Oh, and don’t expect to hit every shot. I’ve won a number of these things and charged everyone, but there have been times when I fired 30-40 shots at a guy a foot away from me, and he did the same, and neither one of us landed anything.

Sneaky Silencer

In what’s probably the most ridiculous-sounding mode of all time, Sneaky Silencer does not show up too often, but it’s where you won’t hear fighting the entire time. The only weapons that spawn are silenced; you need to be suspicious of every bush.

That’s it; I don’t have a lot more than that. Its silenced weapons and bushes spawn frequently, and it’s a game mode of trolls, so tread carefully, although it can be enjoyable!

Close Encounters

No, this isn’t about aliens. This is far more absurd. Even as someone who’s played Fortnite for a long time, this isn’t a common game mode or all that popular. I decided to throw it on here just because; why not? Anyway, this is where you’re given Jetpacks and Shotguns.

I will give you two reasons why it isn’t as popular as some of the other ones. Reason 1—Jetpacks are the bane of many people’s existence because they seem glitchy and cause a lot of people to lag like there is no tomorrow. Reason 2—Shotguns, who are by and large quite unreliable at this point. You put the two together, and you have something insane.

Fly Explosives

Fly Explosives is the mode where you’re handed explosive weapons and set loose, much like the original High Explosives mode. However, this one is different because you’re also given a handy-dandy Jetpack.

Yes, you heard me right. This is a game mode of people using jetpacks, raining down rockets from above (and grenades, but it’s a bad idea to try that if you want to win). Now, I’m not going to say this is almost entirely based on luck, but it’s almost entirely based on luck. Especially in certain servers, the lag in this mode is through the roof. I have 300mps/second internet with an ethernet cable. Every time I fire this mode up, I am teleporting like a madman, my jetpack endlessly randomly fails, and I die from falling 12 meters (which shouldn’t even damage me).


50v50 would fall into the Fornite Hall of Fame if it existed. If I had to put my finger on one of the LTM’s (yeah, I can say that because I’m cool) as the most popular, this would be the one.

First, I’m going to take you through what this is. There are two, count them, two battle buses and two different routes! Contain your awe because it gets better. No less than 49 of your teammates are on each bus, making it the biggest team available. When the bus opens, it’s the same schtick—you have to jump out at some point, then the circle closes somewhere, and you got to get there and claim dominance.

Where this differs most notably from the classic version is that you have a ton of teammates and a ton of enemies. This is going to be either the most rewarding—or most annoying—thing on the planet. Having that many people have your back is impressive, but the problem arises when sometimes you won’t get revived in time because there are ten other people downed, and total strangers might or might not be compassionate. Most of the time, I’m convinced that people overlook downed players in the chaos because, trust me, chaos reigns supreme when the battles get going. Also, you better claim loot quickly, or everyone will steal it. Many people will give you a gun if they have a spare instead of having you sprinting through a battlefield swinging a pickaxe around like an idiot, but I’ve learned it’s better not to risk it.

Teams of 20

Teams of 20 are taking 50V50 and making it way more intense.

It follows the same basic premise. Five buses, each holding individual teams of 20, come flying in and crisscrossing the map. At any point, five different teams could run into each other. You might see four hostiles and think it’s a 4V1 when, in reality, everyone’s duking it out individually.

It’s because of this that makes Teams of 20 more entertaining play. 50V50 has a lot of upsides, but the major downside is that you might spend the whole time trying to find someone on the other team because the inclination is to group up. In this mode, you could hide in a bush the whole time and run into people anyway. It’s more fast-paced, and combat is more of a necessity here.

8 Teams of 12

This one is so overwhelmingly obvious that it hurts to explain, so I won’t spend much time on it. There are eight teams, with 12 people on each team. It’s similar to the other modes, except it operates in this interesting middle ground between half the map fighting and being a solo.


Playground is the other “biggie” that I think needs to be mentioned in detail because of its popularity. Though the game doesn’t have a concrete description, it’s a sandbox mode. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means you get to play God and do almost anything you want. The environment is already destructible, materials spawn considerably, Llamas pop up everywhere, and you can do whatever you want with up to three pals. Kick back and relax if that’s what you’re feeling. Build a giant structure for no reason. Engage in massive build battles that practically touch the sky. I made a castle one time, and it. Was. Awesome.

