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Fortnite Save the World: Best Constructors and Weapons

Save the World Best Heroes

Fortnite: Save the World’s mission levels go up to 160, with 4-player 160 missions being the most difficult ones on the main map. Sure, the Storm King finale is also an essential part of the endgame, albeit the meta for that is very different. Save the World has hundreds of heroes to choose from with various playstyles that you can experiment with, but only a few can contribute to the team’s regular 160+ missions in Twine Peaks. These contributions go beyond doing damage and include utility roles such as freezing the tankiest enemies, strengthening your builds, or gathering resources. Save the World also features some of the most creative and fun weapons in a video game. Assault Rifles are a fan favorite class of weapons in any game due to their versatility and shooting style. There are so many of those in Save the World that sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to use in high-level missions. This guide will cover what the best Constructors and Weapons are in Fortnite: Save the World. 

What Are Constructors?

A Constructor is the only class in Fortnite: Save the World capable of doing defense missions single-handedly. They are also the most efficient at enabling AFK missions such as Endurance or Retrieve the Data. Constructors are a must-have for any stationary-objective task with their B.A.S.E. ability. They enhance your structures to provide better protection, self-heal, and can even deal damage to enemies. There are plenty of Constructors to choose from, and it can undoubtedly be hard to find the right loadout with there being a Commander slot and six other slots for you to fill.

How Many Main Classes of Heroes Are in Fortnite: Save the World?

There are three types of Constructors/Heroes in Save the World:

  • Melee-based
  • Ability-based
  • Build-based

Melee-based Constructors are ones such as Tank Penny or Guardian Bull that utilize blunt weapons such as clubs and hammers to deal damage. Ability-based Constructors are a wider variety that involves Constructors such as Airheart that specialize in improving the damage or efficiency of a particular Ability.

While these two are fun to use, they are nowhere near as fun as the build-based constructors; they’re the real meta of Fortnite: Save the World. These Constructors enhance your builds by boosts such as increased wall health or B.A.S.E. range. These Constructors are one of the best Heroes in Save the World and are a must-have in every squad for defense-based missions.

How to Make the Most of Your Constructor

Here are some essential tips that will help you make the most of this powerful and versatile Class:

  • Level up and correctly perk up your traps: you will be using them more often than not. Crit builds work the best for most surprises!
  • Send a lot of Expeditions: This will help you stock up on the resources needed for building and trapping. Expeditions are free and only require you to slot Heroes temporarily.
  • Master the best builds: Every situation demands a different build. Try to learn the best builds for each situation, such as minimal Jail Builds and efficient tunneling.
  • Invest in Ability Strength: Ability Strength will help you gain the best buffs a Constructor can have in the game.
  • Block Smashers: One of a Constructor’s’ best Abilities is Bull Rush. It can quickly stop a charging Smasher and protect your fort from crashing down when appropriately timed.
  • Position Anti-air Traps properly: These will make a big difference in protecting your fort from Lobbers and Flingers, which are often why high-level missions fail—protecting your fortress from the top matters!

Best Endgame Heroes in Fortnite: Save the World


Here’s our other Outlander that is great for endgame missions. Archaeolo-Jess is an all-out farming hero, and while it is (in)famous for people using it to farm without participating in objectives, Jess is still fantastic for active players who understand trap placement. She also provides combat buffs for the entire team. She may not work in tasks such as Retrieve the Data where you work in a limited area, but she’s great for gathering building material or resources quickly.

Here’s our recommended Archaeolo-Jess build:

Team Perk: Blast from the Past

Support Team:

  • Saurian Might
  • Work, work
  • Saurian Focus
  • Phase Forward
  • Gadgeteer (optional)

Make sure you reap the benefits of her perk that reveal nearby chests to you after you pickaxe multiple times without switching to a weapon. Weapons from chests offer some excellent loot if you recycle them.

Subzero Zenith

Unfortunately, TEDDY builds don’t do well in 160+ missions when it comes to Outlanders. Even with low cooldowns, Outlander's abilities just don’t cut. But don’t worry, two out of five of our heroes are Outlanders.

Subzero Zenith makes it on this list because of his incredible ability to freeze enemies with sniper crit hits. Pair him with a Crankshot, and you can freeze any mist monster – even a charging Smasher – at will. This is a valuable addition to any team, given how traps were nerfed. Wall and floor launchers no longer work on Smashers, meaning the only way to stall them is by using stall traps or Zenith. Moreover, Zenith’s freeze also applies Water affliction onto the frozen enemy, doing damage over time.

Here’s our recommended Subzero Zenith build:

Team Perk: Slow your Roll

Support Team:

  • Cold to the Touch
  • Quick Scope
  • Sure Shot
  • Start up
  • Locked and Reloaded

The Crankshot is the best sniper to use with Zenith due to its fire rate and benefits mainly from a high Crit build.

