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The 11 Rarest Skins in Fortnite

Rare Fortnite Skins

Fortnite is not just about being the most skilled shooter or the fastest builder. It is also about who can look the most fashionable every time they make chicken dinner or land a V-pose. For players who are willing to invest money in cosmetics, it's useful to know which skins are the rarest in the game. 

Several outfits in the game had particularly short runs on the shop and some skins could only be acquired via purchases outside the game. These items are considered the rarest ones in the, now legendary, battle royale. However, players should note that just because they are rare doesn’t mean they are the best, it's just an objective judgment about how many players own them, giving them collectible value. Here is the list of all the most rare outfits in the game:

  1. Galaxy

    Arguably the rarest and best-looking skin in the game, the Galaxy outfit was tough to obtain and very pricey. The outfit was only available to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tablet S4 users. It was hard to get that players actually had to own these devices as there was no redeem code given for it. Gamers had to play a match using either the Galaxy Note 9 or the Tablet S4 to receive the skin.

    The cost and difficulty of acquiring the needed device and its great aesthetic cemented its status as the rarest skin in Fortnite.

  2. Honor Guard

    The Honor Guard was one of the most expensive skins that Fortnite players could hope to acquire. The blue-colored futuristic space armor was only available to players who purchased the Honor View 20 smartphone back in 2019, which cost around $650. In addition, the marketing for this outfit was never available to NA regions making it increasingly rare.

  3. Black Knight

    Though this skin was released when Battle Passes were already being implemented in the game, the outfit was dropped at the time when the game had not yet reached its peak popularity. The cosmetic was part of the Fort Knights set and could only be redeemed after getting level 70 in that season’s battle pass. The highly sought-after item was never available again after the season retired, making it one of the best rare skins in the game.

  4. Double Helix

    This outfit is rarely seen in the game, and for a good reason. The Double Helix can only be acquired by players who bought a limited-edition Nintendo Switch console in 2018. The purchase will give them a code that they can use to redeem the skin. Back then, the console cost $250, but it is estimated to be currently around a thousand dollars. Due to how expensive this cosmetic item costs, very few people own this amazing skin.

  5. Purple Skull Trooper

    There have been many variants of the Skull Trooper outfit since its initial release in October 2017. What makes the purple variant rare is that this version is only available and exclusive to very few players who bought the skin when it first came out. Being an exclusive design of this outfit makes collectors want it more.

    Complete Omega Set with Full Accents

    The Omega outfit was a progressive outfit that served as a reward for reaching Tier 100 in Season 4’s Battle Pass. The whole set was not unlocked, and players needed to reach certain level milestones during Season 4 to unlock all its components and accents. Here are all the unlockable contents of the Omega Outfit:

    • Chest Plate – unlocked at Season 4 Level 25
    • Leg Armor – unlocked at Season 4 Level 35
    • Arm Armor – unlocked at Season 4 Level 45
    • Helmet – unlocked at Season 4 Level 55
    • 4-Color Light Accent (Red, Green, Purple, and Orange) – unlocked at Season 4 Level 80

    The difficulty of unlocking every armor stage made sure that only very few grinders could acquire the complete set. A Complete Omega skin is a very rare haul for those looking to collect.

  6. The Reaper

    The Reaper was originally thought to be a homage to the popular John Wick character. The outfit was an unlockable reward for completing the whole Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. The formal black wear of a rugged Mike has been a very popular look for many players.

    In 2019, Epic Games released an official John Wick skin which was very similar but also different from the Reaper skin. The main difference between the two outfits is that the John Wick cosmetic has made several reappearances in the item shop while the latter has barely resurfaced.

  7. Black Widow

    Though there have been many Marvel x Fortnite crossover skins, some of these cosmetics rarely make a reappearance in the Fortnite item shop. The original Black Widow was released back in 2018 during the game’s collaboration with Marvel Avengers: Endgame. The popular Marvel character also had an outfit based on the Black Widow movie featuring a Snow Suit Skin like Scarlett Johannson’s apparel in the movie.

    Though it is not a time-limited outfit or an exclusive skin, the OG Black Widow has yet to make a reappearance in the shop. Since cosmetics have not been available for purchase since 2019, this Marvel crossover item is marked as one of the rarer skins in the game.

  8. Renegade Raider

    This classic outfit is one of the many rarer skins that predated the Battle Pass implementation. Like the Aerial Assault Trooper, the skin is locked behind milestone levels before players can buy it. For 1,200 V-Bucks, gamers could buy the cosmetic once they reached level 20 during the first season. With so few players possessing the outfit, the post-apocalyptic-themed skin makes it one of the rarest in Fortnite.

  9. Stealth Reflex

    This particular item is another outfit that can only be obtained through outside purchases. The skin was released as an exclusive for the GeForce Fortnite Bundle. This was after the developers included the original Stealth skin in the item shop, which was thought to be exclusive. Since the skin can only be acquired by buying the GeForce merchandise, it is definitely not accessible to every player, making it a rare skin outfit indeed.

  10. Royale Bomber

    Though it may not be one of the best-looking skins out there, the Royale Bomber outfit is still something that collectors keep a lookout for. The cosmetic was part of a collab bundle between PlayStation 4 and Fortnite. It became available again as part of the game’s DualShock 4 controller bundle.

    The skin was popularized when Fortnite Pro Bugha won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup while wearing this outfit. Since the PS4 x Fortnite bundle is now harder to find, the Royale Bomber skins eventually became one of the rarest cosmetics in the battle royale game.

  11. Aerial Assault Trooper

    Considered one of the oldest skins in the game, Aerial Assault Trooper was one of the first skins ever released in Fortnite. Before any battle passes made their way into the battle royale, several cosmetic items were locked behind levels, which could only be bought once players reached certain milestones during Season 1. This skin can only be acquired for 1,200 V-Bucks upon reaching Level 15.

    Only a few players own this skin since it was released before Fortnite popped off and became one of the reigning kings of the genre. This outfit is very rarely seen in the item shop. The number of people who have the Trooper cosmetic and its occasional appearance in the shop makes it one of the rarest skins in the whole game.

Though many skins have come and gone in the popular battle royale game, these skins have been marked as the rarest skins and thus most valuable items in the game. Unfortunately for fans of the game, some of these can’t be acquired without burning too much money. It is probably best to stick to owning at least one or two of these hard-to-get outfits.

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