If I had to sum up Playgrounds in one sentence, it’d be this one: you do you. Find what you like, set up mini-games, do obstacle courses, play golf, have races in the golf carts, find all the C4 you can find and level Tilted Towers, and have fun in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Solo Showdown

Solo Showdown sounds like something you’d hear in an old spaghetti Western in a stalemate. Entertainingly enough, it isn’t too far off! This mode is when you’re competing for a whopping 50,000 V-Bucks. Over a series of games, someone will win each one until there is the highest-ranked player in the world, and that player will receive the prize!

Play for high scores and win, and who knows? Maybe you could claim the loot and bragging rights!

Infinity Gauntlet

Ever played Fortnite and thought to yourself, gee, it would be fun to beat the crap out of someone as a giant blue dude? Well, here’s your chance! Players get the chance to play as the Marvel character Thanos by stealing the Infinity Gauntlet. You’ll have higher health, a shield, and incredible superpowers. The drawback? Everyone can see you on their maps, and they’re coming for glory or brutal death. You don’t carry weapons other than your fists and intimidating glares—so stretch and get ready to pummel someone.


Blitz Showdown is Solo Showdown on steroids. It’s the same premise, with the same 50,000 V-bucks on the line. The only differences? In this one, the storm moves faster, and it hurts a lot when it catches you, so don’t sit around and wait! But don’t worry—it isn’t all bad. More materials are farmed, so this is one of those hectic, frenzied fast game modes where thinking or blinking could lose or win.

Steady Storm

Steady Storm is one of those modes that camping won’t work in. The storm doesn’t stop. Ever. Be as angry as you want, and be as pressed for time as you want, but that storm won’t quit moving in on you—so heal up and go! There are no breaks, no reprieves. This is a high-speed mode because people have to do so much so quickly, meaning that you might randomly run into half the lobby because they’re doing the same thing you are—running for their lives.


In one of the most unusual modes for Fortnite, Getaway makes you robbers on the run. The twist is that the cops aren’t after you, but everyone else in the game is. The point is to find and acquire, through force if necessary, a Llama Jewel. Take it, whether you’re in the Solo, Duo, or Squad Mode, and hustle to the nearest Getaway Van, shown on your mini-map. If you can do that and board the van, you win! You can win with zero kills and stats if you successfully transport the jewel and “escape.” But be warned—you’ll be hunted by everyone else that wants the jewel, so keep your guard up.

Score Royale

Score Royale. Ah, yes. The hands-down easiest LTM to win and have it count towards your stats. Why is it so easy, you ask? Because you don’t have to fight like the other modes. The only thing that matters is acquiring points. You can do this in several ways: opening chests, opening ammo boxes, opening supply drops and Llamas, or killing other players. Different things warrant different points. When your goal is 3,000 points, get to looting and murdering!

But maybe you still don’t know why it’s easy. Well, here’s your answer. You can reasonably win this by fighting nobody. Stretch it to the far sides of the mad with lots of loot. If the bus is by Paradise, go to Snobby and get like a gazillion points from all the chests there. Run around. Chill. You can come out with a victory by coming across nobody the entire time.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold is one of my favorite Limited Time Modes, where the only weapons that drop are Green. Yeah, no. Not really. All drops are Legendary, which means you’ll find only golden weapons. This is one intense mode because everyone is eager to fight with their great loot. It’s ridiculous, to boot. Finding a Golden Scar in a regular game is something of an occasion. In this mode, expect to find three in a house quickly.

It’s heavily criticized and respected simultaneously for one reason—winning becomes skill-based. In other modes, the other player could have something way better than you, and how could you be expected to win a firefight when all you had was a Grey AR, and they had a Golden Scar? Well, not to worry! Here you have a level playing field. You have great stuff. They have great stuff. Now it’ll boil down to who can use it the best.

Always Try Fortnite’s LTMs

Well, we did it. We covered no less than fifteen Limited Time Game modes in Fortnite. I knew we could do it. The most critical part of these LTMs is to enjoy yourself. They’re preposterous, and I believe the creators put them out that way to make sure people couldn’t get too upset about them. Even when I die for the fifth game in a row because my jetpack didn’t work correctly and I lag to my random death, I’m not mad because, I mean, come on. You’re flying around and shooting rocket launchers with reckless abandon. How can you get upset?

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