BASE Kyle (or Megabase Kyle)

BASE Kyle is easily the best Constructor in the game. Extra building health is an unparalleled perk, and with the below loadout, you can also heal your builds on their own and return enemy damage to its sender.

Team Perk: Supercharged Traps

Support Team:

  • Mega Base
  • Tough Traps
  • Power Modulation
  • Feel the Base
  • Fully Contained

For a Megabase Kyle build, simply switch spots with BASE Kyle. This will give you that extra BASE range without losing on the latter’s building-health benefits. Note that Fully Contained will mess up your AFK builds if you’re using those. If you’re going for an AFK build, slot it out and replace it with the Ice King for his snare effect.

BASE Kyle is better for most objectives, and his BASE range is pretty sufficient even for Category 2 storms. Megabase Kyle is better for Category 4 storms unless you have multiple BASE Kyles – which is not recommended. Some people like the material regeneration from the BASE, but it is unnecessary and grants an insignificant number of resources per minute.

Best Fortnite: Save the World Weapons to Have


The Bundlebuss is a Legendary Flintlock weapon and is one of the best single-target weapons in Fortnite: Save the World. The multi-barreled assault rifle fires in bursts. While its rate of fire is slow and it has an excellent kick to it, the Bundlebuss deals high damage with a large magazine size. It could be acquired from the Road Trip store for just 1680 Gold and is well worth its price.

It pairs exceptionally well with a Legendary Hero called First Shot Rio, which can be obtained via Road Trip Llamas during the same event. Its perk makes it so that the first six shots have a 100% crit chance after reloading. Pairing First Shot Rio with Bundlebuss creates what is only one of the best single-target damage combos in the entire game, on par with some of the best sniper rifles. It is hands down the best option for Mist Monsters, bosses, and large targets like the Storm King.

Storm King’s Scourge

Speaking of the Storm King, we come to one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game and the only Mythic AR. Storm King’s Scourge is a Mythic AR that can be obtained as a random drop after defeating the Storm King. Note that there are some non-AR Mythics in the loot pool, and you might not get the Scourge on your first try. You also need to complete the Weekly Storm King quest to activate the loot drops for that week, so it’s not easy to get. Moreover, you cannot drop the weapon from your inventory, meaning you can’t borrow it from someone either.

The Scourge is an insanely accurate assault rifle that’s convenient because of its magazine size. The gun doesn’t have a reload button and is an auto-weapon that keeps firing. The weapon also has a unique shooting perk that builds up charges as you shoot. Dealing up to 5 charges or switching targets detonates the charge and deals 100% of the damage to surrounding enemies. Each charge also increases the radius, capping at 0.75.

Mercury LMG/Candy Corn LMG

Mercury LMG is one of the best weapons from the Neon set released back in Chapter 1, Season 4. Like other weapons in the collection, the Mercury LMG is based on Energy damage, and I must say, this weapon looks good. It has excellent colors and neon lining that make it look stylish too! The Candy Corn LMG, on the other hand, is a Halloween weapon that uses Medium Ammo (with bullets shaped like candies) and drops healing candies when you kill enemies.

However, the Mercury LMG requires Energy ammo which can be a slight downside, but it is well worth it. It’s a good weapon for close-ranged combat and clearing husks, making it great to use because of its Star-Wars-ish feel.


There’s no way to list the best weapons in Save the World without mentioning the Nocturno. Unlike other weapons in the game, this one is exclusive, as it was available only in the Ultimate Edition of Fortnite: Save the World. The edition has been discontinued, and the weapon is no longer available. Like the Siegebreaker, the Nocturno is an automatic AR. IT has a unique perk that marks enemies, stacking with each hit. When you reload the gun, all enemies marked explode in a half-tile radius while dealing considerable damage.

Pain Train/Floor Flusher

Here are two of the simplest assault rifles in the game. Pain Train is an assault rifle with a slow fire rate that deals a lot of damage per shot. It uses Light Bullets and has a decent magazine size. It is one of the best Winter weapons in the game, belonging to the Holiday Armory weapons.

Meanwhile, Floor Flusher belongs to the Art Deco set and uses Medium Ammo instead with a slightly slower fire rate. Both ARs are versatile, useful in almost any situation, and don’t have unique traits like the Scourge. They’re simple and deal a lot of damage – what else do you need?

Good Luck Saving the World

Bringing the right hero to a high-level mission is critical to the outcome; the same can also be said when it comes to using the right weapon for the job. Constructors are a versatile and powerful class, and if paired with the perfect guns for specific situations, they can make all the difference.

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